Lindsay With Love

Custom Raise Your Vibe Program

A tailored approach unique to each client because we are all different in our own special way.

What to Expect When You Purchase Today:

Session 1 - Learning About You

I spend time learning about you through a series of questions along with casual conversation.  This is the time where we agree on your focus & goals, and you commit to doing this for yourself.  You also learn about how energy works & how I help you on your journey. The call ends with a distant energy transfer.

Session 2 - Your Focus + Vibe Raising

Let’s go!  During this call, you learn what chakras we will focus on and the first few, simple yet effective techniques to get you started on raising your vibe.  A solid foundation in this session is key as we build upon it throughout the rest of the program.  We practice together until you feel confident!  The call ends with a distant energy transfer, your takeaways and activities to do before our next session together. 

Session 3 - 1st Sense + Vibe Raising

Round 3!  We start off with a quick check-in on how you are feeling, and I answer any questions you have from the last call.  We move into the first of the 5 senses.  You learn techniques, we practice together & the call ends with a distant energy transfer session.  You’ll receive more activities to complete before our next session.

Session 4 - Next 2 Senses + Vibe Raising

You’re feeling good!  You should anyway, since this is our 4th time hanging out together.  I answer any questions you might have.  We chat about how you’re feeling, we move through some more techniques and end with a distant energy transfer session.

Session 5 - Final 2 Senses + Vibe Raising

You did it!  CONGRATULATIONS!  You have increased you confidence, upgraded your mindset, have improved your health & now know valuable lifetime skills to raise your vibe in any situation.  You have displayed commitment, belief in yourself & serious LOVE for YOU.   You’re living through love & others can sense the positive shift.  This isn’t easy for most people to do, so once again, CONGRATULATIONS!  I’m proud of you.

*BONUS Session

Bonus call for all clients that purchase the Discount Plan option. 

Here’s to you, you amazing spiritual being!  Let’s do one more session together. ❤

Are You Ready to Live the Life You Dream Of & Deserve?!


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Book a free call with me to ask questions, learn more or just to see if we connect before you start your vibe raising journey with me!  It’s possible that my program isn’t right for you or we just don’t click and that’s okay!  I sincerely want the best for YOU.