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How to Balance the Spiritual & 3D Life

How to Balance the Spiritual & 3D Life

So many people come to me with the question of how to stay spiritual when moving through day-to-day life faced with many not-so-spiritual (aka 3D) challenges. I, too, have struggled with this, so here's what I do to stay balanced.

balance of physical and spiritual

What do I mean by Spiritual vs 3D?

First, let’s outline what I mean by spiritual vs 3D, since we all have different journeys and experiences.  For me, spiritual life is when I’m completely centered and grounded, when I’m living my highest truth and expression standing in my authenticity, when I’m leading from my heart, when I’m doing the things that light my Soul on fire, when I’m sharing my knowledge with the world, when I’m fully present, when I’m fully connected to my Higher Self and Source energy and when I’m making conscious choices out of complete love & respect for myself.  Basically, it’s when I’m in flow state.

On the other hand, living in the 3D world, for me, is when I’m focused on the day-to-day tasks that help me physically survive.  Things that come to mind include “making” money, running errands, paying bills, eating.  Anything that allows me to survive.  

Balanced Vs. Perfect

Balanced is not the same as perfect.  I point this out because there are a couple of “weird” things that happens as you advance on your spiritual journey. 

One, you start to have this feeling of “what’s the point of all of this?” By “this” I mean work, the material things, the bills, the car, the house, etc…  There will likely be an overwhelming moment (or two) where you want to say forget it all, quit your job, sell your things and go travel and live!

Two, you start to hold yourself to a much higher standard than you did before starting your journey.  This happens because you are falling in love with yourself.  When you become so in love with yourself, you begin to make very conscious choices thinking about long-term ROI (return on investment) vs. short-term gain.  This typically shows up in the form of consumption.  

Even though you will likely begin to hold yourself to a higher standard, it is important to remember you are still human and humans sometimes make choices unconsciously out of habit or choices that are not 100% best choice.

For example, you know that pizza isn’t the best food for your health, but you love it, so sometimes you choose it.  This is okay.  Eat the pizza but maybe a bit less than you normally would and add in some salad to balance it out. 

The new choices you make out of loving yourself fully usually show up in different types of consumption.  Let’s breakdown the different types of consumption and choices that may change for you as you advance spiritually.

Physical Consumption:

It’s common for people on a spiritual journey to start focusing on what they are feeding their bodies.  Typically, they stop eating processed foods, sugary foods and stop consuming alcohol and drugs.  It’s also fairly common to start treating your body better by exercising and practicing more self-care rituals involving your body such as weekly baths or monthly spa visits.  

For me, my raw vegan cleanse is what sparked my spiritual awakening along with a daily yoga practice.  I also noticed I was less interested in strenuous workouts and more interested in what felt right for my body intuitively.  I am still vegetarian, very rarely drink, and my workouts are usually dancing, yoga, pilates and walking.

Mental Consumption:

The way I think about mental consumption is what am I watching, reading and talking about with others?  I used to be a huge fan of murder mystery shows, and then my spiritual awakening happened.  I became really sensitive to violent shows and realized that I was watching stories of real people being murdered.  That really hit me hard when I realized what I was actually watching, and I immediately stopped and have never watched anything like that since.

I am very mindful of what I allow in my mind and whether or not it is high-vibrational energy or not.  I never watch the news, and I don’t watch “dark”, scary things on social media or TV. 

With regards to talking to people, I try to steer conversations away from complaining, and I am not one to participate in gossip.  It’s bad karma.

Emotional Consumption:

Emotional consumption, for me, is similar to mental consumption.  I always ask myself if “xyz” is something I truly want to do and will bring me joy…or not?  I try my best to make decisions that ensure I will experience happy and joyful emotions rather than low-vibrational emotions such as anger, resentment or frustration.  Similar to mental consumption, I try my best to surround myself around high-vibrational, happy, successful people.  

Spiritual Consumption:

Spiritual consumption to me is how am I expanding my mind or deepening my spirituality?  I spend a lot of time reading different theories on spirituality, the Universal Laws and other thought-provoking topics.   Of course, let’s not forget daily meditation in spiritual consumption along with listening to high-vibrational music like the Solfeggio frequencies.  Lastly, I spend time testing and experimenting with my own energy and how to maintain its high-vibrational state on a daily basis.

So, How to Stay Balanced?

Awareness is key to staying balanced so you can quickly recognize when you are imbalanced.  The best way to stay balanced is by having a non-negotiable practice that covers the four components of your overall well-being that we just discussed.  The key is to make it your routine and make it work for YOUR schedule.  So many people have this misconception that a spiritual routine must mean an hour or more of meditation per day, and that’s just not feasible for many people based on their daily schedules.  Do what works for you!  Here’s my routine.  I hope it inspires you to create one that works for you!  Feel free to steal mine.  

Once again, do what works for your life and your schedule.  Consistency is the name of the game here.

My Practice:

Every morning, I wake up and read something related to my spiritual journey for about 30 minutes.  Then, I meditate for at least 30 minutes, exercise (usually pilates or hip-hop dance workout) for 30 minutes and walk (I try to get at least 6k steps).  After all of that, I get ready for the day.  Once I get to my desk, I choose an essential oil to diffuse for the day, and before I open my laptop, I write out my gratitude for the day including all of my blessings from yesterday. 

When I notice myself getting impatient or frustrated, I know that I am drifting out of my balanced, flow state.  If this happens, I either take a few minutes to deep breathe, re-center and re-ground myself, or I work on a different task.  

Fresh air and sunshine are daily musts.

Lastly, when I’m tired, I rest.  I truly rest.  I surrender fully to my rest trusting that it will fill my cup back up and I will be able to go back to serving in my fullest expression, refreshed and restored.


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Do You Need Help on Your Journey?

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with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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