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Gain Confidence Today!

Research suggests that those who suffer from a lack of confidence also likely struggle with anxiety, stress, relationships, physical health, finances and more.

This topic is near and dear to my heart because I faced all of the challenges listed above at one point in my life, and in true Lindsay fashion, I set out in search of  a solution to my problem.

So what did I do?  I tested the two different ways I thought I could gain confidence.

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn my FOOLPROOF METHOD for gaining true confidence!

Method 1: The “fake it 'til you make it approach”

This is the approach I used to swear by. 

It was like a life motto for me!  “Fake it ’til you make it!” is what I used to tell my friends, co-workers and anyone else who would listen with a big smile on my face. I went along with this idea of fake it ’til you make it for years.  I was truly convinced that if I faked my confidence, or whatever other trait or skill I was trying to learn, I would eventually succeed in receiving that confidence or skill.

It definitely worked sometimes, but for the most part, even when I “made it”, there was a lingering feeling I wasn’t good enough. 

…and that lingering feeling always seemed to catch up to me.

Going to get a little vulnerable here to really hit my point home…

I LOVE fashion and numbers.  One day, at a job I disliked but paid the bills, I took a moment to think about how I could combine my two loves and make some money doing it.  That’s when I stumbled upon the role as a Fashion Buyer.  I didn’t know much about the fashion world or how it operated.  I just knew I loved shopping and putting outfits together. 

Fast forward – I go to fashion school while working that job I didn’t like, and right after I graduate, I land a job at a fashion company. 

I  was ESTACTIC and nervous!

My schooling taught me how to crunch retail numbers, market and understand fabrics, but I was still nervous. 

 Here I was, a small town girl that took a leap of faith and moved to Cali and 5 years later am working in DTLA (downtown Los Angeles) at a fashion company!  

My dreams had come true, and yet I DID NOT FEEL WORTHY.

That lack of worthiness translated to a lack of confidence.  But, I was still determined to fake it ’til I made it!

The job itself was easy for me to do, but the environment was what really threw me for a loop.  I left the stuffy world of insurance to land at a thriving, hip, super cool-girl fashion brand all to feel VERY out of place.  My confidence was basically zero as I compared myself to every woman in that building day in and day out.

Then, my next fashion job was as a Buyer.  


My dream had completely manifested, but once again, I lacked my confidence.  The story ends with me being laid off.  I was basically eaten alive by some not-so-nice colleagues, and I was so over it.  My fake it ’til you make it approach failed me.

Foolproof Method: Invest in Yourself & Shower Yourself with Love

I love my body by working out every day, eating healthy and staying hydrated. I love my soul and mind by showing gratitude, helping others, learning and implementing new knowledge, and meditating.

When I feel strong, I am confident.  When I feel in alignment with my purpose, I feel confident.  When I learn something new and implement until I get the hang of it, I feel confident.  When I am in flow, writing and working from a place of love, fun and joy, I feel confident.

Loving yourself, in my opinion, is the fastest and most ever-lasting way to self-confidence.

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