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Stroke Victim Forgets Her Way to Health

Stroke Victim Forgets Her Way to Health

We were sitting on the patio at my grandma's assisted care facility enjoying the cool breeze on a warm afternoon when I met a woman with an inspiring story.

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So, There We Were...

I would like to believe that we must have been wildly high vibrational that day because everyone was stopping to stay hello on the way into the assisted care facility where my 90-year-old grandmother stays.  However, the more I think about it, the more likely it is that most of the residents simply enjoy a new face to share a story with.  I just happened to be that new face.  

My mom, grandma and I had just finished sharing what we thought were the top three characteristics of my grandpa, grandma, mom and dad.  This was after I explained that most people blame their genes for things that aren’t really all that “genetic” after all.  In reality, your genes only account for about 35% of your overall wellbeing and longevity.  How empowering to learn that it’s really not the fault of your genes!   I go into more detail about my recent discovery in this blog post.

Thinking About Walking

We had been sitting on that patio for quite some time when a lady came walking up to the entrance of the facility.  My grandmother, Delores, coyly said “hello, Delores”.  It’s a cute thing her and this lady do ever since the lady’s parents moved into the facility together.  The sweet lady stopped to chat with us before going in.  Of course, my grandma took her opportunity to tell on Alvin, the lady’s dad.  Apparently, Alvin refuses to walk. 

As an Energy Healer, I always take the time to offer some different perspectives for those who are struggling.  We spoke about how one of Alvin’s doctors told him he would have a hard time walking.  Interestingly enough, this is when she noticed he didn’t want to walk.  I explained simple manifestation.  Alvin’s doctor planted a thought into his mind that became a reality for him.  And at his age, a small thought could destroy his livelihood.

Then, my grandma shared a story about how she was afraid of her cane.  She said her physical therapist said she was strong enough to stop using her walker.  However, my grandma was afraid her cane wouldn’t support her, and she might fall.  I asked her what made her to decide to give her cane a try since she had only used it once before our visit.  To my surprise, my grandma answered, “I told myself that I’m not going to be afraid of that stupid cane.”  If my grandma can overcome her fears, anyone can.  See how her thought also became her reality?


Katy Can Walk!

Delores congratulated my grandma on her motivation to ditch her walker.  She gave a light-hearted joke that she hopes some of my grandma’s determination rubs off on her dad.  Then, she started talking about her mom walking.  She said her mom had suffered a stroke which left her weak and unable to correctly use one side of her body.  At the time of the stroke, her mom was also already suffering from memory loss. 

I have read many articles on the idea that our memory doesn’t remember what is real or fake.  This is why we are able to manifest our thoughts and ideas into reality.  Using simple visualization techniques, we can create present day experiences of things that have not happened yet.  Basically, we trick ourselves into creating new lives!

Well, Katy, the lady’s mom did just that!  After the stroke, she didn’t realize she couldn’t walk.  She had no memory of not being able to walk because of her memory loss before the stroke.  So, she kept trying to walk.  Before they knew it, she was back to walking, just like she remembered herself doing her entire life!

Your Thoughts Dictate Your Reality

So, do you want to be like Alvin or do you wish to be like Katy and my grandma?  Alvin absorbed the doctor’s words as his own reality.  He refuses to even try to walk based solely on the doctor saying it would likely be hard for him.  Meanwhile, his wife Katy’s memory loss served her well by helping her walk again.  And then you have my 90-year-old grandma who refuses to let her fear stop her from using her can instead of her walker.

I love this story because it very simply reveals how important our thoughts are to reality creation.  This is why I focus so strongly on helping my clients shift their perspectives of the world and their lives.  It’s the first step, and one of the most important steps, to re-creating the life you desire. 

It’s time to walk again!  Join my Healing Courses or become a private healing client to learn how to turn your thoughts into your reality.

with love & light,

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