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Can Anyone Have a Spiritual Awakening?

Can Anyone Have a Spiritual Awakening?

The quick answer is yes, anyone can have a spiritual awakening. In fact, I accidentally sparked my own spiritual awakening with the intention of losing weight & gaining some confidence. Keep reading to learn more about the spiritual journey.

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What is an Awakening?

In my opinion, an awakening is a realization that you, along with everyone else and everything, came from the same Source Energy.  Once this realization hits, you begin to understand that you are the creator of your own reality.  You realize that everything you do to yourself, affects others and vice a versa.  The awakening is ultimately a journey of self-discovery and self-love.  

As you break free from societal programs and “norms” you realize that they were simply illusions.  When you stop buying into them, you slowly liberate yourself and your soul.  The connection to your Higher Self grows stronger as you continue to live from a place of self-love being guided by your heart.  When this happens for you, you have successfully ascended your energy to a higher dimension, no longer stuck in this physical 3D reality where matter and the material reign supreme.

How to Awaken

Awakening is not necessarily that hard to do.  It’s what happens after you awaken that causes a little chaos to your new and oddly calm and patient life.  I know this sounds hypocritical, so please keep reading so I can explain in an order that hopefully makes sense.

Steps to Awaken:

Step 1: Detox Your Energy

To awaken, you must raise your vibration to a level where you can connect through the love & light.  Ultimately, you are seeking to be guided by your Higher Self on your Soul mission, and this comes from your heart.  You must detoxify your energy in order to raise your vibration.  It’s not enough to just detoxify your body.  You need to focus on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness as a whole.  Get the Detox Your Energy Masterclass here where I walk you through how to detox the four components of your wellbeing.

Step 2: Become Extremely Aware of Yourself & Choices

As you are detoxing, I recommend that you work on becoming extremely aware of yourself.  To do this, start observing yourself throughout the day.  Pretend you are sitting above yourself in a cloud and watching yourself as you move throughout your day.  What choices are you making?  Are you conscious or are you on auto-pilot?  Are the things you are doing bringing you closer toward your dreams & desires?

For more help on learning how to become aware, I recommend the book The Power of Now

You may also want to seek the guidance of someone who has been awake for some time before you.  Yes, your journey is unique to you, but what I am finding is there are many larger moments along the journey that many experience similarly.  A spiritual mentor, healer or coach will help you more easily navigate some of these times as they are not always easy to move through or understand.  If you would like to work privately with me, click here.

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Step 3: Expand Your Heart

There are many ways to do this step, so I’ll list how I sparked my own spiritual awakening.  I started going to yoga often.  At one point, I was in a 30-day challenge and did hot yoga 30 days in a row.  I also started reading as many spiritual books as I could.  Some great titles to start with are:

These books will help you expand your mind.  When you take direction & guidance from these books and apply it to your daily life, you will begin to expand your heart and eventually be a heart-centered being. 

Step 4: Deepen Your Practice

There will come a point in your spiritual journey where you feel emotionless or maybe even depressed.  If you have reached this state and are wondering what the point of all of this is, it’s time to deepen your practice.  You are bored because you are not using your creativity to its fullest potential to serve the collective.  Perhaps you are disconnected from your Soul Mission or are not following your mission as you know you should be.  There is some part of you saying yes to the things you should be saying no to or vice a versa.   

Your energetic power may not be fully aligned and activated yet.  I experienced my Kundalini rising very early on in my journey; however, this is not the case for everyone.  This energy allows you to manifest your reality as you desire.  If you are struggling with your manifestation energy, I recommend working with alignment and activation of each of your chakras from the root to the crown in order.  This is exactly how I learned to manage my own manifesting energy.  Join the align+activate 7 chakra healing course today to finally experience your manifesting potential.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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