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Throat Chakra Healing Course



The complete step-by-step method to expressing the fullest, most authentic version of you from a Soul perspective.  Use your voice to connect with your Higher Self and to manifest your desires.

Ready to openly express yourself and use your voice to manifest?

It’s NEVER too late to heal and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Your Throat Chakra Needs Healing, Aligning and Activating if You Answer YES to Any of The Questions Below

  1. Do you struggle to consistently manifest your desires?
  2. Do you find yourself gossiping or lying even though you try hard not to?
  3. Do you feel trapped by traditions and have a hard time being yourself around family?
  4. Are you told that you don’t listen?
  5. Do you suffer from thryoid or throat health issues?

Who Is This Course For?

Confusion With Self

If you are struggling with knowing who you are at a Soul level, a balanced throat chakra will help you easily and freely communicate your needs, desires and fears.   You will find it easier to walk your walk instead of just talking your talk.  It will also help you set stronger boundaries that align with your values and self-worth.

Spiritual Biz Owners

If you are ready to start your spiritual business, this course will help you use your voice as a magnetic manifesting tool to draw clients to you.  It will also help you stand in your authenticity and integrity, especially as a spiritual lightworker.

Spiritual Seekers

If you desire to connect with infinite intelligence and energy, all chakras must be aligned and activated.  The Throat chakra will help you communicate clearly while standing in the fullest expression of you.  Please ensure the bottom 4 chakras are aligned before balancing the throat.

A Look Inside the Course

Over 2.5 Hours of step-by-step video guidance plus 6 weeks of daily activities for you to step into the expressive, manifesting Soul you are here to be!

  • Welcome
  • My Spiritual Journey
  • You as the Healer
  • Potential Course Outcomes
  • Disclaimer
  • Energy Healing 101
  • Chakras 101
  • The Guide or Channel
  • Thoughts, Speech, Actions
  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations the Right Way
  • Throat Chaka 101
  • Affirmations
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Feeling the Energy
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Centering, Grounding, Shielding Guided Meditation
  • Detoxing
  • Visualization
  • Visualization Breathing
  • Color Breathing
  • Color Meditation
  • Vibration of Sounds
  • Vowels & Toning
  • Vowel Breathing 
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Throat Chakra Healing Playlist
  • Incense, Oils, Fragrances
  • Scents
  • Detox Your Skin & Body
  • Throat Chakra Foods
  • Throat Chakra Crystals
  • Combining Techniques
  • An Opportunity for You
  • The Four Agreements
  • The Universal Laws


Join the course now, and start your journey to:

Expressing yourself at your highest level of truth and compassion

Using your voice to connect with your Higher Self & Source energy

Setting physical and energetic boundaries to protect your beautiful energy


Yes, after checkout, you will receive an email from Teachable (hosting platform) with access to the course.

Yes, you have lifetime access.  There is no timeline or course closure.  I recommend you take your time and move through the course as directed.  Healing takes “time” on the physical Earth.

No, you don’t need to know anything about energy or energy healing for this to work for you.  I explain it all inside the course.  As long as you take your time, give yourself patience, lean into faith and do the daily exercises, it will help you.

With anything, the more effort you put into it, the more you will gain from it. 

I offer private healing sessions for those who desire help outside of the course.  You can find more information on the 1:1 Healing page of this site.

Source energy loves everyone and does not discriminate.  Nothing mentioned throughout the course is related to religion or lack thereof.  We focus on your intention and your five senses to heal.

This course is right for you if you are living with anxiety, stagnant in life due to fear and confused about the direction of your life.  

The course is video recordings along with daily activities, templates and resources.

There are no refunds as this is a digital course with immediate access upon checkout.