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Mid-September 2022 Channeled Messages

Mid-September 2022 Channeled Messages

Each month I drop into meditation & ask one simple question "What does each sign of the zodiac need to know for (insert month & year)?" After receiving phrases or words for each sign, I sit and allow the guides to automatically write a message through me, which I deliver to you.

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These are general messages, so please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  The messages are typed with the same emphasis as they come to me in written form.  

Remember, you are on your own, unique Soul mission, so the messages will not always be for you at this time.  You do not have to absorb these words as your truth.  Make sure to read your Rising & Moon sign messages if your Sun sign doesn’t align with you for mid-September 2022.   

with love & light,
Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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Enjoying these free energy forecasts?

Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Meditation Words: Options

Aries, the energy is that of options when it comes to either financial matters, specifically as it relates to the ways in which you can earn your money…or should we say attract…hmmmmm OR Aries, the partners you have in life. This should not be focused solely on love, but ALL relationships.  Aries, we want you to rememer you ar eyour own hero and you hace this beautiful ting called free will…of course, if you choose of these options wisely, you will succeed beyond your widlest dreams…and if not, then no.

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

Meditation Words: Cynical/Condescending

Taurus, the energy is that of being very questioning, a bit patronizing and frustrating.  There isa challenge or lack in some area of life and you would do well to face it head on.  Accept the role you play, release the criticisms of others, fix it and move on.  You are going to surprise many people with the approach you take along with the success you achieve.  This is not their story.  This is not their problem. You took part to create it, and now it is time to take part in fixing it.  Once again, head down, focus, fix…block out all the noise.

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)

Meditation Words: Chill Out

Gemini, the energy is that of you needing to relax once and for all.  RELAX.  Let down the great barrier that you have been holding onto for such a long time. Can’t you see, Geminin, that this wall is holding away all the good from coming in.  Yet, Gemini, you built it up to stop all the “bad” from coming in.  You are defeating yourself.  It’s okay to be loved.  It’s okay to be helped.  It’s okay to not have all the answers and to be wrong once in a while.  Breathe.  Deep breaths.  Stop the blocking of love.  Chill out.  Relax.  Your nervous system will thank you.

Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)

Meditation Words: "Faith of a Mustard Seed, I Keep Growing"

Cancer, the energy is that of needed to add faith to your constant hard work and effort.  What good is all of this work if you don’t believe in it, in yourself, in the goal?  The seed is planted, the land is tilled, the sun comes up, the rain helps it grow, and the farmer/gardener believes it will produce.  Like the gardener, you must believe.  Believe you can, you are worthy, you deserve, you are smart enough, you are loved, you can be successful.  Belief is more than all of the efforts combined.  Don’t give up on your own self, Cancer.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Meditation Words: Unlocked/Hold the Key

Leo, the energy is that of you having an answer to a burning question or scenario needed to be solved.  You actually have the step-by-step guide, Leo, whether you want to believe it or not…well, that is up to you.  You can access the answer by writing like Lindsay us doing now or sit still in silence.  Focus on the desire to resolve whatever is troubling you, Leo.  Don’t think too hard.  You are going to be surprised at how obvious the solution has been all along.  Perhaps, you are staring it in the eyes or it is right in front of you.  You know.

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

Meditation Words: Apocalyptic/Drama

Virgo, the energy is that of needing to stop making everything such a big deal. Ther is upheaval in one’s life and then there is intentionally (or not) making thing much bigger a deal than they are and need to be.  Do you feed off the drama, Virgo?  Is this why you are doing it? There is nothing noble about creating a problem so you can be the one to solve it.  Accolades will not be given.  Headaches will ensue.  Stop making everything so grand.  A calm life will return love, health and prosperity if you are able to resist the urge to create drama.  Allow peace and tranquility.  It is a choice.

Connecting to Your Guides & Higher Self

You can easily raise your awareness and connect to your Higher Self & Guides like I have successfully done for myself.  Once you activate this connection, you start to live in flow state and can easily see the signs that are meant just for you.  You can connect to your Soul purpose and actually begin to live out your Soul mission here on Earth. 

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Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Meditation Words: Hustling on Auto-pilot

Libra, the energy is very intense and that of a constant rush -> rushing in the physical sense to receive rushes (or bursts) of energy in the system/head.  When one’s energy has remained stagnant for too long, such as living on autopilot, one will do things to feeeeeeeel.  Stop.  Calm down.  Slow down.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  It’s an unhealthy craving that derives when we create these rushes just to feel.  You have been moving too fast for too long.  This feels like a career. Slooooooow down.  Yes, you have achieved enough.  You are allowed, deserve to, and definitely can slow down.  When we slow down, we require less “shock” to the system to feel.

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Meditation Words: Reigning Supreme

Scorpio, the energy is that of taking on a leadership role as it relates to your family life.  Perhaps the “torch has been passed down” in the family business or there have been financial shifts in the form of inheritance.  Whatever the case may be, Scorpio, you have just been given a lot of responsibility and many are looking to you as the decision maker, leader, the “patriarch” so to speak.   Use your newfound power for the good of the entire family unit.  Think of the whole.  When you do, you will gain trust, respect and success.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Meditation Words: Many Paths to the End Goal

Sagittarius, the energy is that of excitement, perseverance, confusion and directionless.  Sagittarius, there are typically many different paths on can pursue to achieve a similar result.  In one way, this is great news because it gives more opportunity for “success”.  On the other hand, this can lead very quickly to lack of focus, misguidedness, spreading too thin, and achieving less than possible.  Plese focus, Sagittarius.  Pick a path (or 2) but no more.  Try.  If it works, great!  If not, try the next one.  We caution against trying too many at once.  You are onto something special, and focus/clarity is key.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Meditation Words: Health/Longevity -> STOP SMOKING!

Capricorn, the energy is that of cautioning you to embrace a healthier lifestyle and a new health routine.  There are a select flew of you were the message “STOP SMOKING” apples.  there are ways to release this addiction (if this is you) and other bad habits.  The easiest is to start reminding yourself of how much you love you.  If you don’t’ love all of you, we suggest creating routines and reminders for yourself on why you are loved/lovable.  When you fully love yourself, you will be able to prioritize your health.  We have one body, one physical vessel to carry us through this portion of life.  Treat it with love and care.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Meditation Words: Opportunity Knocks

Aquarius, the energy is that of being pulled in numerous different directions, needing to wear many hats and a strong need for prioritizing.  When there’s so much going on, it is easy to lose sight of you, but in order to operate at your best/highest capacity, you cannot forget about your own needs and wants.  What fills your cup, Aquarius?  Prioritizing demands based on your own desires will help you to eliminate the jobs, people, and things in your life that are requesting your own energy without you receiving any in return.  If you cannot completely eliminate some of these imbalanced relationships/situations, word toward creating stronger boundaries.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Meditation Words: Quick Turnaround

Pisces, the energy is that of something fast-paced/moving as it relates to career, work and finances.  Something you have been working on is gaining speed/momentum, and soon the odds will be back in your favor.  Remain humble.  Keep up the work.  Don’t stop and avoid any old habits of self-sabotage.  You have attracted/earned this, deserve this and can be proud of this.  Focus on your feelings…nobody else’s when it comes to expectations of you.  Set your own.  Hit your goals, and success will come.  Just keep moving.

Connecting to Your Guides & Higher Self

You can easily raise your awareness and connect to your Higher Self & Guides like I have successfully done for myself.  Once you activate this connection, you start to live in flow state and can easily see the signs that are meant just for you.  You can connect to your Soul purpose and actually begin to live out your Soul mission here on Earth. 

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with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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