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Crown Chakra Healing Course



The complete step-by-step method to connecting with infinite intelligence and Source Energy at a Soul level. The final step to a fully balanced, aligned and activated chakra system.

Ready to use your energy with Source Energy to co-create your dreams?

It’s NEVER too late to heal and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Your Crown Chakra Needs Healing, Aligning and Activating if You Answer YES to Any of The Questions Below

  1. Do you feel misunderstood by your partner, family, friends and colleagues?
  2. Do you compare yourself to others and find things “wrong” with yourself often?
  3. Are you closed-off to new ideas?
  4. Do you have little faith that all is well in the world?
  5. Do you suffer from depression, brain fog and/or learning difficulties?

Who Is This Course For?

Lacking Faith

If you are struggling with having faith and trusting that all is well and things are always working out for you, this course will help you deepen your connection with the infinite intelligence and energy that you have access to 24/7.  It will also increase your awareness of the “bigger picture” and your own manifestations unfolding.

Spiritual Biz Owners

If you are ready to start your spiritual business, this course will help you find faith, especially during the challenging moments as a business owner.  It will also help you build and strengthen your connection with Source Energy which is a vital component of offering spiritual services.

Spiritual Seekers

If you desire to connect with infinite intelligence and energy, all chakras must be aligned and activated.  The Crown chakra is the final step in the connection with Source Energy and infinite intelligence. This is the chakra connection that deepens your practice and helps you understand yourself and how you co-create with Source energy.

A Look Inside the Course

Over 2.5 Hours of step-by-step video guidance plus 6 weeks of daily activities for you to step into the co-creating Soul you are here to be!

  • Welcome
  • My Spiritual Journey
  • You as the Healer
  • Potential Course Outcomes
  • Disclaimer
  • Energy Healing 101
  • Chakras 101
  • The Guide or Channel
  • Thoughts, Speech, Actions
  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations the Right Way
  • Crown Chaka 101
  • Affirmations
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Feeling the Energy
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Centering, Grounding, Shielding Guided Meditation
  • Detoxing
  • Visualization
  • Visualization Breathing
  • Color Breathing
  • Color Meditation
  • Vibration of Sounds
  • Vowels & Toning
  • Vowel Breathing 
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Crown Chakra Healing Playlist
  • Incense, Oils, Fragrances
  • Scents
  • Detox Your Skin & Body
  • Crown Chakra Foods
  • Crown Chakra Crystals
  • Combining Techniques
  • An Opportunity for You
  • The Four Agreements
  • The Universal Laws


Join the course now, and start your journey to:

Understanding and seeing the bigger Universal picture and how you play a vital role in creation

Using your own energy coupled with Source energy to become a powerful manifestor

Experiencing Universal Love and recognizing the value of everything around you, including you


Yes, after checkout, you will receive an email from Teachable (hosting platform) with access to the course.

Yes, you have lifetime access.  There is no timeline or course closure.  I recommend you take your time and move through the course as directed.  Healing takes “time” on the physical Earth.

No, you don’t need to know anything about energy or energy healing for this to work for you.  I explain it all inside the course.  As long as you take your time, give yourself patience, lean into faith and do the daily exercises, it will help you.

With anything, the more effort you put into it, the more you will gain from it. 

I offer private healing sessions for those who desire help outside of the course.  You can find more information on the 1:1 Healing page of this site.

Source energy loves everyone and does not discriminate.  Nothing mentioned throughout the course is related to religion or lack thereof.  We focus on your intention and your five senses to heal.

This course is right for you if you are living with anxiety, stagnant in life due to fear and confused about the direction of your life.  

The course is video recordings along with daily activities, templates and resources.

There are no refunds as this is a digital course with immediate access upon checkout.