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Your Labels Keep You Stuck: How to Break the Cycle

I’m curious to know, how many labels do you currently own?  I’m not talking labels like brands or designer clothes.  I’m talking labels like mom, sister, wife, boss, colleague, aunt, grandma, lover, partner, etc.  And then there are labels like poor, unhappy, unfit, struggling, stuck, not smart enough, too much, and the list goes on and goes.

Labels, in my opinion, can help your life progress or they can keep you stuck in a cycle, like a little hamster running on a wheel getting nowhere fast. 

Watch the video below or keep on reading to learn why your labels keep you stuck and how you can release them to create your next desired reality.

As an example of how your labels keep you stuck like the hamster...

Let’s pretend you are trying to be a bit healthier, and part of your wellness journey is to lose weight.  The labels of “chubby”, “fat”, “need to lose weight”, are very unhelpful labels for you.  Why?  Because these labels are keeping you very focused on your current reality.

But you must remember that your current reality is something that you have already manifested!

So, keeping with this example, you are living in your manifestation from days, weeks, months and possibly even years ago.  And, by holding onto the label of “I need to lose 10 pounds”, you continue to live in your current manifestation and will likely hold onto those 10 pounds that you are trying to lose much longer than you desire.

Release the labels.  Release the “I am chubby.  I am fat.  I need to lose 10 pounds.”  All these are doing is anchoring you, like a ship in the water to the sea floor, into staying right where you are at.

You're probably thinking, "This sounds brilliant, but how?"

First, become aware of the labels that you are giving yourself or allowing others to give to you.  It helps to write them all down.  You may want to do this in a few sittings.

Then, once you have identified all of them, look through the list to reflect on which ones are not actually helping you progress into your next desired, manifested reality.  Because remember, right now, you are manifesting your next reality whether it’s tomorrow, 10 days or a year from now. 

Now that you have identified the labels you no longer wish to hold onto, try your best to begin releasing them.

Try to release them from your thoughts, speech, emotions and actions.  It helps if you share your attempt to change with a close friend that you trust and that will support you so they can help you stay aware of when the labels creep up.  It will not be an overnight fix.  It will take patience, observing yourself and shifting your speech & thought.

To raise awareness:

Observe yourself as often as possible during all your activities.  Imagine you are looking down on yourself as you move throughout your day & pay attention to your actions, speech, thoughts and emotions.

Remember, the Law of Relativity states everything is neutral.  Meaning, all experiences, situations and things are actually neutral; that is until you put some sort of label on them.  This label is a choice you make, and many times, unconsciously.  As you raise your awareness by observing yourself, you will begin to make more deliberate choices and create conscious labels.

I hope this article was helpful for you as you continue on your spiritual journey. 

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