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Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Each month I drop into meditation & ask one simple question "What does each sign of the zodiac need to know for (insert month & year)?" After receiving phrases or words for each sign, I sit and allow the guides to automatically type a message through me, which I deliver to you.

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These are general messages, so please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.    

Remember, you are on your own, unique Soul mission, so the messages will not always be for you at this time.  You do not have to absorb these words as your truth.  Make sure to read your Rising & Moon sign messages if your Sun sign doesn’t align with you for mid November 2023.   

with love & light,
Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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Aries Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Drifting

Aries, the energy is that of a wavy motion.  It’s almost as if you are like a piece of driftwood stuck out at sea just floating along.  Big waves come and push you under the current, but you float up again and keep going.  This is a feeling of a very reactive energy, Aries.  It’s like you are just letting life smack you in the face rather than standing in your own empowered energy to create your reality.  Aries, why are you feeling disempowered at this time?  What is sucking up your energy, Aries?  A lot of us just wander through life aimlessly, and it’s only when it is time to go that we even realized how little we experienced, how small we played, and how much more we wish we would have done.  Aries, this is not to say you need to charge forward in some chaotic way.  This IS to say that adding mindfulness and intention to your daily routine will help you take control of your life.   When we say control, we want you to realize that it means only control WHAT IS IN YOUR POWER.  Reclaim your energy, Aries.  It’s important for your own happiness. 

Taurus Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Taurus, the energy is that of things happening, but not nearly as quickly or as flawlessly as you desire them.  We can feel your frustration, Taurus, and we want to remind you that frustration is completely normal.  However, when you live with frustration, it means you are living in the future.  How can you possibly be frustrated at this exact moment in time…in the present?  You KNOW that in the present moment, everything is happening in divine timing just as it is meant for you.  It’s only when you forget this VERY PROFOUND information that you step out of the present moment and get cranky again.  Taurus, don’t you realize that life is THE JOURNEY?  Instead of getting frustrated with your back-and-forth momentum, we recommend that you find it fun and almost silly like a little game you are playing with the Universe.  There are lessons for you to grow from in every single step back…and guess what, Taurus?!  If you DO learn the lesson, you can stop taking the same steps back.  It’s as easy and difficult as that!  It’s time to raise your awareness, Taurus.

Gemini Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Helplessness Isn't Cute

Gemini, the energy is that of it’s time to step fully into your power.  Sometimes we alll feel helpless, Gemini, but it’s important to distinguish between your feeling and reality.  Are you really helpless in this situation?  For those of you that ARE NOT helpless, it’s time to stand in your power, get your mind right, and take aligned action toward your desires.  If you ARE helpless, then it’s time for you to either surrender to the situation or remove yourself from it.  It’s this feeling, Gemini, of the same words over and over and over and over again.   Where in your life are you spinning in a circle of less than positive energy?  Did you know that you can “spin yourself” out of this crappy loop, Gemini?  Talk it out with a friend one last time and actually take some good advice (if you need it) to heart.  There’s nothing worse than asking someone for advice to ignore them.  Sometimes we don’t know best.  Sometimes we need help out of our funk.  BUT ALWAYS, it’s up to us and only us to actually feel better.  It’s time to let it go for your own sanity and get back to living.

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Cancer Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Reciprocity - You Have to Try, Too

Cancer, the energy is that of you recognizing how you attract people, experiences, material goods and money into your life.  There is ALWAYS an even energetic exchange…a “you reap what you sow” type of vibe.  It’s this feeling that your energy might be just a bit off with something.  Cancer, what are you expecting at this time?  Have you done the work?  Have you given Source energy the green light to receive?  If you are stuck, here’s the trick: do something energetically that tells Source you are ready.  This works every single time, Cancer, but you need to know what it is that tells Source that you truly believe in yourself and your desires.  Is there a lingering fear in your heart?  If so, face it by taking action.  Is there a lingering doubt in your mind?  If so, release it by repeating your affirmations and feeling the energy in your heart.  The game of life is played on the energetic plane, Cancer.  If you are new to this concept, it’s time you learn as this is how you “win” the game of life.  This is how you become the main character.  Step 1: Heal yourself.  This is a must.  Do not ignore this because it leads you to step 2 which is you knowing your own energy which leads you to step 3 which is precisely how you reap what you sow aka manifest in this life. Cancer, you have to learn yourself. 

Leo Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Stand Taller - Gain Confidence

Leo, the energy is that of hiding behind a mask.  It’s this feeling that you REALLY want something in life, Leo, and YOU KNOW that you are the one in your way.  The concern here is that you just can’t quite figure out how to get out of your own way.  For many of you, you may be struggling with confidence in a certain area of your life (it feels career, business or financial).  You see everyone else around you excelling in their careers or business, making money, yet somehow you are just where you are…the same place you have always been.  Leo, if this resonates, we recommend that you repeat this affirmation all day every day until you believe it. “If everyone else can do it, so can I.” Over and over and over again, Leo. As you begin to believe it, you will be compelled to take action in ways that you have never done before.  You will be presented information that comes just at the right time for you to expand your knowledge to get you toward your goal. People will begin to show you opportunities, Leo.  And by the way, they were always there, but NOW you are finally seeing them.  Focus on your mentality first, and the rest will follow, Leo. 

Virgo Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: You're Going Too Fast

Virgo, the energy is that of going so fast that you might fly “off the rails”.  It’s this feeling that you are either physically or mentally moving at supersonic speed, Virgo, and you are going to cause yourself to crash (metaphorically speaking).  Is there a lot on your plate at this time, Virgo? OR are you simply creating things in your mind on overdrive that makes it SEEM like there is a lot on your plate…that really isn’t?  See the difference here, Virgo?  If you resonate with the first option, then we recommend that you do a quick audit of what is not top priority that can wait until another day.  Cross it off your list.  Set it aside for another time.  If you resonate with the second option, then we recommend that you create a spiritual practice for yourself.  Virgo, you can create exhaustion in your body through your mind, and then the potential for burnout is very real.  Let’s avoid this.  You have the power to calm your mind.  Get out in nature. Organize your home.  Take a walk.  Go to the sauna.  Do things that bring you peace and harmony and put you in a more meditative state.  We are hesitant to recommend “meditation” for many of you have a hard time meditating based on the traditional sense of the word.  Meditation does not always have to look like sitting cross-legged on your yoga mat changing “Ohm”, Virgo.  Do ANYTHING that brings calmness to your mind.  

Libra Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: An Uphill Battle

Libra, the energy is that of letting something go for the sake of your own energy.  It’s the feeling that you have pushing hard against something (energetically speaking) that isn’t worth it.  For some of you, we recommend forgiving yourself or the other person.  We don’t always get to know why someone hurt us, Libra.  It’s important to understand that you forgive yourself and others FOR YOU…for your own energy.  When you hold resentment in your heart, you block your own abundance.  For others of you, we recommend seeing your signs.  Open up and activate your awareness so you can be led in the right direction, Libra.  One way to do this is to ask for specific signs you are on the right path.  If you receive confirmation, move forward.  IF (and understand this point we are about to make) you get the green light confirmation to move forward and you move forward, and nothing happens…THAT is a sign, Libra.  You must know the difference.  This small piece of information will help you every single day to move toward your living out your Soul purpose as long as you understand it..

Scorpio Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Get It Together

Scorpio, the energy is that of needing to get it together…quite frankly.  We do not want to come across as harsh, Scorpio, but for those that this resonates with, you have been sitting in some less than optimal energy for quite some time.  Similar to Aries & Gemini message, it’s time for you to really learn who you are.  We get it, Scorpio…it’s like “how do you expect me to get it together when I don’t even know what I want out of life?”  To that, we reply, start somewhere!  Scorpio, you have to try…try something…try anything.  It’s only by having your own personal experiences that you are going to determine what you do and don’t desire.  When that time comes, you will be able to clearly outline your desires, the attitude to have and the actions to take to get them.   Scorpio, you were made for greatness – for YOUR own greatness.  What dreams live in your heart?  Start there.  They weren’t given to you for you to simply dream about.  They were given to you for you to take action on.  You can do it, Scorpio.  Start today!

Sagittarius Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Unlock The Door

Sagittarius, the energy is that of going within and reflecting on your resistance.  It’s not that you are disempowered, Sagittarius, but there is one final door to open so to speak.  You have been doing the work to heal your life, Sagittarius, and for that we want to congratulate you.  It has not been easy, and it is not for the faint of your.  Your perseverance is recognized at this time, Sagittarius, but it’s time to dig a bit deeper.  For many of you, there is potential to get stuck in a place of knowingness but not necessarily understanding how to use your power.  This can be upsetting, we understand.  It’s like knowing you can be and have everything you ever wanted, but you’re missing that one puzzle piece to bring it all together.  This is where your spiritual practice comes in, Sagittarius.  Push yourself further in the ways of greater trust, greater surrender, and greater understanding.  Test out your understanding by taking actions.  If your ideas work, then repeat them.  If they don’t, go back into meditation and ask the right questions to figure it out for you.  You WILL receive the answers you need if you continue to ask.  You’re almost there, Sagittarius.

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Capricorn Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Imagine Never Trying

Capricorn, the energy is that of reflection with possibility of some regret layered it.  For some of you, it’s this energy of feeling life you waited too long to really try.  We want to ease your mind and heart, Capricorn, by reminding you that there is no such thing as “too late”.  If this resonates with you, formulate a plan with your earthly energy and get to it.  Make sure to keep your dreams front and center, Capricorn.  This will help you power through when you that feeling of “too late” kicks on.  For others of you, you are recognizing how everything you have ever done has led you to this moment in time.  It is a very surreal moment, and it’s likely something that you have never paid any attention to until now.  But all of a sudden, Capricorn, you can see how saying yes to that led you to the lesson in this and if you wouldn’t have believed in yourself in that one scary moment, you would never be right here enjoying life as you know it.  When you experience this moment for the first time, you quickly understand how important your awareness and intentions in life are.  Capricorn, no matter which way you experience this message, we want you to know that you are worthy and deserving of an amazing life, that you are right where you need to be and that you are always supported.

Aquarius Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Winning on the Energetic Plane

Aquarius, the energy is that of you cracking the code on how to play the game of life! YESSSSSSSSSSSS Aquarius.  This is something that more and more people are experiencing; however, not everyone will ever understand what you finally do in this lifetime.  Aquarius, we are proud of you.  We recommend that you try your best to teach this understanding of the energetic plane to all that will listen for part of your spiritual evolution is to teach others what you know.  Aquarius, this is not to say that you should push this information on to people.  It’s more of a “let those who have ears, hear” type of energy.  For those of you that this resonates with, we recommend you reflect on and fully understand your unique formula.  How do you work with energy to create?  What environment is most conducive for you to manifest?  Who do you experience the most positive moments with?  Get detailed on this.  KNOW it.  REPEAT it.  Aquarius, where can you strengthen your energetic power?  In what areas of life?  How can you go about doing that?  These are all questions to ask yourself to develop your formula more precisely to advance on the physical plane, Aquarius.  You know it all starts with your energy!

Pisces Mid November 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Meditation Words: Live Your Dreams

Pisces, the energy is that of letting yourself go…wild and free.  It’s this feeling that you have been playing small, watering yourself down, not vocalizing your biggest goals (even to yourself).  Why Pisces…why?  Pisces, we want to remind you that when you water yourself down for the sake of others comfortability around you, you are doing yourself and everyone you come in contact with a huge disservice.  As the most imginative sign of the zodiac, one of your greatest powers, Pisces, is to help others imagine (and then manifest it) for themselves.  So, when you water yourself down, you not only stop your energy from helping others, but you block your own abundance from manifesting in the material world.  Pisces, live your dreams.  Stop putting so much emphasis on the outside world.  Live true to you.  Be kind.  Spread love.  It will be returned to you as this is how energy works, so there is nothing to fear.  If anything, fear living small because living small is how you stay stuck living someone else’s reality instead of your own.  Free yourself, Pisces! 

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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