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Connecting to Your Soul Mission

Connecting to Your Soul Mission

Do you feel like there's more to your life, a bigger purpose, than what you are currently experiencing? If so, keep reading to learn how you can begin to connect to your own Soul mission in this lifetime.

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What is a Soul Mission?

Your Soul mission is the reason your Soul came here in this lifetime.  It’s the bigger picture reason for your existence.  Within your Soul mission, you will experience Soul contracts, karma and lessons for you to expand, evolve and grow as a spiritual being.  The ultimate goal of your existence, in my opinion, is to evolve to a point where you can successfully complete (or at least strive toward completing) your Soul mission. 

All Soul Missions are Unique

Before I dive into how to realize and connect with your own, unique Soul mission, I want to emphasize that we all have a Soul mission, and one person’s soul mission is not greater or better than another person’s.  We each came here with personal energetic blueprints, contracts, karma and missions.  

You will find fulfillment in life when you live out YOUR soul mission…not someone else’s.

Also, soul missions don’t have to involve some heroic, grand gesture.  Being in alignment and authentic (and having the courage to do so) is a Soul mission for some.  Why is this considered a Soul mission?  By staying true to self, that person is inspiring others to do the same…a HUGE yet indirect and seemingly “easy” mission.

How to Connect to Your Soul Mission

There are many different ways to connect with your Soul mission.  I’m going to focus on what worked for me.  You are so unique, so I urge you to try all of these techniques and to continue to discover yourself through meditation, journaling and/or working with a Coach to connect with your calling or higher purpose.  

Way to Connect 1: Childhood Passions & Dreams

The first way to connect to your Soul mission is to think back to your childhood.  Try and remember what brought you joy and excitement.  What were you really into as a kid?  What fascinated you or held your attention? 

When I think back to my childhood, I always remember my mom dressing us up in snowsuits during the middle of the night to watch a meteor shower in our backyard.  I will never forget that moment.  I also remember being very curious (still am!), and I wanted to be an archaeologist, astronaut or pediatrician.  Those were all serious clues to my Soul mission of healing and awakening others in this lifetime.

If you can’t remember and you have family or friends that you can ask, ask them!

Way to Connect 2: Align+Activate Your Chakras

The next way to understand your Soul mission is to connect with your Soul or Higher Self.  This method will not fail for two reasons.  


First, to connect with your Higher Self in a powerful way, you must align and activate your chakras.  When your chakras are activated and your energy begins to flow properly in your body, you will experience deeper gratitude for life and an understanding of the bigger picture.  Aligning and activating your chakras is a self-discovery, healing and empowerment process, and out of it, you will find a strong connection to your Higher Self and knowledge of your Soul mission.

Second, to connect with your Higher Self, you must increase your awareness.  As you increase your awareness, you will very quickly begin to see signs, or clues as I like to call them, from your Higher Self and Source energy as to which path you should take.  Your path leads you to fulfilling your Soul mission. 


To align and activate your chakras, follow my proven, step-by-step method.  Click HERE to learn more.

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Way to Connect 3: What You Love and What You Are Good At

In addition to thinking about things you loved as a child, start reflecting on what you love as an adult and the things that you are naturally good at.  

For example, I had a soul-sucking job that paid me well but left me unfulfilled and miserable at the end of every day.  I remember sitting in my cubicle with a window (lucky me!) thinking there MUST be more to life.  So, I sat in contemplation with what I truly loved at that time.  There were two themes I came up with: numbers and fashion.

After I realized that those were the two things that really excited me, I googled (yes googled), “what jobs are there in fashion that require math skills?” and “fashion buyer” was the result.  Then, I googled “fashion buyer” and realized that people get paid to buy clothes with someone else’s money!  Talk about MY DREAM! (at the time)

Next, I googled “fashion schools near me” and “FIDM open house this Thursday” was the result.  If that’s not clues leading me down a path, I don’t know what is! 

I went to that open house, went to fashion school and was working in the fashion industry 2 weeks after I graduated with my degree.  

Explore your passions, and they just might lead you to your Soul mission.

Way to Connect 4: What People Ask of You

Finally, to connect with your Soul mission, reflect on what people ask of you or what people come to you for.  

I have ALWAYS been someone that people tell their secrets to, someone that solves problems, someone that motivates others, someone that inspires others, someone that listens, someone that gives confidence boosts and someone that mediates disagreements and tough situations.

When I think about what all of these have in common, it’s not a surprise that helping and healing people is what I’m all about.  

What about you?  Do people come to you with problems seeking advice?  If so, what types of problems are they coming to you with?  Business? Relationship?  Fitness?  Fashion?  Love?  Money?  The list goes on and on.

Connect Today!

No matter how old you are or what you are currently doing in life, there is always room for more fulfillment and healing.  It is absolutely never too late to heal or to try something new.  

The only time it’s too late is when it really is too late.  

Start today.  I promise you that it will be one of the best journeys you have ever embarked upon.

Journey through & activate your 7 chakras to remind yourself of how powerful you are, what you came here to do, and how magnificent life truly is.  Click HERE to start connecting today.

with love & light, 

Your Energy Healer & Business Coach
Lindsay with Love

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