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Spiritual Tools or Spiritual Crutches?

Spiritual Tools or Spiritual Crutches?

A quick read into the use of spiritual tools and if they help or hinder your spiritual growth based on my own personal experience.

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What Are Spiritual Tools?

There are many different forms of spiritual tools that can be used to enhance your spiritual practice.  Let’s discuss the most common tools that beginners gravitate towards when starting out on their healing and spiritual journey.  This is not an all-encompassing list, and I would argue that any “tool” that holds some sort of value to you can be considered a spiritual tool.


Crystals have been used for thousands of years by the ancients of many different cultures for healing ceremonies.  They are unique because their atoms follow the most symmetrical pattern called the crystal lattice.  The pattern allows crystals to be good holders and transmitters of energy and vibrations.   Many people love crystals for their beauty and their ability to heal.  Oftentimes healers will use crystals to enhance a healing session.  

I have a beautiful collection of crystals that I use for myself and client sessions.  The important thing to remember when using crystals is to regularly cleanse and charge them.   Once charged, keeping the crystal close to your skin is the most effective way to work with it.

If you are new to crystals, I recommend the book Crystals: The Guide to Modern Crystal Healing.  It is my go-to source when working with crystals as there are so many different crystals for different uses.  Crystals are beautiful and healing, so make sure to add some to your spiritual healing toolkit.

Essential Oils

Similar to crystals, essential oils are well documented to have been used throughout history to heal.  Typically, oils are used as a natural healing option to restore physical health and for spiritual upliftment. 

Personally, I love oils because they have so many uses.  My favorite essential oil brand is Young Living because of their transparency and the value they place on their customers and brand partners.  My favorite products come from the Thieves cleaning line – general cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, mouthwash, wipes and toothpaste.  Also, I start every work session by diffusing an oil or oil blend to freshen up my home and bring mood enhancing energy to my writing.  

Oils have so many different healing properties that I will cover in numerous articles as the blog evolves.  

For now, I recommend you start your oil journey to energetically detox your home and entire body including your subtle bodies.  Once you are detoxed, natural healing will happen much sooner for you. 

Click HERE to start your Young Living oil journey with me as your brand rep.  Feel free to email me directly at if you need help!

If you are new to this brand, I recommend starting with a diffuser and oil starter kit, Thieves multi-purpose household cleaner and Ninxgia red drink!  These 3 are my go-to’s when it comes to Young Living products.  You won’t regret starting this journey.  It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself and one of the things I contribute to my awakening. 

In order to connect with your Higher Self, you must detox and clean up your energy.  Oils are a great way to do it.

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Tarot Cards or Similar

Tarot cards are used as a way to connect with Source & provide answers for clients.  I am not well-versed in the art of tarot reading, so I won’t dive too deep into this topic.  However, I will share that I experienced my first spark of Kundalini energy during my meditation before a tarot card reading session for myself.  I was planning on letting three cards jump for myself and enjoying the beauty of my tarot deck.  Instead, I received much more!


Pendulums are used as a way of reading the energy of someone to receive information in the form of yes or no answers to questions.  You can also use pendulums to read the energy of each chakra in a person to understand where there may be energetic imbalances.  

When to Use Spiritual Tools

I recommend using the spiritual tools you feel most drawn to when you are first starting out on your journey.  They will help you better understand your own energy and how to use it to enhance your life.  If I were to choose only one tool to work with, I would pick essential oils because they have so many uses beyond just smelling good and uplifting your mood.  They will help you detox your body and your environment so you can raise your awareness and connect with your Higher Self and Source. 

You may also want or need to work with spiritual tools if you are working with clients and have a very challenging issue to resolve.  I always like to remind myself and my clients that our imagination and faith are two of our strongest tools, and to lean in on those first before reaching for anything else. 

When to Stop Using Spiritual Tools

The question I always ask myself is this, “is this going to enhance my practice or am I using it because I’m not tapping into my own intuition?”  At some point in your journey, you will become strongly connected with your Higher Self and Source energy.  This happens when you are connected with your intuition and intuitive powers, trusting them and are surrendering to being led by your intuition. 

Ultimately, spiritual tools are meant to enhance a client session or our own journey but are not meant to be the first thing we rely upon.  I would argue that once you are led by your intuition, you should slowly start relying less on your tools and more on your own inner power.  To rely too strongly on those external tools takes aways from your inner power and the connection you have worked diligently to build with your Higher Self and Source Energy.

Do You Need Help on Your Spiritual Journey?

Your spiritual journey is an individual experience, however, there are many commonalities among those on the journey.  The most important part of the journey is the alignment and activation of each of your chakras to create the fullest expression of your inner manifesting power.  

If you are on your journey and feel confused or stuck, it is because you have not yet achieved complete alignment & activation of your chakra system.  Remember, the chakras are a system, meaning all must be balanced for the best manifesting energy.  

Click HERE to start your complete alignment and activation of your chakras.  Empower yourself to be the creator of your life using your magnetic manifestation power!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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