Lindsay With Love

It’s my guess if you are reading this that you want the secret to having the best day.  Well, I hacked the code and have the exact formula for having best day after best day!

Follow the 6 steps below & quickly see how nobody can mess with your vibe.

Step 1: Say Thanks

I like to say “thank you for another beautiful day” as soon as I wake up. 

Step 2: Read

And I don’t mean scroll Instagram, Facebook or TikTok…

Learning new things is a great way to build confidence early in the morning, and it also helps us continue to create new pathways in our brain – keeping us young, sharp & fresh.

Step 3: Move Your Body!

After I read (30 min to an hour depending on the day), I move my body.  Some days I lift weights & really push myself hard.  Other days, I walk at a fast-pace in my house while listening to my favorite YouTuber or my favorite affirmations.  By the time my workout is over, I am about halfway to my water goal for the day. 

I drink 1 gallon of water/day = 128 oz., so by the time I am done working out, I have consumed 60 ounces.

Step 4: Meditate

This is such a crucial step for creating the life you desire along with setting yourself up for a great day.

Most of us are enslaved to our minds.  We think the same things, do the same things, and then assume the same results day in and day out.  Meditation slows down our brain, helps us break free from the monotony and helps us to create new experiences for ourselves.

I NEVER skip my meditation because I know this is exactly how I will create a new reality for myself.  One that is even better than the one I am currently living 😉

Step 5: Gratitude

I like to record any dreams I had, 10 things I am grateful for and all of the great things that happened the day before.  The reason I write down all of “yesterday’s blessings” is because it pushes me to think in a positive manner.  Our thoughts control our reality, so the more positive we are, the less toxicity in our energy field & the higher our vibration.

Remember, the simple Law of Attraction tells us like attracts like, so the higher we raise our vibration, the more the Universe sends us high vibe experiences!  Things like – your dream career, love of your life, optimal health & so on!

Step 6: Pick an Oil & Crystal

The final step to me having an awesome day is to diffuse an oil blend and pick a crystal to either place on my desk or in my pocket.  I make these choices very intentionally depending on my focus for the day or which of my chakras I want to work with.

If you are still using candles, I recommend you make the switch to a reputable oil company.  I use Young Living because they are a reputable brand that ensures their oils remain unadulterated.  Click here to purchase YL oils.


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