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My Near-Death Experience & New Life

My Near-Death Experience & My New Life

In 2021, a little over two months after my father passed, I was involved in a horrible car crash that happened to take place 3 days before mine and my dad's birthday. This is one of the major events that helped me become the Healer & Coach I am today.

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I'm Home!!!

I was so excited to be home with my man and my little dog.  But there was a problem.  My little dog was seriously sick.  Her anxiety was through the roof with us moving and then me leaving the same day for the conference.  She had been sick for days, and I was really worried about it. 

I decided to drive a stool sample to the veterinarian clinic near the community we had just moved from about 30 minutes away.  My partner stayed home with Pippi (our dog) since she was so sick.  Initially, we wanted to go together.  I figured the car ride wouldn’t feel good for her.  He agreed.  So, I called the valet for my car and started the 25-minute drive to the clinic.

It was a gorgeous day, and although I made some hard decisions on the flight home from the conference, I felt lighter.  I decided to put my top down on my Jaguar convertible and enjoy the drive.  Little did I know, my whole life was about to change.

We Locked Eyes and I Started to Pray

My navigation directed me to exit, and I was about 10 minutes away from the clinic.  I was the last (or one of the last) cars in the group that was turning left off the exit ramp.   The light turned yellow above me as I was halfway done with my turn.  I was looking to my left to complete the turn when I locked eyes with a man coming directly at me.  He was going so fast.  I instantly knew he was not going to stop from the look in his eyes.

I immediately started to pray, “please don’t flip, please don’t flip, please don’t flip.”  My top was down, and although the car had a safety mechanism to protect my head from being smashed, I didn’t want to take any chances.  We hit hard.  I blacked out.

"Hey, you're okay. Don't cry. You're okay."

I opened my eyes, scared to look at my body.  Everything was spinning.  I adjusted my vision and realized someone was talking to me.  There was a man wearing jean cutoff shorts and a white t-shirt.  He had grey hair, a buzzcut and glasses.  He reminded me of my neighbor in my hometown.  

I looked around me.  My car was now facing the exit lane I was just turning from.  I could see people looking at me in shock.  The man was still talking.  He was bouncing between asking me if I was okay and telling me I was okay and not to cry.  I looked at him, but no words came out.  Then, I looked down at my body.  Am I really alive?  Is this real?  I touched my body and realized I was alive and in one piece.  There was no blood.  Only a missing acrylic fingernail. 

The man was still talking.  Who is this man?  Does he know he’s in the middle of the road?  How long was I blacked out?  How did he get here so fast?  My mind was racing.  He asked me again if I was okay.  By now, I had integrated some of the experience.  I looked at that man right into his eyes, and all I could say was, “I am grateful.  I am grateful.  I am grateful.” before tears started pouring down my face.  Then he was gone.

"Hey!!! WTF!!! You Ruined My Car!!"

I had no time to wonder where that man went because the other driver was running at me and screaming.  Fear came over me once again.  He was mad.  Instead of being grateful that he didn’t kill us both by failing to stop at a red light, he was mad that his car was totaled.  Luckily, there were new men there to help me and get this guy away from me. 

I won’t go into the rest of that moment, but let’s just say, I learned a valuable lesson around heart-centered people and material-drive people that day.

The Call From My Niece

In a strange synchronicity of events, my niece called me at the same moment I was being protected from the other driver.  It was her birthday, and she received an Alexa and was playing with it.  She didn’t know she would be calling her Auntie at one of the most traumatic moments of my life.  

Where did that guy go?

My mom heard my screaming on the Alexa that was in my niece’s room upstairs at the same moment that the vehicle safety team was calling me.  So, I hung up with my niece to tell the safety guy to call my partner and tell him to come help me.

Where did that guy go?

Now, I was out of my car and on the sidewalk, the police had arrived, and two other men were still protecting me from the other driver and his girlfriend.  It was her new car, and she was not happy.  


My partner arrived, and the other driver was taken to the hospital.  The two trucks took our cars, the police wrote their reports, and we all left.  I decided to continue my plan to take the stool sample to the vet since we were so close.  During the rest of the Uber ride, I sat in silence with tears running down my face trying to comprehend what had just occurred. 

Who was that man?

Why did this happen three days before mine and my dad’s birthday?  

Did my new angel dad help save my life just now?

Who was that man? And where did he go?

Many People Meet Guardian Angels During Near-Death Experiences

After a few days of lying in bed and recovering from the events, I was ready to start researching.  And what I found made perfect sense!  I started reading different stories of people meeting angels in real life during car accidents and other emergencies.  The stories discussed real guardian angels coming to talk the person through the experience.  It clicked!  THIS is what happened to me.  That man was an angel.  I am so grateful. 

Heart Chakra Activation

There was more to this accident than meeting an angel.  I also started questioning my response to this angel.  “I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful.” 

There I was, leaving a business I had worked so hard to build, mourning the loss of my father, my beautiful car completely totaled and my little dog sick, yet I was grateful?  How can that be?  And then everything I was learning about energy healing while my dad was alive started to make sense.  It hit me.  My heart chakra had activated.  Fully activated.  My knowingness was deep, and it all made sense as I knew my Kundalini energy had started rising a couple of years prior.

The traumatic activation of a chakra, or energy center, can take time to integrate, especially the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is the chakra of love, for yourself and all others.  I didn’t realize how much more love I had to give until it activated, not only to myself but the world around me, too.  My perspective shifted.  I could easily see how we were all one and how we all came from the same Source energy.

Clairaudient Abilities

As I was integrating this new energy into me through different self-care rituals, I started to hear things.  Once day, the voice was so loud and clear that it stopped me dead in my tracks.  We had just arrived back home from brunch at the Bellagio about two weeks after my accident.  I heard “go meditate now”, so I decided to listen. 

After I dropped my purse on the sofa and took off my shoes, I lied down on the floor of the living room with the sun hitting my 3rd eye.  I quickly dropped into my meditation and started to hear beautiful music all around me.  The color blue started swirling, and the words “throat chakra activation, throat chakra activation, throat chakra activation” rang through my body.  And at that moment, I knew that I would use my voice and these new abilities to heal others.

I'm a Healer Now

It has been a little over two years since I was in my car accident, and my life has changed so beautifully and drastically for the better. 

I was guided to align and activate all of my chakras, so I created a program to keep myself consistent on my journey of healing and strengthening my connection with my Higher Self.  This was going to be the way I tapped into my abilities to help others heal from emotional issues, energetic block and health issues.  And, it worked!  

It worked so well that I created it to share with the world.  The weird part about the spiritual journey is that you don’t even know what you are missing in life until you experience the connection you can have with your Higher Self.  You are so energetically powerful that you have the ability to create your wildest dreams with the right thoughts, the right words and some aligned action.  The thing is, nobody has ever taught you how, yet.  

You don’t have to stay stuck feeling unworthy, unlovable or undeserving.  These feelings are not your natural state of being.  You are worthy, lovable and you deserve it all.  Your dreams are yours because you can fulfill them.  Connecting to your Higher Self & Source energy is how.  Because once you are connected, you see the signs for your own unique path.  You trust yourself and Source to follow the signs, and the signs lead you to greatness.  I am living proof.

The Courses

The chakra healing courses align and activate the energy for each of the chakras.  This activation basically turns on your power for that chakra.  So, for example, you lack self-confidence, and your low self-confidence drags you down in all areas of life.  When you align and activate your solar plexus chakra where your self-confidence lives, you now have the self-confidence you have always desired and take action toward your dreams!

I recommend aligning and activating all your chakras for the strongest connection with your Higher Self and most powerful manifesting energy.  Activating all chakras connects you to your own intuitive abilities and helps you understand your unique Soul purpose or mission in this lifetime.  Start at the root chakra and work your way to the crown.  The ALIGN+ACTIVATE Chakra Healing Course bundles all the chakras together, saving you money on your healing journey.  

If you are advanced in your spirituality and need to work on only one or two of your chakras, choose from the single chakra healing courses.

It's Only Too Late When It's Too Late

There’s no such thing as being too late when it comes to your healing and spiritual journey because you are in divine order and timing.  This means you are right where you need to be at this exact moment on your unique Soul path.

To take your healing journey to another level, work with me personally by signing up for 1:1 sessions.  Click here to learn more.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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