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Can I Turn Off My Awakening?

Can I "Turn Off" My Spiritual Awakening?

This question has been asked to me many times, and it is almost always because of confusion around what the spiritual journey really is. Keep reading to learn whether or not you can stop your journey and what to do if you are nervous or scared.

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Why Turn It Off?

Many people that come to me ask me if they can stop, turn off or slow down their spiritual journey.  At first, I thought it was one of the strangest questions I had ever heard.  I simply could not understand why they would want to slow down or “turn off” their journey.  Then, I realized the one thing they all have in common is fear. 

It is common to experience confusion when you are on your spiritual journey.  Think about it, this is unchartered territory for you.  It is something you have never done in your life.  So, of course, this instantly causes a little bit of anxiety.  You are a human after all, and change can be scary.  Add onto this, there is no instruction guide or user manual.  It’s definitely an adventure, and one that has the potential to be a bit scary.  But just because it has the potential to, doesn’t mean it has to be!

Typically, the reason people are scared is because someone else scared them into believing something frightening about the journey.  The other reason is that they read something that made them nervous.  In both instances, I highly recommend reviewing the source of the information.   People that push fear when it comes to the spiritual journey either have not experienced the journey itself or have other hidden agendas.  Please take their ideas with a grain of salt.  Use your discernment.  Ask yourself if this person is actually on a journey or if they are just fear-mongering.  

Lastly, you may be frightened because you are spending a lot of time in your third eye chakra and have bypassed activating the rest of the chakras.  This can cause extreme confusion and even hallucinations.  Remember that the chakras are a system.  All of them need to be functioning properly for your overall wellbeing.

What the Journey Actually Is

The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery, self-love and healing.  Are some parts of the journey confusing, unnerving and tiring?  Yes.  But once again, overall, the journey is meant to be a beautiful experience where you empower yourself.  It is meant to teach you how to use your high-vibrational, magnetic, energetic power to become the co-Creator of your life with the help of Source energy.  If that doesn’t sound amazing, I don’t know what does!

Ultimately, when you embark upon your spiritual journey you are remembering who you are at a Soul level.  You will face hurdles that are meant to help you grow, realize that we are all from the same Source, and enhance your manifesting power.  Some of these challenges will be hard.  The hardest part will be if you do not learn from the lessons.  If you do not learn from them, they will repeat until you do.

The journey is also about surrender and trust.  It’s about knowing your Soul mission and living it out to your highest potential.  It’s letting go and letting God.  

Journey Preparation

Just like anything else in life, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be.  Your spiritual journey is no different.  Preparing yourself for the parts of your journey that have the potential to make you scared or nervous, like the Dark Knight of the Soul or Kundalini rising, is the best thing you can do.  Somes ways to prepare yourself include fueling your body with non-processed foods, little to no alcohol and/or drugs, daily exercise, yoga, daily meditation, working with a healer or coach, and researching or studying.  

It’s unlikely you will ever be completely prepared for your journey because you don’t remember the karma, dharma or Soul contracts you signed before you came to Earth.  The journey is the uncovering of these contracts.  It is also learning the life lessons that your Soul signed up for before becoming the you that you are today. 

Turning Off Your Awakening

You cannot go back or turn off your spiritual awakening.   Remember that your awakening is you remembering the truth about life and who you are at a Soul level.  There is no such thing as going back.  Once some of the veil has been lifted, it is forever lifted as your perception and awareness is what’s changing. 

With that being said, you could technically slow down or stop trying to advance on your spiritual journey.  However, I do not recommend this because this is basically you intentionally choosing an unhealthy, low-vibrational lifestyle that will not benefit you or those around you.  

If You Are Scared

The first thing I recommend you do if you are scared on your journey is heal your root chakra.  The root chakra governs your sense of security and safety in the world.  It is the chakra of living in survival versus thriving mode.  Remember, parts of the journey will be uncomfortable because you are changing.  Let’s reframe that into you are growing!  Balancing your root chakra will help you feel extremely secure with yourself as you grow.  Think of your root chakra like your energetic foundation.   You wouldn’t build your house with cracked foundation, so you aren’t going to build your energetic power on shaky foundation either. 

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If you need 1:1 help, find a spiritual mentor or energy healer to help you.  The healer has likely gone through much of what you are currently experiencing and can help you out of feeling scared or nervous to continue on your journey.  

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Remember, It's a Journey

Lastly, remember it’s called a journey for a reason.  If it were meant to be a quick, easy sprint, it would be called the spiritual sprint.  But it’s not.  Every day there will be something new that is brought to your awareness to make you a better person.  Take your time.  Give yourself grace and patience as you move through your journey.  Uncover your truth.  Surrender.  Believe you are in Divine order because you are.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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