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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s likely you will feel lighter and happier with less worry after our first session!  These are all signals you are already raising your vibe.

Each student is different and the program is designed to get as much from it as you put in.  If you are dedicated to making your life better, you most certainly will!

Energy is all around us and is what we are made of.  We will chat about this more on our first call, but ponder the question for me here, too.  What if we are not just physical bodies meant for spiritual events to happen to us, but rather, we are spiritual beings manifested into physical form?

We all “buzz” at different frequencies, which forms who we are.  I am certified to channel the Universal Life Energy and transmit it to others who request it.  The energy will go where we set our intention as well as lower vibrational areas that need it most. Your role is to be open to receiving it with the intention of healing.  We will work through many techniques together for you to start to raise your own vibration & we will always end the call with distant energy transfer.

The “homework” mentioned in the Program is self-paced work and involves numerous different techniques.  We work through all of the techniques together, so you feel confident in doing them on your own in between calls.  These techniques can be used in any situation to help raise your vibration & heal yourself.

Yes! You just need to believe you can and you will.  There are no special skills required. 

I’ll be right there with you along the way for guidance, answering questions, and working through techniques with you. 

No.  The program is all encompassing and completed with your mind, your willingness & commitment, and for one technique, things you have around the house (like a pen or t-shirt).  You may decide during or after the program that you want some of the items mentioned throughout the course.  There will be links for you to purchase if you decide you would like to, but once again, it’s not necessary.

Do you want it to?  I know, I know.  I HATE when people answer a question with a question, but this is your journey, not mine.  I read once that some people enjoy their suffering.  Sounds weird, but it’s true, and I have to accept that not everyone will really want to change their life, and that’s okay!  Remember, I do not heal you.  YOU heal YOU. 

**As a caveat to energy transfer in general, for some, it is their time to go.  No amount of healing work will stop the soul from leaving the body.  It can, however, help with the transition period. 

One of my favorite quotes of all times:

“If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

Yes!  Energy loves everyone and does not discriminate.  Nothing mentioned throughout the course is related to religion or lack thereof.  We focus on your intention and your 5 senses.

All sessions take place preferably via Zoom, but I understand some people would prefer to voice talk only.  I recommend Zoom with the camera on for a better connection, but it is not required.

After checkout, you will receive an email with the link to schedule your first call.  After each call, you receive emails with a PDF for that part of your program plus homework activities and a link to schedule your next call.

Please be sure to check your spam folder for the initial email.  

If you are ever having issues, email

This program is right for you if you desire a better life than you have now. 

If you are unsure, click the Book a Free Energy Audit button to chat with me and see if you are a good fit!

 If you are still unsure or have more questions for me, reach out!  I’m here for you.  Some people are a great fit and others are not. This is a judgement-free zone.  Let’s figure it out together!

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