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Raise Your Vibe Program

An all-encompassing program focused on teaching the student numerous techniques to raise their vibration and maintain it in any situation or circumstance.  Live, 1 on 1 coaching, 8-10 weeks in length at the student’s own pace. 

$997 VIP Option – includes BONUS session, materials & FREE numerology report

$333 x 3 months Affordable Option – spread the cost over the length of the program

Chakra Cleanse

A live, one-on-one conversation with me over Zoom where you will:

  1. DISCOVER which of your chakras need to be unblocked so you can heal the deepest parts of you that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams.
  2. LEARN my top tips on stepping into your power to confidently attract your perfect partner, career and lifestyle.
  3. RECEIVE specific messages, insights and confirmations from your Guides.
  4. RELEASE low vibe energy in your chakras through a full chakra cleanse of high vibrational energy from me to you.
  5.  ENJOY life from a new perspective, in greater alignment, with clarity and confidence 

$147 – 1 hour, live session

Couple's Chakra Cleanse

Same as the Chakra Cleanse, but for you and your favorite person at a discounted rate of buy one, get one half off!

$222 – Two, 1 hour sessions.  Note the sessions are held separately in order for me to receive direct messages from my Guides.

12 Month Numerology Report

Curious to know what you are meant to do in this lifetime? Want to know what struggles you may face, when you may face them and the best way to overcome them?   Are you searching for your soul mission, talents or ways to be the best version of you?  Your 12 month numerology report answers all of these questions and much more!  Get yours today for deeper insight into who you really are at a soul level.

$33 – Three to five page report including detailed information on what to expect in over the next twelve months.

Essential Oils

If you aren’t ready to dive into energy work just yet, essential oils are the perfect place to start raising your vibration!

I teamed up with Young Living to bring you holistic and natural options for healing!  Click the Shop Young Living button to start ditching toxins for natural remedies and immediately begin to raise your frequency!  No minimum purchase & zero requirements to sign up to sell.  Simply create a login for shipping purposes and get your health on!

Want specific oils for the chakra(s) you are focused on re-balancing?  Click Shop Chakra Cleanses

Nina Graham's Akashic Soul Readings & Reiki Teaching

Aren’t we all looking for the truth? Truth about why we are here? What is our Soul’s purpose in this lifetime? Truth about the Universe and our world? The truth about who we are?

Having an Akashic Soul reading will answer all of your unanswered questions.

And the best part? 

Healing and clearings can take place in the record to release any fears, heal any emotional or physical pain and restore your blueprint to its original.
From the bottom of my heart, Nina delivers the most beautiful reports that give clarity, confirmation and a sense of peace.  

Kelli M. Herbert - Reiki Teacher

Kelli M. Herbert is a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Reiki Master/Teacher, uniquely utilizing Christ Consciousness Reiki as well as Physical Light Language Energy in her healing techniques.

Credo Beauty

A clean beauty brand that does not sell any product containing ingredients on its “dirty list”!