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Business Tips for Empaths

Business Tips for Empaths

As an empath myself, I can confidently say business became much easier when I started implementing these 3 tips into my day-to-day business dealings. I hope they help you as much as they help me.

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What is an Empath?

An empath is defined as a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual according to the Oxford dictionary.  It’s very likely that you already know you are an empath.  If you are unsure, answer these questions: Do you sense the tension in a room?  Do you know when someone isn’t okay even though they said they were?  Can you simply tell something is off with someone without explaining why?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are an empath. 

Why is Business Harder for Empaths?

I don’t like to define things as hard because then those things will in fact be hard in my life.  Instead, I like to perspective shift to different.  Business is different for empaths.  Why?

Well, you just learned that empaths feel and sense the mental and emotional states of others.  Empaths know when you are lying, when something is wrong, when you are deep down suffering even though your words and fake smile try to say otherwise.  

And as a spiritual entrepreneur who happens to be an empath, this is truly heart-breaking.  I feel others’ emotions as my own, and if those are emotions of sadness and suffering, which is usually the case in this line of work, there is the potential to embody those emotions.  If I were to spend each day absorbing the sadness and pain of my clients, I would struggle to keep my business up and running.  I simply wouldn’t have the energy!

So, how do I avoid business burnout as an empath energy healer & spiritual business coach?  It’s simple.  I follow these three tips below each and every day.

Business Tips for Empaths

Business Tip #1: Daily Meditation

As an empath, I get it.  You want to help anyone and everyone, but it’s important you also recognize that your cup needs to be filled and overflowing for you to serve your clients from your highest vibration to make the greatest impact in their lives.  If you are currently absorbing the lower vibrations of your clients, I recommend a very easy morning meditation that I call centering, grounding, shielding.

Center, Ground, Shield Meditation Technique

First, energetically scan your body from head to toe and breathe into any tense areas.  I typically complete three to five scans to ensure that my energy is clear.  Then, acknowledge any feelings and thoughts that come up. Thank them and release.  Now, visualize your aura or subtle energy bodies around your physical body.  Feel them as far as you can into the space around you.  Lastly, focus on your heart chakra.  As you breathe in, visualize it expanding like a flower. Connect your heart chakra to your aura, and as you exhale, pull the aura into your heart chakra slowly closing the petals of the flower.  You have successfully centered your energy. 

Then, visualize a cord running from your root chakra at the base on your spine through the ground into the core of Mother Earth.  Connect the cord to your own energy crystal inside the core of the Earth.  On your next inhale, breathe in the healing and balancing energy of our beautiful Gaia pulling it from your root to your crown.  And on your exhale, push the energy down the front of your chakra system back to your root washing away any negative energy in your body.  Complete a few rounds.  You have successfully grounded your energy.

Lastly, focus on your crown chakra.  Pull white light Universal energy from Source in through your crown chakra on your inhale and pull it down to your root.  On your exhale, push the energy up the front of your chakra system forming an energy shield all around you.  Complete a few rounds.  Sit in the safe space of high vibrational energy you just created for yourself.  You have successfully shielded your energy.

Business Tip #2: Create Strong Boundaries

Strong boundaries are what is going to keep you sane as an empathetic entrepreneur.  There are two different areas for boundary setting that will help you.  The first is with yourself, and the second is with your clients and potential clients. 

Remember, you likely have a huge heart and want to help everyone, but there will come a point energetically speaking where you have run out of your own high vibes.  Make sure to honor your own energy.  If you are tired, rest to your fullest ability.  

I also recommend reviewing your own policies around your services.  Do they feel fair to you?  Will you be able to honor them yourself? 

For example, I offer free spiritual chats for those that have questions about their energy or spiritual awakening.  If they are more than 5 minutes late, I close my zoom and the call is cancelled.  During the appointment setting, the client agrees to this policy out of respect for everyone’s time. There are no exceptions.  You do yourself an energetic disservice by not following your own rules because you end up feeling taken advantage of when all you are trying to do is genuinely help people.  The old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” applies here.

On the other hand, you need to also set boundaries for clients and potential clients.  If there is a potential client asking for something specific that others pay for, are you able to tell that potential client, no?  Do you feel confident offering the course or program instead of giving it away?  As a Healer, I always offer my services along with the free resources I have created for those that choose not to invest in working with me.  You are a business, and you deserve to receive money in exchange for your services.  You deserve to live adequately for the work that you do.  Maintain your boundaries.

Business Tip #3: Not Everyone is the Right Fit

Once again, you want to help everyone, but what I have learned over the year is that not everyone wants to help themselves.  Help everyone that you can, but don’t feel hurt or upset when you cannot get through to ALL people. Not everybody is the right fit for your course, program or service and that’s okay.  Thank goodness there is more than one spiritual business in the world!  Trust the ones that aren’t a right fit will find the perfect coach for themselves while you continue to serve your community. 

Ready to Launch Your Business?

A spiritual business is unlike most businesses in that we are helping others experience intangible things like a revitalized sense of self, stronger faith and connection to their Higher Self and even physical healing. 

I urge you to start your business if you are a lightworker, lightholder and/or healer.  The world needs our help and there will never be saturation of the market because there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to high vibrational energy here on Earth.  

Unlike other coaching memberships, inside the Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership, you learn how to use your energy, how to get over your fears for good, and how to confidently market yourself and your spiritual gifts.  Join today!  I can’t wait to meet you and help you fulfill your Soul Mission.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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