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Testing Your New Frequency

Testing Your New Frequency

Recently, I experienced a frequency shift test that I ultimately passed, but initially failed. To fully shift into a new frequency, you must consistently "pass" until the new frequency is completely embodied. Remember, you are constantly awakening and shifting your consciousness. Here's my story.

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The Failed Moment

It all started last Saturday when my partner and I finished work.  We were headed on family vacation on a red-eye flight that night, so we had some final things to do around the house before we went to the airport.  Once we finished the last of our to-do’s, we sat down to relax before the flight.

My partner handed me a beer.  I gladly accepted, we clinked cans and said, “cheers to vacation!” and took a swig.  Throughout most of my adult life, the moment vacation mode turned on, it meant a drink with whoever I was travelling with, some drinks while I waited for my flight and then lots of partying when I arrived at my destination.

You might be thinking, what’s so bad about that?  Well, I consciously stopped drinking, and it’s very rare that I do at this point.  So, I was bummed when I realized that my old vacation programming was still sneaking around in my consciousness.  My awareness completely dipped when I took that beer and ‘vacation mode’ definitely turned on in that moment.

The Awareness & Lesson

First, I very quickly realized that I had just slipped up on my most recent frequency shift.  Initially, I was disappointed in myself.  How could my awareness slip so quickly?  I kept replaying the scene in my mind trying to figure out how it happened. 

Then it hit me!

I had not been on a flight or vacation since my latest frequency shift.  All of a sudden it made perfect sense.  In all other parts of my life, I had already been tested – out with friends, to parties, to dinners, etc.  THIS (vacation mode) was one of the only areas of my life where the frequency of the new version of me that really isn’t into drinking anymore hadn’t been tested.  

Once I realized this, I started thinking about other things that would be tested on this trip.  The other big areas I could think of were dropping into past family roles & the foods I would eat.  I am happy to say that I passed in both areas!

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How to Stay in the New Frequency

Staying in the new frequency takes a decent amount of awareness, patience and practice.  For example, if I had not been as aware as I am, would I have even noticed my old programming?  It is highly unlikely.  Once you notice your old programming (aka patterns) kicking in, it’s up to you to take action to stop them.  Nobody can do this for you.  Healers can help you perspective shift and break addictions (to an extent), but you are the one that will uplevel your life.  

So, how did I do it?

I practiced my awareness the entire rest of the trip. I made very conscious decisions around the food and drinks I was consuming, if I was too tired to have a conversation or participate in an outing and how often I was following my own heart.  This was truly the key in remaining in my latest frequency.  After all, my choices are the only thing that can dictate my abundance, happiness and fulfillment.

There was only one moment where I was ready to become frustrated.  I excused myself from the group and spoke with my partner about how I was feeling and why I felt that way.  He reminded me to use my voice and communicate my preferences.  When I did, the issue was immediately resolved.  

Frequency Shifting with an Energy Coach

The reason my private clients hire me is because they need a safe, non-judgmental space to learn and grow.  Most of the time, they are not looking to heal from something physical but rather something emotional.  It makes total sense since most of us are addicted to our emotions and what we believe we should have, should feel, should experience, etc.  Imagine releasing yourself from the emotions that are holding you back.  When that happens, the rest of your life falls into place.  It’s exactly what happened for me, and it’s exactly what I get to watch my clients discover, too. 

It’s all perspective.

Quite frankly, the perspective shifts are where it’s at!  I had this epiphany a while ago, and I am embodying and living by it today.  What if you don’t have anything that needs to heal?  What if you just need to discover the most amazing (but hidden) parts of you instead?  There’s really nothing wrong with you at this exact moment in time.  It’s just that perhaps your addiction to your emotions and expected outcomes is letting you down. 

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