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How to Tap into Your Creative Genius

How to Tap into Your Creative Genius

I remember a moment in my life where I couldn't think of anything to say to market my products from my previous business. I felt blocked, stuck, and overwhelmed at the thought of trying to market the brand. Keep reading to learn why this happens & how to tap into your own creative energies.

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Where Creativity Lives In You

The energy of creativity, or lack thereof, lives in your sacral chakra.  Remember, the chakra system is a system.  This means that all chakras must be functioning in harmony for you to tap into your optimal manifesting energy and power.  With that being said, the sacral chakra is the chakra to focus on to experience your creativity and get into flow state. 

The sacral chakra is the second energy vortex in your body.  It sits a couple of inches below your belly button on your spine. This is also the center for passion, joy and reproduction.  It can be energetically balanced, overactive or blocked.  A creative block is indicative that your sacral chakra is blocked.  Ultimately, you want all seven of your chakras balanced to experience a strong connection with your Higher Self, Source Energy & Soul Mission. 

Creativity & Your Money

Most people fall more heavily into one of two categories – producer or consumer.  In my opinion, a producer is someone who is using his or her creativity to create.  All entrepreneurs are producers.  They are using their imagination and creativity to provide solutions to people’s problems in the form of products or services.  On the other hand, I think of consumers as those who work a 9-5 job, don’t have any other means of income, and are consumers of producers’ products or services.  We need both types of people to make the world go round, and one group isn’t better than the other.  In fact, we are all consumers to an extent.  

However, if you want to boost your finances, I recommend becoming a producer and/or becoming more creative.  A 2015 study linked creativity to earnings and concluded that creative people receive 20% more in their salary than those not using their creativity!  So, if you earn $100,000 per year, crank up the creativity for a potential increase in your salary to $120,000.  We use our creativity to solve problems and solving problems brings value to corporations.  So, it makes sense that creative people earn more. 

Take it even further and finally start your own business!  Do I recommend leaving your job if you don’t have the financial security to do so?  No.  But I do recommend putting your creativity to work and finally launching your business, even if it’s a side hustle.

How to Release Your Creative Blocks

Step 1: Focus On What You Enjoy

I started my first business as a way to make money in a white space in an emerging market.  There was very little passion behind what I was doing other than I loved fashion.  I had no idea who my target market was, and I had no idea how to connect with them.  This misalignment made it extremely difficult for me to easily make content and other marketing materials that spoke to my ideal customer.  It was exhausting pretending to be someone I wasn’t for the sake of connecting with people I knew nothing about just to make a buck!

This is why I will always tell you to focus on what you enjoy doing.   It is much easier to tap into your creativity when you are enjoying the process!  Do you prefer to write a blog or create a YouTube video?  Would you rather paint or crochet?  Are you more into colors or black and white?  Lean into your authentic self to become more creative and begin releasing your blocks.  As you tap into one area of creativity, the creative juices will start flowing, and you will find yourself becoming more creative in all areas of life!

Step 2: Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Balancing your sacral chakra is a must if you genuinely want to tap into your creative genius.  Remember that first business I was just talking about?  I was lacking the passion for the industry and the brand.  So, not only was my creativity blocked but so was my passion – two huge signs my sacral was out of balance.

The easiest way to balance your sacral chakra quickly is to listen to 417 Hz frequency.  This is the Solfeggio frequency that correlates to your sacral chakra.  Remember, everything is energy including you, and your chakras vibrate at different frequencies.  By listening to 417 Hz, you can bring harmony back to your sacral.

Another fun way to balance your sacral chakra is to see the color orange.  Every time I work on content and marketing, I drink out of an orange mug as a little added boost to get into my creative flow. 

To find longer-lasting alignment and activation of your sacral energy, join the Sacral Chakra Healing Course.

Step 3: Find Your Alignment

Remember, all chakras need to be aligned and activated for you to express your energy at its fullest potential.  When I am expressing my energy to my fullest potential, I call this living in flow.  Living in flow is a bit tricky to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it, but I will do my best.  

When I am in flow, I am high-vibrational, and the ideas are constantly flowing.  I have a deep inner knowing that I am right where I need to be which allows me to create from a patient and grateful energy.  There is also a profound, beautiful feeling of trust in myself, my Higher Self and Source Energy.  It’s a feeling of working alongside an “invisible” team of the most brilliant energies, love, angels, Guides and people you will ever experience.  My crown chakra tingles in flow state.  I see the synchronicities and signs lining up for my future manifestations to unfold.  I follow the signs with love and grace.

When you are fully aligned and activated, you will experience flow state almost daily.  If you don’t, you know your energy is off.  

Join the Align+Activate 7 Chakra Healing Course to find your flow state.

Step 4: Look to Your Clients for Inspiration

My last piece of advice for tapping into your creative genius, especially when you are feeling off, is to notice the questions you get often from your clients or potential customers.  If you just launched your business and don’t have clients yet, go to or to see what people are asking about in your niche.  Form content related to their questions!

Creativity & Your Marketing

Don’t miss out on one of best tools you have to market yourself and your business…your energy!  Your creativity can be amplified and fully aligned and activated in as little as 4 weeks when you sign up for the Sacral Chakra Healing Course

Marketing is essential to your business success.  Imagine if you have a never-ending flow of ideas to write about, vlog about, make Instagram reels about, make TikToks about and more!  You will become a content creating powerhouse when you activate your sacral vortex energy!  Don’t wait any longer to live the life YOU dream of.  Join the Sacral Chakra Healing Course today and start creating more consistently and easily already!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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