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Spark Your Intuitive Powers

Spark Your Intuitive Powers in One of the Fastest (and Easiest) Ways Possible!

First, let’s start by agreeing intuition is something we ALL have, which means we can ALL spark our inutitive powers!  So, why don’t we all know how to use them to make life easier?  Because as children, nobody taught us how to lean into and trust them to make decisions.  So, now here we are as adults, teaching ourselves how powerful we really are!

Let's dive into THE EASIEST way to discover and reconnect with your intuition.


The ONE thing that I ask of all of my clients and students when working with me is to detox their energy.  Detoxing helps you spark your intuition quickly.  Detoxing also adds a physical component to energy healing, which helps my skeptical clients that struggle because they can’t “see” energy. 

Detoxing isn't just something you do for your body.

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Think in broader terms when you decide to detox.

Of course, the body is the first thing we think of.  But what about our home?  Our office space?  People we spend time with?  TV shows we watch?  The products we use?

If everything really is energy, which it is, then we must detox ALL parts of our lives to truly feel the energetic shift of our efforts.  

Why Detox?

The reason detox is so important is because it is ridding your energetic vortex – The (enter your first name here) Vortex – of low-vibrational and heavy energies.  (THE LINDSAY VORTEX – if you watch my Instagram lives every Wednesday at noon PST!)

Once these dense energies are removed from your vortex, you have the ability to replace them with high-vibrational energies like passion, joy and love.  

THIS is how you actually raise your frequency.  It’s not enough to release the low-vibrational energies.  You must also replace them with new, high-vibrational energies. 

Once you do this, you have achieved a higher frequency and can use the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) to begin manifesting and creating your new life.

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love & light,

Your Energy Coach Lindsay

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