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How to Heal Anxiety for Good

How to Heal Anxiety for Good

Anxiety, especially as a spiritual entrepreneur, can break your business. After all, it's your job to likely be healing (or at least be helping) others on a continuous basis. So, how do you stay cool, calm and collected all of the time? Keep reading to learn more.

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Where Does Anxiety Live?

First, you need to know where anxiety lives in your chakra system.  Remember, everything is energy.  You, your anxiety, the laptop I am typing this on…I think you get the point.  I always like to remind you, though, because it gets you one step closer to healing your life issues for good. 

It’s also really important to remember that the chakra system is a system, which means even if one chakra is off the system is not functioning properly.  If you are new here, it’s helpful to remember it like a car.  If one tire is flat, the car is not working as it should.  The same goes for the chakras in your chakra system. 

So, without further ado, anxiety lives in your very first chakra, the root. 

The Root Chakra

The root chakra, in my opinion, is one of the most important chakras and one of the most overlooked.  It is THE CHAKRA for living in a calm, peaceful state in the present moment.  However, most of us are still living in fight-or-flight survival mode due to what we have endured as a collective over the past three years.  Not only was our survival as a species in question, but as individuals, we were all very frightened at some point or another over our health and safety.  Our security and stability was rocked to its core, which left us with serious imbalances in the root chakra.  

If you do not intentionally turn off your fight-or-flight, you continue to energetically live in that state.  Even if you do not consciously notice it, the energy in your root chakra stays imbalanced.  Specifically, when you are living your life in fear (even if it’s subconsciously) your chakra system is compromised. 

Ways to Balance the Root Chakra

Luckily, you have complete power over your life and your energy.  If you do not yet feel this way, I recommend you reflect on this statement and realize that you are discounting yourself and giving your power away.  You, single-handedly, have control over your life.  This is great news! It means you have the power to re-store the balance of energy in your root chakra and live a calm, anxiety-free life. 

Add Red to Your Life

Red is the same frequency as the root chakra.  This means that by simply adding the color red to your life, you can begin to heal your root chakra.  If you are new to energy and chakra healing, this might sound too good to be true.  However, I promise you that energy healing really is that simple.  It’s just us humans like to complicate things. 

Listen to 396 Hz frequency

The Solfeggio frequencies were re-discovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo and thank goodness they were!  By simply listening to music, you can begin to restore balance in your chakra system.  Similar to the color red aligning with the root chakra, the frequency 396 Hz also aligns with healing the root.  I recommend listening as often as possible to 396 Hz to restore balance to your root chakra. 

Ground Yourself

Another very easy way to begin to heal your root chakra is by grounding your energy.  Remember, the root chakra is your first chakra of the seven- chakra system and is located at the base of the spine.  If you feel anxious and chaotic, it makes sense that you need to ground to feel calmer, clear-headed and more relaxed.  

I use this grounding mat while I am working at my desk on those days where I feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!  It calms my nerves, reduces inflammation in my body and helps me sleep better at night.

My other favorite ways to ground are to go to the ocean or take a walk around the neighborhood and explore the beauty of nature while breathing in some fresh air.  I also enjoy a nice barefoot walk on the Earth when weather permits as we have chakras on the bottom of our feet as well.  Lastly, you can place your palms to a tree and take in that high-vibrational energy of Mother Earth or listen to this grounding meditation

I recommend a centering, grounding and shielding meditation before you start your day every morning.  

Root Chakra Healing Course

What I have realized is that I can tell you exactly how to heal your anxiety for good, but you still might have a hard time staying consistent enough to see results.  I used to be guilty of this as well.  Did you know starting and stopping (aka inconsistency) is another indicator of a blocked root chakra?  

So, because I had the same problem that you likely have, I created the Root Chakra Healing Course.  I needed a way to get out of my own way once and for all.  I was sick and tired of hoping and wishing for a better life.  Finally, I was ready to live a better life!  

This program is how you will stay consistent.  I lay it all out for you step-by-step, and we build as the program progresses.  You will actually enjoy the easy activities to do each day because they take little effort and are effective.  We use your five senses, so you don’t need any experience or other tools.  For $99 and the desire to heal, you receive lifetime access to my proven healing course and an activated root chakra. 

Private Energy Healing

Private healing is the route to go if you truly desire to finally heal and live a better life, but you need more than a self-paced course.  You desire one-on-one help where you are the sole focus of the session.  You crave clarity and specific healing instructions for in-between sessions.  You are ready to take your life back, want to stop living in fear and are ready to manifest your desires.  There are 4 spots open for private healing.  Claim yours today.

with love & light,

Your Energy Healer & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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