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For When the Band-Aid Fixes No Longer Work

You are worthy of and deserve to live a healthy & prosperous life.  

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Taking Energy Healing to the Next Level

Align + Heal Sessions are More Than Just Energy Healing

Here’s What You Can Expect:

Private Sessions

A safe, non-judgmental space for you to be fully YOU.  The you that you crave deep down in your Soul to be.  You are the sole focus for the hourYOUR dreams, YOUR goals, YOUR hurdles. 

Soul Connection

As we work together, you will begin to increase your awareness and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self.  Each session ends with guidance and activities for you to do on your own to build your relationship with your Soul & Source Energy.


We will break down the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in all areas of life and replace them with high-vibrational energy for you to confidently move toward your dreams.

Energy healing resolves your issues at the core by replacing the energetic imbalances in your being with high-vibrational, life-altering energy.

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During Your Distant Healing Session

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