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Your Energy Dictates Business Success

Your Energy Dictates Business Success

Your business could be booming, if only you knew where your own energy might be holding you back. Let's explore the connection between your energy and your business success.

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Your Chakras

As a quick reminder, your chakras are your energy wheels or vortices in your body.  The job of your chakras is to move energy in a smooth pattern throughout your body.  This is called energetic alignment.  When you are in alignment, life is easy, your mind is calm and business is booming!  On the other hand, living in energetic alignment causes problems to your health, mentality and even your business bank account.

Remember, your chakras are a system, so even one blocked or overactive chakra can cause problems for you and your business.  Keep reading to learn how each chakra correlates to your business success.  Join the Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership today to gain the activated and aligned energy you need to finally launch your business.

Your Chakras & Business Success

Root Chakra

Your root chakra governs your sense of security and your stability.  It is the main chakra associate with your financial stability.  Also, the root chakra is in charge of your survival.  If you live with anxiety, it’s due to an imbalance in your root chakra energy. Anxiety causes serious struggle for the normal person.  However, as an entrepreneur, there is simply zero time to be anxious, worrying, regretting and overthinking.  You need a solid, balanced, activated root chakra to consistently move forward in your business.

Furthermore, a misaligned root chakra is the reason for your insecurities.  And with insecurities, it’s highly likely that you are able to consistently be vulnerable and sell your services or products.  Your potential clients will be able to feel your insecurity on a subtle energy level even if you don’t voice it.  Your own energy will stop you from receiving sales. 

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra governs your passion, joy and creativity.  I personally feel this one of the most overlooked chakras when it comes to business.  Imagine what you could do with a continuous flow of creativity!  Courses, freebies, guides, programs, products, and new ways to do things would be consistently popping up in your brain.  It truly is a gift to be so connected to your sacral chakra energy.  You will never run out of things to sell and talk about.

If you struggle with creative blocks and marketing your products or service, it’s likely your sacral chakra is to blame.  

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra governs your confidence, personal power and all matters of growth.  Do you have big dreams of being a financially free entrepreneur, but something is holding you back from launching your business?  Your energy is blocked in your solar plexus chakra if you answered yes, and that something that is holding you back if your confidence. 

I’m not talking the “fake it till you make it” confidence.  I’m talking real confidence here.  There is always a way to create what it is you desire, so if you are finding excuses not to make moves toward fulfilling your dreams, it’s deep-rooted confidence issues.

Inside the Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership, you get immediate access to the Solar Plexus Healing course to gain the confidence you need to put yourself and your business out there.  Being an entrepreneur is one of the most vulnerable things you will do in your life, especially a spiritual entrepreneur.  Let me help you gain the confidence and personal power needed to be successful.

Not An Entrepreneur?

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Heart Chakra

Another important chakra for the success of your business is your heart chakra.  Your heart chakra governs the love you have for yourself and for others.  From a spiritual perspective, you likely want to start your business to help people heal, understand themselves better or dive deeper into their spirituality.  This takes an activated heart chakra.  

Self-worth also lives in the heart chakra.  The more you love and value yourself, the more love and help you will be able to give others.  Also, you will find it easier to grow and expand your business when you have a high sense of self-worth.  Without it, you will struggle to sell you products and services.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is vital to your business as this is where your communication energy and authenticity live.  It is very obvious for most people to sense when someone is being authentic or not.  From a business and sales perspective, people will gravitate towards you when you stand in your authenticity.  Remember, you are in business to help others with problems they have.  Being authentic will gain you more sales than the sly, trickster salesman will.

Also, with an aligned and activated throat chakra, you will be able to easily communicate the value of your products and/or services.  Once done, you will be able to hold that energetic value while your customer decides when to buy.

Third Eye & Crown Chakras

The third eye and crown chakras are more indirectly related to business than the other chakras.  However, once aligned and activated, they will be magical powerhouses for your business! 

The third eye chakra governs your intuition and what I like to call your inutitive superpowers!  You become so connected with your Higher Self and Source energy that you tap into and fully trust your intuition.  This connection will guide you on the right next steps to take to continue the forward momentum in your business growth. 

The crown chakra is your connection to Source energy, which the most intelligent energy in the Universe.  Although the third eye chakra heightens your awareness to Source energy, it’s really the crown chakra that connects you to it.  Once activated, you will begin to see your own signs and synchronicities for your lift path and goals.  It’s like watching your manifestations unfold before your eyes!

Launching Your Business with Energetic Alignment

Now that you understand how activating each of your chakras can propel your business success, reflect on where your energy is currently imbalanced.  If you need increased confidence in yourself and your business strategy, the Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership is right for you.  Inside the membership, you gain immediate access to the Solar Plexus Healing Chakra course, so you don’t waste another minute of your life living with low self-confidence.  

Join today!  The world needs your spiritual gifts and talents.  Do not let another day pass where they aren’t being used to help us ascend to the next level of consciousness.  You know you came here for a reason, and that reason is to usher in a new level of humanity.  Get in the membership to launch your spiritual business today.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach

P.s. I can’t wait to see you inside the membership!

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