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Should I Get Healing from a Friend?

Should I Get Healing from a Friend?

There are pros and cons to receiving energy healing from a friend versus a stranger. Keep reading to and differences and how to make the right choice for you and your livelihood.

What is Energy Healing?

First, I want to provide my perspective of healing, so that we remain on the same page throughout this article. 

My definition of energy healing is being a high-vibrational channel of information to flow to in order to help another heal, balance, activate, align and/or shift energetically.  I use the word channel because that’s truly what I am doing when I energy “heal” my clients.  Before the session, I prepare my body and energetic field to vibrate at the highest frequency possible in order to receive messages from Source energy that will help the client achieve his/her desired results.  The messages, for me, come in the form of words and colors.  

When I receive words and phrases during the meditation healing session, I write them down to recite back to the client once the session is complete.  During the meditation session, as the colors come through, I “send” the colors to the client’s specific chakras.  None of my healings are planned out before the client’s session.  Intuitively, I usually have an idea of what type of energy the client needs, and I will send that energy during the session, but the rest of the energy healing is given to me through Source energy to relay to my client.  I am simply the channel or messenger.

The Requirements of the Healer

I take my job as an Energy Healer very seriously, and I think that every Healer should.  It is my opinion that Healers should stand in their integrity and be at their healthiest mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually when working with their private clients. 

The healing and spiritual journey is ongoing, so I believe Healers should always be pushing their own spiritual limits, practicing daily and continuing to strengthen their skills.   They should live by the four agreements outlined by Don Miguel Ruiz in the book The Four Agreements, in my opinion. (Click HERE to purchase.)  Lastly, I feel they should stand in their moral and ethical integrity and avoid speaking of their client sessions. 

Ultimately, the client is coming to you as the Healer because he or she needs personal help either healing a physical illness or getting unstuck in some area of life.  These issues and concerns are extremely personal, and the client is being very brave and vulnerable by asking for and receiving help.  Do not take this lightly.

Pros & Cons of Healing with a Stranger


The main pro to healing with a stranger is the judgment-free space the Healer will provide.  The stranger doesn’t know all of your secrets, past mistakes or any little quirks about you.  From the Healer’s perspective, this allows them to truly be detached from the outcome of the sessions.  Of course, every Healer wants their clients to have success with them, and it’s usually easier when the client isn’t a friend.  

The Healer knows that the outcome of each session is for the highest good of the client.  This is true whether the session goes how the client wants it to or not.  Remember, the Healer is the channel and acting as a messenger for the energy to get to the client.


The main con to healing with a stranger is that you can’t be certain that the Healer has actually done his or her personal healing and is living in his or her integrity. 

I recommend researching a few potential Healers before choosing one.  To gain a feel for your Healer’s vibe, you can follow him or her on social media.  Try to watch them when they go live.  Ask a question to see if they really know their “stuff”.  You can also read reviews on their website and ask for references.  Lastly, book a free call with them to feel them out.  If they don’t offer a free call, ask.

When it comes to choosing the right Healer, it’s all about fit.  If you are a great fit, the work and sessions will easily flow, and you will see results.  You may also want to ask your potential Healer about their lifestyle and daily spiritual practice.  If the Healer is genuine, he or she will not have any issue answering questions you have because the Healer understands the importance of what you two are about to embark on together.

Pros & Cons of Healing with a Friend


The main pro to healing with a friend is that you know what the friend’s lifestyle is like.  You know whether or not your friend lives a well-balanced and healthy life.  If your friend is partying at the bar every night, he or she is not the Healer for you.  Consumption of foods and beverages greatly affects the healer’s vibration.  In my opinion, all Healers should be taking extremely good care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The relationship you have with your friend is already established, so I assume there is a level of trust you have in your friend.  This trust may make it easier to form the healer/client relationship than it might be for you to do with a stranger.


The main con to healing with a friend is the pro of healing with a stranger.  Your friend knows you on a deeper level than the Healer that is a stranger to you.  Will your healer friend be able to hold a loving, high-vibrational space for you to truly heal?  Will your healer friend remain unbiased to your life hurdles?  Can your healer friend come to every session without judgement?  Is your healer friend able to detach their ego from the outcomes of the sessions?  Will you be able to open up completely to your friend?  These are all very important questions to ask yourself and consider before working with a friend.

You also may have a hard time viewing your healer friend as the expert.  This has happened to me many times in conversations with friends.  For example, my friend tells me something they heard from a different healer, and it’s a revelation to my friend.   Usually, I have recently explained the exact same thing to my friend that my friend is now telling me.  I’m not sure if this is psychological or not.  However, I do believe that sometimes it’s easier to listen to a stranger and take their advice.

It is known within the healer community that it is hardest to heal those we have the strongest emotional bonds with for the reasons I have listed above.

How to Decide?

Take time to find the right fit for you.  This is your livelihood and wellbeing after all and should not be taken lightly. 

Along with everything I have outlined above, my last piece of advice is to listen to yoru intuition.  Does the person you chose feel right?  Do you trust he or she is the authority expert?  Are you in agreement with his or her policies?  Do you both agree on the goals for the private healing sessions?  These are just a few more questions to ask yourself. 

Finally, it’s important for you to WANT to heal.  The ego tricks us into wanting to control our surroundings and to know what each day will be like, even if that means struggling of some sort.  To heal is to grow, and to grow is to change.  You must prepare yourself and the world around you to change to truly heal.  And if you can’t let your world change, you simply aren’t ready for healing.

Start Your Journey Today

If you are ready for energy healing, start searching for your Healer!  I always like to remind people that it is never too late to heal…until it’s truly too late.  

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with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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