LEARN how YOU can get UNSTUCK & take confident steps toward a more fulfilled life in less than 30 days!

Do you feel lost in life?  You have dreams and desires, but feel stuck on the hamster wheel, never making progress toward a happier, healthier, wealthier you?

This call is for YOU if you have no idea where your life is going, who you are or what you even want out of life.

*Free for a limited time, this 30 minute call provides clarity on where your energy is blocked and ends with a re-balancing distant energy transfer leaving you feeling energized & empowered to take confident steps toward a better life.

STOP prolonging your own happiness.


Lindsay Grifka

Intuitive Empath, Energy Channeler,  Dreamer, Advocate for a non-toxic, happier, healthier, higher frequency society

On this call you will:




See what recent students experienced by working directly with me & receiving my energy transfers

“I don’t feel stuck or in the dark. I can see and feel the light. Sure there are times when I get this overwhelming feeling or anxiety. But the tools that Lindsay showed me have helped me get through those moments. If I ever felt stuck or lost I would reach out to her and she always pointed me back into the right path.”

Raquel S.
Fontana, CA


“Starting the program was the best decision I could have made. At my current life state I just felt – stuck – like I had no purpose, things were not moving forward and I was just stagnant. By starting the raise your vibe program I was able to gain so many tools to be able to move my life forward. I used the tools to even move forward with the sale of my home that had been on the market for months with no movement. The program was amazing.”

Chelsea S. 
Brighton, MI

“Fast forward to me being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that I was told would cause me to go blind.  I was terrified.  Throughout the entire journey, you had my back and told me not to be scared or in fear.  You sent me mantras, helpful tips, videos, affirmations and constantly told me I could heal myself & to believe that I was healing myself.  And just like you said, it worked.  Because of you, I believed and my eyes have been safe since (without medication the doctors recommended me to take).  You really taught me that I was capable of healing myself.  I know the entire time you were sending me healing vibrations & prayers as well that helped me.  You helped me at a very low & scary time in my life, and I’m forever grateful.”

Ortal B.
Las Vegas, NV

Don't let life pass you by!