Lindsay With Love

About Lindsay

Lindsay Grifka is an Intuitive Empath & Energy Coach specialized in clearing chakras & distant energy transfers.  Her highly intuitive and “old soul” nature helps her to connect with many different types of people on a deep level.  

Lindsay is passionate about helping others realize their self-worth, stand in their power and harness their own energy to transform their daily lives for the better.  She considers herself a forever student, eager to expand her knowledge in energy work, and she is continuously fine-tuning her unique approach to her craft.

Lindsay was raised in a small town in Michigan and comes from humble beginnings.  She always felt there was more to the world than her rural up-bringing, so she moved across the country to California after she completed her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  She is fueled by passion & curiosity and went on to earn a Master of Science in Finance and an Associate in Merchandise Marketing.   After many doors closing, the loss of her Father and a tragic accident that she was saved from, she chose to follow her heart and share her gift with the world. 

Lindsay is always searching for the most effective and efficient techniques to help her students find clarity, rebalance their energy system, and heal themselves so they can liVe lives of wealth, health and happiness.  She has done this for herself & believes anyone can do it for his/herself, too.  It is her hope that as more people raise their frequency to a place of love, the Collective will do the same and life will be easier for all of humanity.

She is a Star Traveler from the Soul Group Mintaka & her Soul Purpose is that of a Light Worker in this lifetime.


Lindsay's Credentials

Reiki Master – Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Reiki Teacher – Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Energy Healer – Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Numerologist – World Metaphysical Academy

Master of Science in Finance – Walsh College 

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – Michigan State University

Associate in Merchandise Marketing – FIDM

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