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Gain Confidence In Your Energetic Power

Gain Confidence in Your Energetic Power!

A quick how-to since they forgot to teach us this in school.

You are ALWAYS connected to your Higher Self and Source Energy...ALWAYS.

Confidence Tip 1: Remember, You Are Always Connected

Many of my clients and students ask me, “How do I connect with my Higher Self?  Source?”

When I first started my spiritual journey, I was also under the illusion that I had been disconnected, and that there was something I needed to do to become connected or re-connected.  It is important to note that you are always connected with your Higher Self & Source energy.   Perhaps it does not always feel this way, but it is true, so confidence tip 1, remind yourself you are always connected at all times no matter what.  You don’t need to connect, you just need to gain confidence in your own power.

Confidence Tip 2: Start the Relationship

How do you build a relationship in the physical world with humans?  

You likely meet someone, connect on some common ground, decide to exchange numbers or Instagram handles or email addresses, and then you begin to communicate.  As the relationship builds, your communication becomes more vulnerable, deeper and easier.  This is exactly how it works with your Higher Self and Source energy. 

Your Higher Self and Source energy want to be communicated with just like a friend of yours in the physical world. 

Remember, your Higher Self and Source will never lead you astray.  They are both extremely loving and intelligent and want the best for you.  They desire for you to live in your fullest expression and to confidently move forward on your Soul mission.

Confidence Tip 3: Strengthen the Connection

To strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self and Source energy, first, realize that they are both highly intelligent. Respect them like you would your life partner.  They are always guiding you, protecting you, and helping you along your path.  Trusting in this will help you strengthen the connection and your energetic power. 

A quick list to strengthen the connection:

Confidence Tip 4: Gain Confidence

The confidence comes when you start experimenting with your own energy.   I always advise my clients and students to view their life like a giant experiment where the world is a stage, and they are the star of the show.  I advise you to do the same.

How will you know what your energy is capable of if you never experiment with it?

First, work on building your connection.  When you see the signs and synchronicities, follow them.  These are the clues to your manifestations and life unfolding for you.  

Then, find faith and trust.  Surrender to your own unique spiritual path. 

Finally, use your power along with the intelligent power of Source Energy to co-create.  

To achieve the steps outlined above, it takes alignment and activation of the chakra system.  There is simply no other way around it.  It’s an exciting journey when you embark, and it only gets more exciting as you realize your creating power.  Follow my proven, step-by-step method to align and activate today.

I hope to see you connected, empowered, and standing in your fullest expression soon.   You will wonder why you waited so long.

with love & light,
Your Energy Coach Lindsay (@lindsaywithlove)

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