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How to Manifest in Real-Time

How to Manifest in Real-Time

Enjoy this story of how my private client manifested real-time while texting with me. Read until the end to understand the manifestation formula we used and to possibly see your own sign.

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His Original Goal: To Trust & Find His Faith

One of my private clients came to me awake but confused.  He felt stuck in his life with regards to his Soul Mission and his faith & trust in Source Energy (or Creator or God or whatever name you have chosen to call it.) Whenever I start working with a new client, I always like to understand their current lifestyle along with the goals they hope to achieve through private energy healing.

His desire was to trust that there is a higher Source, to have faith in it and himself and to better understand his path, or mission, in life.  I agreed to his goals, and we got to work!  His healing plan consisted of working with the root chakra, crown chakra and third eye chakra.  Remember, all chakras need to be working nicely together for full manifesting potential. 

His Plan in Detail: Preparing to Manifest

The root chakra is in charge of your feelings of safety and security in this world.  It is very much your survival chakra, and if you are stuck feeling insecure or living in fight-or-flight, you are going to struggle to manifest and be your authentic self. 

Next, the crown chakra, connected directly to the root chakra, is in charge of your connection to Source Energy.  When this connection is cut off, meaning your crown chakra is blocked, it will be difficult to manifest as well.  After all, Source Energy is the most powerful and intelligent energy.  You want it on your side.  The easiest way to manifest is to co-create with Source Energy.

Lastly, we focused on his third eye chakra.  Your third eye chakra is in charge of your intuition.  When it is aligned and activated, you clearly see the signs and synchronicities that Source Energy sends to you.  Not only do you see the signs, but you trust your intuition and follow.  This is exactly how you use energy to create.  The signs are energy in the material form.  When you lean into and follow them, you are using your energy of trust and faith to then co-create on the material plane.

If you are currently struggling to manifest, it’s because your energy is not flowing smoothly throughout your chakra system.  It’s very likely that your third eye is activated but your bottom three chakras are blocked.  This will stop ALL manifestations dead in their tracks as your energy never has a chance to reach your heart chakra.  To resolve this, join the Align + Activate 7 Chakra Healing Course to completely balance your chakra system.

The Real-Time Manifestation

Let’s look at his texts in order from left to right to watch his manifestation unfold right before his eyes. 

Let’s look at his texts in order to watch his manifestation unfold right before his eyes.

His personal sign is 111.  

He chose to lean into and trust his sign.  From his sessions with me, he has raised his awareness to see his signs & find his faith.

He was immediately rewarded with abundance in the form of a $15 discount because he followed his sign!

The Manifest Formula

You can manifest for yourself in your own life, too.  However, there are a few things you should understand.  The first is that to manifest is to understand how to play the game of life from an energetic perspective rather than a physical perspective.  This will require a certain level of awareness on your part.  Read the book The Power of Now by Ekchart Tolle to learn how to raise your awareness. 

Next, you must be completely secure with who you are.  This means you must have a balanced root chakra.  When the root chakra is imbalanced, you are living in fear.  And when you are living in fear, you are not being yourself fully and are insecure with parts of you.  This stops the manifestation.

After being fully secure, you need to find faith.  You have to have complete faith that Source Energy will never lead you astray.  Notice how my client stopped his search completely because he saw HIS sign?  This is the level of faith required.  

Step 1: Awareness
Step 2: Secure with all of who you are - a balanced root chakra
Step 3: Faith in Source Energy to follow your signs
Step 4: Follow the signs Step 5: Enjoy your manifestation!

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Become the BEST at Manifesting

Ultimately, to become the best at manifesting, you have to find alignment and activation for each of your chakras within your system.  You can think of your chakras like a car.  If you have a flat tire, you can’t drive the car.  This is the same for the chakras.  They work together to bring you to the highest frequency.  The higher your frequency, the easier it is to manifest and really create YOUR life on YOUR terms.

Ready to align and activate your manifesting power?!

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with love & light,

Your Energy Healer & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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