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Everyone is talking about positive vibes, and positive vibes sound great!  Who doesn’t want them?!? …but why do you want them?

First, if you are just learning about energy and your vibration or frequency, it’s important to understand what a positive vibe is.  

When I refer to positive vibes, I mean your energy field.  

We all vibrate at a different frequency.  The higher the frequency, the more you are living out of love, and the more you are aligned with your heart and soul mission.

So why should you want to raise your vibe?

The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. When we have positive vibes, a higher frequency, it is guaranteed we will begin to attract more high-vibing life situations.

Think of things like better health, more wealth, an easier life, more creativity, manifesting easier and quicker!  Sounds amazing, right?! 


and why start sooner than later?

Well, it’s likely you have heard that it takes 10,000 hours to master something OR that it takes 6-10 years….and quite frankly, that’s a long time!

This is why I recommend you begin raising your vibe sooner than later.

If it really takes us humans that long to master something, we better get started!


Raising your vibe isn’t an easy feat.  In fact, we are basically programmed NOT to raise our vibe. 

It takes awareness, discipline and a lot of courage.  (Want my roadmap for becoming more disciplined?  Click here.)

Awareness to recognize when the mind and body are trying to trick us into stopping this beautiful change we are trying to make.

Discipline to stay consistent and power through when the going gets a little tough.

and a lot of courage

Because when we raise our vibe, 1 of 2 things will typically happen:

  1. The people, places and things in our life will be forced to raise their vibe, too.


  1. Those same people, places and things will feel so uncomfortable around us that they just fall away on their own.

I know it might sound a little scary

and moments of it definitely can be, but just remember that you will come out as a better version of yourself!  

Without the darkness, there is no light, right?

Before you go, want to  know which of your chakras are blocked and keeping you in a low vibe?  Click here to book a FREE Chakra Review call with me!


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