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July 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

July 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Each month I drop into meditation & ask one simple question "What does each sign of the zodiac need to know for (insert month & year)?" After receiving phrases or words for each sign, I sit and allow the guides to automatically write a message through me, which I deliver to you.

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These are general messages, so please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  The messages are typed with the same emphasis as they come to me in written form.  

Remember, you are on your own, unique Soul mission, so the messages will not always be for you at this time.  You do not have to absorb these words as your truth.  Make sure to read your Rising & Moon sign messages if your Sun sign doesn’t align with you for April 2023.   

with love & light,
Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Meditation Words: Confused

Aries, the energy is that of feeling confused.  You aren’t sure which path to take, which decision to make and when to go about doing something that feels very important to you at this time.  Aries, following your heart is always the answer, and sometimes we need to take giant leaps of faith to get where we want to go.  The beauty of life, Aries, is that even when we think we made the wrong choice, it turns out to be the right choice at the right time.  We can’t always predict what lies ahead, but we can predict how brilliant, resourceful, powerful and magnetic we are at any given moment.  You do this by understanding your own energetic capacity and limits.  You know when you are high vibrational AND you know when you aren’t.  Follow your heart while remaining aware of your energy.  Focus on the way you want it all to turn out, and that’s exactly what will be.  You are the creator of your own reality after all, Aries.

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

Meditation Words: Strengthened Connection

Taurus, the energy is that of amplification of a relationship with either someone else or yourself.  If you have recently started a new love relationship, friendship or working relationship with someone, it will blossom quickly into something that feels right.  It’s almost as though you have known this person before, perhaps from a past life.  Use your discernment early on and listen to your intuition.  If you are guided to open up and become more vulnerable with this person, do so.  BUT do it at a pace that feels right for you.   This pace means you are fully content and comfortable, but that you are pushing your own energy to be more authentically you.  On the other hand, if you have been consistently moving through your own spiritual journey, there is a turning point this month for you.  You will experience more moments of epiphanies, stronger awareness of your unique path and more synchronicities than you have in the past.  As always, document these moments and lean in.  Push yourself to continue to seek deeper within through meditation and moments of stillness.  This is when you get to experience more of you and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self and Source Energy.  What a beautiful time for you, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)

Meditation Words: Graceful

Gemini, the energy is that of patience and grace.  There is something that has been pushing you to grow in ways that are more than uncomfortable for you.  However uncomfortable this is, it is something that had to occur for the continuation of your spiritual growth and personal evolution.  During this time, you will find peace if you allow yourself time to feel your feelings and to do it with some grace.  There is no right or wrong.  There are only perspectives on a continuum of what FEELS right or wrong.  When you absorb this as truth – this idea that everything truly is neutral – you can then release yourself of any stagnant feelings and move on.  This is when your growth will officially become part of your new, higher frequency.  Continue to release your addictions to your emotions.  What if everything in life became a preference?  How much happier would you be, Gemini?  Give yourself some grace.  You are almost in the clear. 

Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)

Meditation Words: Auspicious

Cancer, the energy is that of your hard work and efforts coming to fruition.  For the third month in a row, Cancer, we are discussing the many opportunities you have swirling around in your personal energetic vortex.  Cancer, which of these opportunities will you capitalize on?  Are you seeing these opportunities or is your awareness not quite there yet?  The whole world is opportunity.  Every second you breathe is an opportunity.  What will you make of it?  Will you see it, go for it and see what will happen with a positive attitude OR will you miss it OR will you see it but let fear hold you back?  The abundance in your life, Cancer, comes down to one thing, and one thing only.  Are you willing and able to allow it in?  Or, is your energetic body full of resistance in the form of fear, anger, resentment and a lack of forgiveness?  If you are stuck with these energies in your body, first work to clear them, then work on raising your vibration to finally experience all that Source Energy and your Higher Self desire for you.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Meditation Words: Forthcoming

Leo, the energy is that of you taking the lead and FINALLY using your voice to be and feel heard!  Leo, you have been going through it lately in some important relationship, and it feels as though it has been challenging for you to use your words and really say what it is you want and need to say.  Now is the time, Leo.  Put it all out there.  What do you want?  What do you need?  The only way you will ever receive in this relationship is by vocalizing your own truth.  Do not be afraid.  The person on the receiving end will be understanding and receptive of your desires and ideas.  This is a moment where you can really open up a strong channel of communication, if you desire to do so.  If you do, this is going to serve the relationship well and will allow you both to breathe a little.  Find your voice, Leo.  Both of you will be happy that you did!

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

Meditation Words: Performance

Virgo, the energy is that of feeling under the pressure or like you are being evaluated.  The insight of a work evaluation comes up, but it is not exactly that.  It feels more like you are keeping track of your own performance in some area of life.  This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but we do caution you not to get too caught up in the tracking of your day-to-day life.  You see, Virgo, some days are going to be really productive while other days APPEAR to be less productive.  We want you to remember that you are valuable because you are here on this Earth.  It would not be the same without you here.  Your energy is so unique and special.  And with that said, being productive could mean lots and lots of work.  But what if you worked so much that you ended up in burnout because you never took a rest?  Resting is productive, too.  It allows you time to reset your energy, re-charge yourself and get back to whatever you are trying to accomplish with a clear mind.  It is only with a clear mind that you will receive your guidance from Source Energy.  So, your performance is right where it needs to be, Virgo.  And, if you need to take a rest, do it the best you can!  Maybe you should start evaluating your resting performance just as much as your working performance. 

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Meditation Words: Boastful

Libra, the energy is that of proud, puffy chest, swagger around something that you have recently accomplished.  It does not feel work related.  Instead, it feels more personal.  Is there something you are proud of in your home life?  Maybe you learned something new, created a passive income, had one of your kids graduate from college? It really could be anything, Libra!  We are happy that you are so happy!  Make sure to keep a level head at this time.  It’s amazing to hear of others’ accomplishments, but nobody wants to listen to some brag 24/7.  If that’s what is happening, take a quick energetic check.  Who is currently running your ship?  Is your ego high and mighty?  If so, set your ego aside.  Sharing things that you are happy about from your heart is one thing.  Boasting about something for the satisfaction of others feeling less than is quite another.  We are not suggesting this is the case.  Rather, we are simply reminding you that remaining balanced is how you will continue to expand and grow. Congratulations, Libra!

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Meditation Words: Infringement

Scorpio, the energy is that of feeling as though someone is pushing their energy onto you.  This feels like someone is trying to convince you of something that you do not desire or that you do not feel in your heart to be true.  Scorpio, we always like to remind you that you do not need to absorb others’ truths as your own.  You do not need to absorb anyone else’s words as truth.  You have the power to allow others’ energy into your vortex or not.  If you are struggling to create a boundary using your words, you can always create an energetic boundary.  Decide each and every day that nobody can mess with your energy.  Say the mantra “my energy is my energy” and believe that it is so.  Remember, you are the one in charge of your own energy.  This is the most empowering place you can be energetically because in this state, you are radically responsible for your reality creation.  There are a lot of thoughts and ideas in the world at this time.  Listen to your heart, Scorpio.  Follow your own path.  You didn’t come here to follow someone else’s.  Choose you.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Meditation Words: Too Worried

Sagittarius, the energy is that of being too worried about something.  It feels like you are being overly dramatic about something in your life.  It feels relationship oriented, but not necessarily love.  Perhaps you are worried about a dynamic within a friend group or at work.  The more worried energy you push out, Sagittarius, the more Source Energy is going to give you something to worry about.  Remember, the Law of Attraction is happening 24/7.  It does not stop or rest.  You are ALWAYS attracting to you what you think about, what you talk about, what you imagine and how you act.  The easiest way to release your worry is through surrendering.  Source Energy is loving intelligence.  It always wants what is best for you to grow and expand in your love and light.  Give your worries to Source at the end of each day.  Ask to be led down the path that is right for you.  And finally, Sagittarius, believe and trust that Source heard you.  Keep your eyes open for signs and synchronicities that are meant for you to follow.  It’s all going to be okay.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Meditation Words: Concentrated

Capricorn, the energy is that of you laser focused in on a goal or desire.  You are being congratulated for your efforts, consistency and concentration.  These characteristics are what will bring your goal to life, Capricorn, so don’t stop now.  There is one word of caution which is to be mindful that sometimes we think we are focusing on a desire when we could actually be focused on the lack of having the desire in the current reality.  It does not feel this way for you, but it is an important concept to understand when it comes to reality creation in the physical world.  We would also like you to remain balanced.  Find a fun hobby or activity to do that allows you to release your mind from this project or goal.  Clearing your energy at the end of each day will allow you to reset and bring the manifestation to life much faster.  How exciting, Capricorn!  We can’t wait to see or hear what you have come up with as your latest creation!

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Meditation Words: Fundamental

Aquarius, the energy is that of going back to the basics for something.  It feels like you learned something a while ago that you want to use in your current life.  However, you may have only skimmed the surface of the material back then or it has been so long ago that it would be best if you revisited what you learned.  There are fundamental ideas or strategies that you will be using quite often, so you might as well learn them now.  This feels like a new direction for you, Aquarius.  Are you starting a new career?  Maybe you are switching departments at the place you work?  Or are you branching out on your own and need to review those old business books?  Make sure to learn the fundamentals and make sure that what you are learning is current.  There is the potential that some of the material may be obsolete, so be mindful of that.  Great job, Aquarius.  Learning something new keeps your brain fresh and young.  Enjoy this new journey you are embarking on!

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Meditation Words: Unconcerned

Pisces, the energy is that of you feeling like your old Piscean self for the first time in a long time.  It’s as though you have released some old energy like you peeled a layer off you that has been there for far too long.  You are more creative now than ever, so make sure to write all of your ideas down.  You never know which one will be the big break, Pisces!  You are dreamy, floating, and flowing through life unconcerned.  This is the perfect energy for you to continue to create your reality exactly as you have visualized it so many times before.  People around you, specifically those closest to you, may be struggling to understand you at this time.  That’s okay, Pisces.  You didn’t come to Earth to be understood.  You came to Earth to march to the beat of your own drum in your own beautiful “dream” world and show others that doing so is exactly HOW you create your own magnificent reality.  Keep living your unconcerned life, Pisces.  You are motivating and inspiring others to do the same!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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