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Build Discipline to Transform Your Life!

Discipline is one of the keys to success, but many of us (my old self included) have a hard time staying disciplined, especially when our results are taking longer to manifest than we desire.  

So how do some find the discipline while others give up? 

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn how I created lasting discipline & transformed my life!

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Here's the whole secret: Do what you LOVE and leave the rest behind.

Technically, you could take that advice above and stop reading here, but if you need examples, keep going. 

Do you ever listen to tarot readers on YouTube?

Almost every single one of them says to take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  They do this because the readings are general and words are energy, so they don’t want you to absorb energy that doesn’t match your vibration.  

And this is exactly what I did to create discipline.  I did what I loved and left the rest behind!

Goal: you want to eat healthier

So you go to the market, buy every fruit and vegetable in sight, get home, put them in your refrigerator and then throw half of them (or more) away the next week because they went bad.  

Then, not only do you feel guilty for throwing half of the produce away, you also feel annoyed that you wasted all that money and still somehow ordered take out 5 times that week.  UGH!

Trust me when I say, been there, done that!  So what went wrong?

You went hard and chose all the fruits and veggies…probably even some fruits and veggies you knew you wouldn’t eat. 

So to build discipline around healthy eating, choose the healthy foods you like!  That’s it!  It’s so simple.  Eat the fruits and vegetables you like.  I am not a Dietician, but I do know a balanced diet is important, so keep that in mind.

Goal: you want to meditate daily

So you lie down every morning in hopes of “dropping in”, but you can’t seem to slow your mind, you’re annoyed and you give up.  

Then, not only do you feel annoyed the rest of the day, but you quit altogether even though you know that spirituality is one of the 4 components that must be nurtured to maintain your overall health.  UGH!

Trust me when I say, been there, done that!  So what went wrong?

You followed someone’s perfect formula.  Perhaps you heard that a certain meditation will cure you of something.  You forced a meditation upon you that simply did not resonate.

So to build discipline around your meditation practice, choose the meditation YOU like, not the meditation that some guru assures you will heal you.  The spiritual journey is so unique and special to each individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  If you are new to meditation, click here to gain access to my secret playlist of favorite meditations!

Goal: you want to exercise daily

So you buy new running shoes, some new workout clothes and sign up for the gym membership.  You are so excited that you are up and out the door on the first day before your alarm even goes off.  But after the first week, you are so sore and don’t see your new muscles so you quit. 

Then not only do you feel sore, but you are frustrated that you don’t have any muscles and you wasted money…again.  UGH!

Trust me when I say, been there, done that!  So what went wrong?

You followed someone’s perfect booty blasting program.  Perhaps you heard that doing 10,000 lunges in a week would build you the nicest booty anyone has ever seen.  Except you HATE lunges.  Who doesn’t, honestly?

So to build discipline around your exercise routine, choose the exercises YOU like, not the program that some trainer assures you will work.  


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