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Spark Your Spiritual Biz Today!

Are you a lightworker that wants to share your gifts, but you're nervous or don't know how to start a biz? Keep reading! This one's for you, Beautiful Soul.

The Challenges I Faced Starting My Biz

Starting my spiritual biz is unlike anything I have ever done in my life.  A couple of months into this journey, I realized that owning a spiritual business is simply not the same as a “regular” business.  

Below are some personal hurdles I experienced when first starting out:

  1. Sharing my truth to friends, family & the world
  2. Finding the right business coach
  3. Believing in my own gifts and talents & trusting they could help others heal
  4. Healing my own money wound around receiving currency (aka energy) in exchange for my gifts
  5. Selling the intangible

Let’s dive deeper my personal challenges with starting Lindsay with Love and how I overcame them on my own.  I hope this inspires you to stand in your power, share your gifts and fulfill your Soul mission of ushering in the evolution of the collective consciousness.  

You are needed.  Your gifts are needed.  You will find fulfillment as you live out your Soul mission. 

Read the full article to learn the ways YOU can spark your own spiritual biz soon with me by your side! (or scroll to the end hehe)

1) Sharing My Truth

I had always been interested in the occult – from astrology to tarot to crystals to psychic mediumship.  It all fascinated me, but I never expected to become an Energy Coach & Healer for people around the world. That said, there are two experiences that pushed me into sharing my healing gifts.  

The first was my Dad passing away from cancer.  His diagnosis pushed me to take my healing gifts seriously in an attempt to help him. 

The second was my near-death experience a couple of months after my Dad passed.  I was living a completely different life and running a misaligned business pushing with human effort to “make it work”.  When I woke up from being blacked out, there was an angel by my side guiding me through what had just happened.  He told me I would be okay and not to cry.  He asked me if I was okay, and all I could reply was “I am grateful” before the tears started to fall.

At that moment, I knew I had to bring my spiritual healing gifts to the world not only to serve others with love but also to fulfill my Soul mission.

It wasn’t easy to share my ideas around energy and spirituality with my family and friends, but I trusted that I am always supported by Source energy.  Those that were genuine friends would stay, and those that weren’t, would fall away, and I was okay with that.   I am here to fulfill my mission.

I never push my ideas onto anyone.  I do offer advice and perspective shifts when asked, and I hold my high vibration around everyone I can knowing that everyone has their own unique journey and awakening moment.

Does this resonate with you?  If so, you’re likely a lightworker of some sort, and you will also benefit from sharing your gifts with the world.

2) Finding the Right Business Coach

I knew I needed a Business Coach to find success since I had never operated a service-based business before.  The same day I decided I needed one was the same day that the Universe aligned me with my first coach.  She was high-vibe and clearly knew what she was doing!  I watched her sign on at least 15 clients plus myself after an hour-long training. I couldn’t wait to get started with her!

She was a great first coach for me to learn the marketing side of a service-based biz but the moment she used the word “woo-woo” in air quotes, I knew I had to leave her program.  The spiritual experiences I had were factual…not “woo-woo”.

If you are looking for a business coach for your spiritual business, I recommend understanding your coach’s stance on spirituality.  Non-spiritual business coaches don’t understand the magnetic energy available to them.  Also, since they don’t understand it, they won’t teach you how to use it.

Lastly, this coach taught me how to get leads and then chase them down.  Talk about exhausting for an empath like me.  It felt pushy, and I didn’t vibe with it.  In my business, I use my voice, my energy and my presence to attract the ideal clients to me, and this is what I have found resonates with almost all lightworkers.  We aren’t in the game of chasing.  We attract.

3) Believing in My Gifts & Talents

Obviously, this one can be tricky when you are first starting out in a spiritual business such as healing or aura reading for example. 

You must trust in your own gifts because if you don’t, it will be challenging for you to sell your services to those that need them.  You will likely feel like an imposter, and that’s not the mindset that will grow your business!  

I struggled with this at the beginning, so my solution was to offer free mini-healing sessions to anyone who wanted one.  

This strategy worked for two reasons:

First, it allowed me to practice my gifts and talents with many different people from all over the world.   I practiced talking to clients, improving my healing techniques and gained confidence during these calls. 

Second, it enabled me to begin collecting positive feedback and social proof.  At the end of each call, I would ask the client to please leave a review of what they enjoyed during our session together.  I mentioned it would help me build my business as well as close the energetic exchange loop for me providing a free healing session.

If you struggle with your confidence and believing in your own gifts and talents, try this approachI

4) Healing My Money Wound

Many lightworkers experience struggle when it comes to money.  It’s highly likely that you resonate with some of the reasons why.  The good news is that they can be healed and released so you can feel confident and comfortable accepting money (aka energy) in exchange for your spiritual services.

First, you may have been raising with limiting beliefs around money.  Do the phrases “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, “Money is the root of all evil.” and “We don’t have enough.” sound familiar?  

Secondly, as a lightworker you spend time in different dimensions.  You spend time in the 3rd dimension where money is the main form of currency, and you spend time in other dimensions where love and the value of you being you override any form of money.

Lastly, you may have taken a vow of poverty OR you have a deep-rooted fear of death due to your healing capabilities.  In today’s modern world, healers are still being ostracized from society for their unique gifts.

5) Selling the Intangible

Many of your clients will find you because they already believe in energy work, healing, intuition and psychic powers, etc…, but you still need to know how to sell your services.  It’s a business after all!

Selling the intangible comes with confidence, security in all of who you are, and believing that you CAN help your clients with your energetic gifts.

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with love & light,

Your Energy Coach Lindsay

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