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Intuition is GOLD – Where is Yours Buried?

Your Intuition is Gold for Your Manifesting Power

Let's find out where yours is buried!

First, what is intuition?

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.  In other words, it’s your you sense of knowing without any external validation from outside sources. You have a hunch or a gut reaction or some insight comes to you that guides you.

So, why is it gold?

Your intuition in your connection to the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  When your connection is strong, the Universe sends you answers to your questions and solutions to your problems allowing you to “flow” through life with ease.  It’s called “flow state” because you are so connected and aware of these answers and solutions that you follow them trusting in yourself and Source that this is the right path for you.  You are quite literally flowing from answer to answer to answer, growing, expanding and creating your own reality with the help of Source.

Your 5 Intuitive Powers


Clairaudience is the intuitive power of your sense of hearing.  It is intuitive listening where you hear audible words, phrases and insights in your head that seem to come from somewhere other than you.  If you are clairaudient, you also likely can read deeper meanings under the words that people use by paying attention to their tones and inflictions.  For example, you may ask a co-worker how she is doing and she replies, “I’m good”, but the way she says it implies that she is anything but good, and you can easily sense and detect that. 


Clairsentience is the intuitive power of touch.  It is having strong, gut feelings about something – good or bad.  You are clairsentient if you walk into a room and can instantly feel the vibe.  People who are clairsentient relate to the phrase “you can cut the air with a knife”. 

You may also feel chills.  When I feel chills, it’s Source Energy’s way of telling me that whatever was just said is authentic truth from that person from a Soul level.  It’s confirmation.

Lastly, clairsentient people are usually very empathetic.  They can feel, and oftentimes take on, the energy of the those around them.  If this happens for you, I recommend shielding your energy daily before you interact with anyone else.  This will help you protect your energy and avoid absorbing others’ negative energies.  Click HERE to access a quick and easy daily shielding meditation.


Clairvoyance is the intuitive power of sight.  It is quite literally “I see dead people.”; however, it doesn’t have to be that.  It is seeing with your third eye.  You may receive visions, twinkles out of the corner of your eyes, and may even be able to see energy by color like an aura reader.  

Some clairvoyants also close their eyes and then see movies or scenes playing out across their forehead. 


Claircognizance is simply knowing something, and you know you know but you don’t necessarily know how you know.  For most, this is a tricky power to master because it defies all logic and reasoning.  To master it, you will need a high level of self-trust in yourself and the Divine. 

I recommend testing your intuition.  For example, you get invited somewhere but sense something is not right, so you decline the invitation.  Later you find out that something happened in the area you were supposed to be.  You tested your intuition and were correct.  Keep a journal of your intuition tests to start strengthening your connection with your Higher Self and Source Energy. 

You also need a high level of awareness to truly tap into this intuitive and manifesting power.  I recommend the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to help you heighten your awareness.  This is the book that helped me tap into mine and is one of the first spiritual books I read.  Click the image below to invest in your spiritual journey by purchasing the book.


Clairolifactance is the intuitive power of smell, quite literally psychic smelling.  You may have had experiences where you smell a distinct scent that reminds you of a relative that has transitioned like perfume or smoke.  This is your psychic smell kicking in.  When this happens for me, I always like to close my eyes and honor the person that is appearing to me as well as thank my Higher Self for the connection and my unique gifts and talents. 

Besides smelling scents, you may also be able to detect illness through someone’s scent or even pregnancy.  

Lastly, if you have a deep, instinctive ability to sense lying aka “I smell a rat.”, this is your clairolifactant power kicking in!

Connecting to your intuition

Now that you know where your intuitive powers live within your being, it’s time to start connecting with them to transform your life from the mundane day-to-day to an exciting, in-the-flow, abundant life!  This connection is how you truly create your own reality full of all the things you dream of and desire. 

To do this, you must align and activate your chakra system.  Once aligned and activated, you have the power to create with your thoughts, words, and aligned actions.  This is when the magic begins!

Claim your freedom, abundance and flexibility in life to do whatever you please.  After I aligned and activated my chakra system, I launched a successful business, attracted abundance to me in the form of luxury living accommodations and designer items, and am able to receive answers from Source energy and watch my manifestations unfolding before my eyes. 

Your life transformation starts with you taking action.  Start today and gain manifesting power in as little as 4 weeks!

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About the Author

Lindsay Grifka is an expert energy healer and coach specialized in helping you out of the life ruts you are stuck in – health, wealth and/or relationship – through custom healing modalities she has channeled from her Higher Self & Source energy.   She combines her zest for life, passion of helping others and her knowledge of manifestation techniques to empower you to create a strong energetic vortex for yourself full of the desires you have for your life.  She not only empowers you, but she teaches you how to harness your magnetic energy to create.  Her coaching is life transformational for those who are ready to step into their power and create their realities.

Work privately with Lindsay to gain self-worth, self-trust, and confidence; to empower yourself to take the reins of your life back; to learn how to manifest with your own 5 senses and energy click below.  

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It’s never too late for you to empower yourself and truly create your life.  I was 32 when my journey began, and the experiences I have had since I brought spirituality into my life are beyond my wildest dreams.  The security, the confidence, the connection with Source, the Divine guidance and timing, the material goods and flow of abundance is more than I could have ever imagined.  It’s all waiting for you, too.

Love & light, 
Your Energy Coach Lindsay
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