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How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

How do I start my spiritual journey, and what do I do first?

These are the two main questions I am asked often by clients when we start working together, so let’s work through today!  Keep reading to learn more about how to start your spiritual journey.

This is what I would do if I were to start my own journey over again.

I’m going to give you the first few steps, so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Plus, if you are a true beginner, these steps should keep you busy for a while. 😉

Remember, your journey is unique for your own Soul path.  Your own energy and spiritual journey are so unique that they are like your fingerprints – nobody else has the same pattern as you!

Let's get started.

STEP ONE:  Meditate Daily

The journey should start with meditation. 

I started meditating when I realized how amazing Shavasana felt at the end of my hot yoga sessions.  My body would go into deep relaxation, and I would drift out of it after these hour-long sweat sessions.  I was officially hooked on meditating!

Meditation is a skill that can be learned just like riding a bike, but it does take time, patience and consistent effort.  

I recommend at least 15 minutes of meditation each day.  I personally meditate for 30+ minutes each day and more when I am working 1:1 with clients.

Meditation For Beginners

Lie down on your back or sit upright (cross-legged or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground) to start.  

Close your eyes to block out up to 90% of material perception and allow your other sense to heighten.  

Take 3 deep breaths into the nose with your belly nice and full, and exhale by sighing out through your mouth while the belly shrinks in.  This is a quick energetic release to allow you to focus on the meditation. 

Lie or sit there and just breathe normally.  Focus on your breath – in and out, in and out, in and out.  Say the words “in” and “out” in your head as you breathe.  This is going to help you stay focused and release the chatter from your mind.  

You will find that you forget to say in and out, and you may realize that you are thinking about the things you have to do that day.  It’s okay.  Remind yourself what you are doing, and come back to breathing – in and out, in and out, in and out. 

It may help you to put on some soothing music like 528 hz frequency.  There are plenty of options on YouTube.

The goal of meditation is to calm the mind, sink into the body and connect with Source Energy.  It took me at least a year to get really “good” at meditating.  Keep practicing

STEP TWO:  Ground Daily and Heal Your Root Chakra

Many of my students come to me “awake”, but that’s it.  It’s frustrating for them because they know there’s more to life, but they aren’t quite sure what to do to become true creators of their own reality.  

The one thing they all have in common: lots of 3rd eye meditating with little grounding and an imbalanced root chakra.  They are stuck in what I call The Spiritual Void.

The root chakra is SO IMPORTANT to your healing journey.  So important that I wrote SO IMPORTANT in all caps.

Think of the root chakra as the foundation of your energetic power.  You wouldn’t intentionally build your house on a sink hole and expect it not to sink, would you?  Think of your root chakra like the foundation to your home.  It must be strong.  In the case of the root chakra, it must be aligned and activated.

Start grounding daily.  This is as simple as placing your palm to a tree, closing your eyes and breathing – simply being one with nature OR walking on the Earth (not pavement) with your bare feet.

The root chakra is also in charge of feeling secure with all of who you are in including your finances.  When it is balanced, you are calm and able to live in the present moment instead of being anxious about the future.

It is truly life transformational to live with a balanced root chakra.  You go from living in survival fight-or-flight mode to living in thriving mode!

If you are ready to thrive instead of just survive, click here.

STEP THREE:  Gratitude Journal and Self-Reflect Journal Daily.

The spiritual journey is all about connecting with your heart to connect with your Higher Self and Source Energy.  You will be able to work directly with Source Energy to create your reality once you establish a strong connection. 

Practice gratitude every day to connect with yourself.  I started off using the gratitude journal below to keep myself accountable to my daily gratitude practice.  Now, I use a blank piece of paper.  It’s your practice, so choose what resonates most with you. 

I also buy a new, random self-reflection journal every couple of months and write.  This is a great self-discovery tool, and it will aid in your healing process.  I am currently using the self-reflection journal below.

Are you ready to love yourself with all you’ve got?  To see love in all humans and nature?  To connect with your Soul?  If the answer is a HECK YES, join the Heart Chakra Align+Activate Course today!

That's all for now.

It’s called a journey because it’s a beautiful, never-ending, unraveling of the mystery of your own, beautiful Soul Mission.  Give yourself patience and grace as you begin to discover yourself at a Soul level.  

Love & Light, 
Your Energy Coach Lindsay
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