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A what? …that’s exactly what I said when I was so divinely guided to the word ascension. 

First, we need to know what an ascension is. 

The way I like to describe it is that you are truly raising your frequency.  Your energy is going from a lower vibration to a higher one.  Remember that like attracts like, so you are basically stepping into a ‘better’ version of you – the truer version of your essence and who you really are from your heart center, not from an egoic perspective.

So now that we can understand what it is, let me share how I triggered mine along with what I experienced.  

Watch the video below or keep on reading!

How it all started...

I had been struggling internally with serious confidence issues – I had basically no boundaries so I was always being walked all over, I was too nice (if there is such thing), I was a “yes” girl/people pleaser, I had my dream job at the time but didn’t feel worthy, I was gaining weight like it was my job and I could keep going, but I think you get the point.”

So I figured if I started to lose some weight, that would help me regain some confidence.

 If I regained some confidence, I might be able to add some boundaries, tell people “no”, begin to feel a bit more worthy. 

I knew that I could lose the weight because I spent my entire life at a healthy weight.  So for me, it was something I knew I could do.  All I needed was a solid plan to do it. 

The cleanse (aka the trigger)

My partner and I both agreed we could use a cleanse, so we decided on a raw vegan cleanse.  Our goal was 30 days – we made it to 18.  We ate only raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts.  Zero warm food, zero dips/sauces/etc.  We drank black coffee so we didn’t kill each other (hehe), water and green smoothies.

I never thought about being vegan or even vegetarian, but that cleanse completely changed my vibration for the better.  I’m not saying you need to become vegetarian or vegan.  I’m only sharing how I raised by vibe very quickly.

During this cleanse, some very interesting things started to happen.

I had to say NO.  No to dinner and drinks with friends.  No to peer pressure.  

I had to set a boundary with myself. I couldn’t let ME (or my partner) down.  All the things I was really struggling with became things I was essentially forced to do to stay in this cleanse and not let myself or my partner down.  WE were in it together!

So now, I’m losing weight at this point, my confidence is starting to come back (oh hello old friend!), I was creating boundaries AND saying no!!

More strange things

Physically, I was having really strange moments of vertigo. I would be sitting at my desk at work, and it would feel like someone spun the chair real quick with me in it.  I had headaches.  I felt outside my body.  I saw twinkling lights out of the corners of my eyes. You can imagine I felt crazy….and of course, I couldn’t tell anyone.  They would think the same thing!  Oddly, I wasn’t scared at all.

So, I reached out to one of my favorite intuitive empaths on YouTube, and she suggested some things to help me move through such an amazing moment in my life, such as listening to 528 hz, drinking water, meditating daily and embracing it!

Looking back, I realize all these symptoms were truly my energy shifting higher.  It’s like a snake shedding its skin or a chick breaking free from the egg!  It was truly liberating.

Do you need support?

Remember, uncomfortable feelings are necessary for personal growth.  We have to face the hard “stuff” to get past it and level up.  

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Lindsay with Love

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