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Your First Energy Healing Session

Your First Energy Healing Session

Are your curious about what a distant energy healing session with me is like? Keep reading to learn what to expect from your first energy healing session.

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All Healers are Different

Just like coaches, doctors or teachers have their own unique way of running appointments or training sessions, so do healers.  There is no one-size fits-all when it comes to a healing session because each client is coming to the healer for his or her unique hurdle or problem.  Also, in general, in-person healing sessions are different than distant sessions.  That being said, I do follow a loose routine for most of my distant healing sessions.  

My Loose Routine

Every session starts with a brief agenda for the distant healing.  I like to give an agenda so my client and I are going in the same direction in the hour that we have together.  We always kick off with an update from the client.  What has stayed the same since the last session, what has shifted, and what is new?  Then, I like to remind the client of the activities I assigned to work on between sessions.  Ultimately, the Healer is a catalyst for the client to heal himself or herself, so checking in on whether or not her or she is completing the activities on his/her own time between sessions is important. 

Then, we perspective shift!

After we briefly talk through the client’s current reality, I like to acknowledge and congratulate him/her on any shifts that I have noticed.  These could be as subtle as body language and the way they are speaking or as huge as a very obvious and exciting shift that the client has embodied and recognized in him/herself. 

Perspective shifting is my absolute favorite part of every session.  I give the client different ways of viewing a current hurdle.  Typically, I give proof of alternative solutions and realities existing and couple these explanations with personal experiences and examples.  Oftentimes, all it takes is a perspective shift for my clients to embrace new and increased vibrations.  This is always the goal of every session. 

Then, we energy heal!

After our chat and perspective shifting, we go into meditation together.  I ask my client what his/her goal is for the outcome of the healing session.  Then, I ask the client to vocalize what that looks like and feels like.  We agree upon a vision and an outcome and drop into the medtation together.  

First, I turn on a beautiful healing song.  Then, we settle the energy of the earlier conversation with a few rounds of deep breathing, and next, we ground together.  After we ground, I invoke the Reiki Masters, Angels and Guides and we start the energy transfer session.  

During the energy transfer, I hold the client’s vision while asking one specific question, “What does (Client’s name) need to know?”  Once the question is asked, I hold the vision while waiting for downloads, messages, and colors.  

After the energy healing

The healing session intuitively comes to an end when I start receiving less and less information.  At this time, I thank Mother Earth, the Reiki Masters, Guides and Angels for assisting us in our session.  I then invite the client to come out of meditation.  From there, I take a moment to document everything I experienced during the healing, and then I explain what happened to the client.  My clients will provide any feedback they would like to give, and within 24 hours, they have all of their session notes in their email. 

Job of the Client

There is only one job of the client during the healing sessions, and that is to remain open to receive.  Although this sounds pretty simple, it’s usually the hardest part which is why the client has come to work with me to begin with!

If I were to break it down a bit more, I ask my clients to be open-minded, to do their activities between sessions, and to meditate daily. 

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