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How I Manifest Goals Consistently

Today, we are exploring how to manifest goals consistently along with my proven, step-by-step instructions that have enabled me to manifest my dream life – partner, business, little 6 pound maltipoo and all the material things a lady could ask for!

But first, have you ever set a goal that has not been achieved even though you had a strong desire to achieve it?

If you are like most people, the answer is a giant YES, but do you ever stop and wonder why that is?

Do you question why you struggle to reach a goal no matter what the consequences of not achieving it are?  Do you question why when you are thinking about the goal, you Commit with a capital C, only to find yourself failing at it only days after you have set out on your noble quest to accomplish it?  Do you question why this happens EVERY.SINGLE.TIME you set out on a goal, and you always end up re-starting next Monday?

To understand all of this, we need to think and speak energetically.

If you are new here, welcome to the side of the Internet where we speak energetically, where we recognize we are POWERFUL ENERGETIC BEINGS, and where it’s okay to not always understand what the heck I am teaching at the moment because you are so solid in your TRUST of Diving timing and faith that you KNOW it will make sense to you eventually.

Phew. 😤

Let’s scratch the energetic surface of this age-old human struggle.

To do this, let's first look at the typical way we usually set goals (or are instructed to set goals).

We typically think of what we want to accomplish and by when.  For example, get promoted by next year.

Then, in 1981, George T. Doran added layers to the goal-setting process to help employees (and the goal-getters of the world) follow through and achieve their goals. 

He realized that goals needed to be SMART, an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound, and many leaders adopted this method as the newest way to set goals.  As a corporate employee, this was the type of goal setting I was instructed to do, but I still never achieved all of my goals by the time my review came around.

Why is that?

Curious me HAD to figure it out, and THIS is what I have come to realize.

Energetically speaking, it was hard for me to connect with my SMART goals, meaning I had no feelings attached or connected to them.  Sure, I wanted to achieve X, Y, Z in hopes of a raise, and I knew not achieving those goals left me vulnerable to no raise or promotion, but the consequences still weren’t enough.  There was something missing.

I realized what was missing was intention.

Intention was the magical component of whether or not I would achieve my goals.

It was such a magical piece to the puzzle that now I start all of my goal setting with intention before the goal even comes to life. 

Let’s continue with the example of a corporate employee wanting a raise and how she would create her goal starting with intention first.

Steps to setting the goal with intentions first:

STEP 1:  She gets clear on WHY she wants the raise.

STEP 2: She embodies what it FEELS like when she gets the raise. 

STEP 3: She focuses on how life changes for her WHEN she gets the raise. 

STEP 4: She visualizes what actions she takes once she receives the raise (think vacations, extra commas in the bank account, and a new car as examples).  By her visualizing these things, she assumes the raise has already happened.  This step is extremely energetically important since everything physical starts as a thought.

STEP 5:  She outlines the physical actions she needs to take to receive the raise. 

STEP 6: She turns these actions into SMART goals.

By completing these steps in order, you have successfully:

  • Added intention to your goal setting, 
  • Given an energetic boost of manifesting power by connecting with your goals, and
  • have outlined actions that need to be taken in the physical world to materialize your desires.  

Remember, the Law of Action tells us we must take aligned actin toward our goals and dreams.

To manifest your dreams consistently, don’t forget that you must be aligned energetically.  This not a nice-to-have.  This is a must. 

To manifest your dreams consistently and at lightning speed, you must be activated energetically. 

To align+activate is to tap into the most potent manifesting power you will ever experience. It requires you to align your chakras and then activate them to their fullest potential.

Ready to turn your jumbled and diluted energy into extremely potent and aligned manifesting energy?

Your Energy Coach Lindsay  

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