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Exhausted on Your Spiritual Journey? Here’s Why!

Exhausted on Your Spiritual Journey? Here's Why.

Yes, there are wild moments on the spiritual journey, but overall, you aren't meant to be confused or exhausted. Keep reading to understand why this is happening for you or someone you know.

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Four Key Reasons You Are Exhausted on Your Journey

If you find yourself tired more often than not on your spiritual journey, it’s a sign that things could be much easier for you.   You aren’t supposed to be exhausted on your spiritual journey.  Instead, it’s quite the opposite.  You should have more energy than ever before!  Here are a few common reasons you are experiencing fatigue as you awaken:

1) You aren't fully honoring your energy

The full experience of the awakening is to fully love and accept yourself as well as realize we are all from the same Source Energy.  This, in essence, means we are all connected and are all uniquely the same.  One very easy way to start fully loving and accepting yourself is by honoring your energy.  To honor your energy means you are fully committed to whatever it is you have chosen to do. 

When you are fully committed to something, your energy is at its strongest.  This is because there are no distractions that are splitting your energy.  In this case, your energy is laser focused upon one thing.  The way you commit to relationships, your work, projects and activities is the same way you commit to resting.  Many people don’t realize that fully committing to rest is just as important as fully committing to aligned action.  Unfortunately, I cannot define what your fully committed rest looks like because true rest is different for everyone.  For me, fully resting is sleep without any distractions or an essential oil bath soak with frequency music playing or even reading for pleasure.

To honor your energy is to fully rest when you need it, and fully participate in life when you aren’t resting.

2) You aren't using your energy correctly yet

Once you awaken, you are likely going to be excited to manifest and experience the spiritual world in other ways, usually through your third eye.  However, I strongly encourage you to activate all of your chakras starting with your root chakra, which is your energetic foundation.  If you spend too much time playing with your third eye chakra without taking the rest of the chakras seriously (it is a system after all), you are going to confuse yourself. 

Also, with unbalanced chakras, it is highly likely that you will become frustrated on your journey.  I call this the ‘spiritual void’.  It’s the moment in your journey where you think that since you are now awake, you can manifest it all!  But, then you are unable to manifest, and that becomes very frustrating.  Imagine being aware of your superpowers but unable to use them.  

Learn how to use your energy correctly to avoid manifestation burnout.   One very easy way to do this is through a Human Design Type + Strategy session to help you make the right decisions in your life based on your unique chart and energy blueprint.

3) You aren't following your signs

The most fun and exciting part of the spiritual journey, in my opinion, is when you reach a certain awareness where you are consistently communicating with Source Energy.  All day, every day, you are receiving signs along your journey.  The fact that you were nudged to read this and have gotten this far is a sign as much as any other sign!  The key is that you trust, lean into and boldly follow your signs.   When you do, you will be guided to exactly where you need to be, experiencing exactly what you should be at the exact moment it is meant for you.  If you don’t confidently follow the signs, you will feel like a hamster stuck on a wheel.   

Fear is the main reason that most people don’t follow their signs.  Your root chakra is imbalanced if you struggle with fear.  Unblock it by following this 4-week root chakra healing course Use code 66OFF at checkout for 66% savings!

4) You are forcing things

This goes along with following your signs.  If you aren’t following your signs, you are likely forcing things to happen.  This takes a ton of human effort while completely disregarding the power and intelligence of Source Energy.  You can think of Source Energy as the best personal assistant you could have ever asked for in your entire life.  Source Energy knows exactly what you want and knows exactly how to deliver it to you.  Your job is to remain open and non-resistant to receiving your abundance and manifestations. 

Start building your relationship with Source Energy to manifest easier.  One way to do this is through journaling out your manifestations with My Manifestation Tracker.  Click the link below to get yours today.

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