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Mid July 2023 Zodiac Messages

Mid July 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Each month I drop into meditation & ask one simple question "What does each sign of the zodiac need to know for (insert month & year)?" After receiving phrases or words for each sign, I sit and allow the guides to automatically write a message through me, which I deliver to you.

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These are general messages, so please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  The messages are typed with the same emphasis as they come to me in written form.  

Remember, you are on your own, unique Soul mission, so the messages will not always be for you at this time.  You do not have to absorb these words as your truth.  Make sure to read your Rising & Moon sign messages if your Sun sign reading doesn’t resonate with you.

with love & light,
Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Meditation Words: Bending Rules

Aries, the energy is that of you feeling a bit rebellious.  The song “I fought the law and the law one” comes to mind with this energy.  Even though the song sings about the law, these rules that you are bending are not so serious.  There is an area of your life that feels mundane and is becoming boring.  You, Aries, are simply ready to spice things up a notch.  It feels as though there may need to be some shuffling done at your place of employment or within your daily work routine.  If you have a fairly flexible work schedule, then it would benefit you to allow for the day to take you where it wants to go.  Sometimes when we stick to such a rigid routine, we miss out on new opportunities that are trying to come our way.  Aries, people look to you to fire things up, to ignite things, to get the ball rolling.  Where can you (nicely) add some excitement into yours and others’ lives to remind them (and yourself) that life is meant to be lived!  It’s okay to bend some of the rules, Aries.

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

Meditation Words: Fast-Moving

Taurus, the energy is that of quick, quick, quick, quick energy!  Something feels to be going at super-sonic speed.  Don’t blink, Taurus, or you might miss it!  This feels very exciting for you…like something you have wanted to do or try has rapidly appeared as an opportunity in your life.  Will you take the bull by the horns, Taurus?  If you do, know that this experience will be enlightening or life-altering (in a good way) for you.  It’s not to say that we are talking in extremes, but it will definitely be something to remember should you move forward with this.  Life moves fast in general, Taurus.  There’s no reason to let the things you truly desire to pass you by.  Remember, the more you say ‘yes’ to the abundance and manifestations that Source sends your way, the more abundance you receive!

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)

Meditation Words: Re-Purpose

Gemini, the energy is that of you re-doing something or re-purposing something for new use.  It feels like you might be inventing a new way of doing something or new way of using an object or idea to greatly benefit yourself and others.  The energy feels eclectic.  Perhaps you are combining two products together to make one great one.  Or maybe you are combing two ideas together that have not been combined before to reach new conclusions for something.  It’s hard to pinpoint.  You could also being finally going for something that you had dreams of in the past.  It’s like you are taking some leap or releasing some fear to “do you”.  Is there something you created a while ago but never put out for anyone to see, use or hear?  Maybe it’s time to do a bit of editing and show it to the world!  Follow your heart on this one, Gemini.  Let your intellect take a break.

Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)

Meditation Words: Ending

Cancer, the energy is that of transitional energy.  The word received was ending, but we want to emphasize that most people think of ending as something negative.  This is not the case.  Remember, Cancer, you are made of energy – a fluid being – with the ability to move, change and adapt whenever and however you want.  This is beautiful in and of itself.  Often, we forget we must let things go (energetically speaking) to make room for new abundance, greater abundance, better abundance to come our way.  There is truly no such thing as an ending, energetically speaking.  Forms change, but energy stays.  Where can you allow yourself to flow into a transition, Cancer?  What needs to fully complete in order for you to receive more of the desires that are waiting for you to allow them in?  Endings can be sad.  Endings can be scary.  Endings can be empowering.  Endings can be abundant.  It’s all for you to choose.  Manage your energy and perspectives to allow this ending to simply be a transition for you on your unique Soul Mission.  Recognize you are being led to where you need to be for the evolution of your Soul.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Meditation Words: Empowered

Leo, the energy is that of feeling empowered like you could take it all on!  Let’s go, Leo!  You have finally found your stride, and at this time, it feels like your confidence is at an all-time high.  There was a lot of healing and “work” that needed to be done on your end, so you should feel really proud of your new frequency.  Leo, we urge you to continue to follow your heart.  This is not to stay you should throw all obligations out the window.  However, Leo, in your spare time, please pursue those little moments of inspiration.  You have the security, the confidence, and the high vibrational energy of empowerment on your side.  This is your time to shine.  This is your time to begin to bring your dreams and desires into the physical world for you to materially enjoy. 

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

Meditation Words: Stuffed Up

Virgo, the energy is that of something being plugged up.  It’s like there has been an underlying energy lingering for a bit that (with enough pressure applied) is going to burst.  Although this sounds dramatic, it doesn’t have to be and isn’t necessarily.  It would serve you best to take on the energy of a balloon and slowly let your air out.  The “clog” can easily be broken down into smaller pieces, Virgo.  Where are hyper-focused on a problem or an emotion that you are struggling with?  Become wildly solution oriented.  Do things that you know will help you.  Do you need to find more resources, Virgo?  Do you need to ask for help from a loved one, partner or friend?  Do you need to spend more time in nature?  Virgo, there are so many ways for you to release this pressure, but you have to actually take some action.  Mulling over the same thing in your brain won’t help.  Release the need to resolve everything at once, and focus on what you can do right now, Virgo.

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Meditation Words: Eager

Libra, the energy is that of sitting at the edge of your seat ready to freaking go already!  It feels like there is something that you have been waiting for, literally counting down the days, and it’s getting so close.  This energy feels like a big move – a change in career, a change in a living situation, or even a baby being born.  As hard as it is sometimes to stay grounded during exciting times like these, it would be best for you to do just that, Libra.  Take your mind off of it by focusing on something that has nothing to do with it.  You are right where you need to be, and everything will go according to plan when you stay grounded in your energy.  As you know, Libra, balance is key.

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Meditation Words: Coiled

Scorpio, the energy is that of tightness, wrapped up, coiled energy.  It feels like you are wound up a bit tight over something, Scorpio.  Is there something bothering you?  Does someone have something on you?  The energy is hard to decipher.  One on hand, it feels like you might be protecting yourself – like a coiled snake.  On the other hand, it feels like you (or someone else) might be stressing you out.  Scorpio, stand in your power.  Remember, there is nothing that can change your energy except for you.  You are the one that reacts to outside catalyst, and you are also the one that has the power to choose how you react.  If you need to distance yourself from someone or a situation, do it.  Holding in stress is not good for your health, Scorpio…but neither is over-reacting to others’ energy.  Release the energy, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Meditation Words: Habit-Breaking

Sagittarius, the energy is that of you finally breaking free from something that you have been working hard to overcome for some time.  Congratulations, Sagittarius!  To break a habit is to materialize a NEW, HIGHER frequency.  THIS is very powerful energy for you.  Not only does it prove to you that you are capable of releasing yourself from lower vibrations, but it also strengthens your manifesting power which is how you bring you dreams into the material world.  You are also showing others that it can be done.  This feels like a turning point in your life, Sagittarius.  You should be really proud of yourself.  If any moments of weakness arise, remind yourself of how great it feels to be in your new frequency and remember to make choices out of complete love for yourself and longevity of your future.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Meditation Words: Revolutionary

Capricorn, the energy is that of a big break through when it comes to your mental perspectives.  This has the potential of a spiritual awakening.  If you are already awake, it could be that you are unlocking new “levels” (for lack of a better word) of spirituality.  You are more aware, more focused, more loving, more compassionate, more everything.  It feels like a powerful and happy energy – one that you are going to feel at your core.  The potential for connection to the heart chakra is strong with this energy.  As you live, move and love genuinely from your heart center, your world will open up in ways you could have never imagined.  Enjoy this moment, Capricorn.  And realize, that you can integrate this new frequency as your baseline frequency if you choose to do so. 

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Meditation Words: Exalted

Aquarius, the energy is that of happiness.  It’s like you have a newfound sense of joy in your life…like you are radiating happiness.  By radiating the happiness out, you are receiving so much back in.  Your eyes are fully open, and it feels like you are seeing through a new lens.  Similar to Capricorn, the potential for spiritual awakening is strong.  You may physically be seeing things in more saturated color, brighter, sharper and crisper than even before.  If you are experiencing this, it is a tell-tale sign of raising your vibration.  Breathe into this energy.  The higher your vibration, the easier your life becomes.  People want to help you.  Source Energy will send you opportunities.  Life becomes so calm yet so exciting and adventurous at the same time.  Enjoy this feeling, Aquarius!

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Meditation Words: Commanding

Pisces, the energy is that of you taking the lead on something.  It very much feels similar to Leo’s reading where you are fully empowered.  It’s an energy of taking concrete, confident steps toward a goal or desire…like marching toward something.  You have finally found yourself, Pisces, and that makes this moment so special for you.  You are inspiring others with the way you move, the way you know how to use your energy to create, the way you fearlessly move forward.  It’s a bit of a mystery to some.  There’s an aura of dreamy/sleepiness coupled with fluid movement that somehow combines to make magic.  The more you lean into the authenticity of who you really are, the more you strengthen your ability to command your energy and bring your dream world to life, Pisces.

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