Lindsay With Love

All We Do Is WIN!

Every session ends with an energy transfer from me to you.  Prior to starting the meditation, we both agree on intention(s) for the transfer.  The intention(s) can align with the goals the student decided on at the beginning of the program OR the intention(s) can be whatever the student desires most during that particular session.  It is important to note that sticking to the same intention(s) throughout the program will amplify the results, but it is not required.  Below are some excerpts from my notes of some AMAZING and FAST wins! (shared with students’ approval)

Abundance & Clearing Win

She wanted to sell her home, but wasn’t sure how that was going to happen without taking a loss since she had only purchased a year prior.  We visualized intently the sale of her home and the feeling she would have once it was sold for a profit as I sent energy through a distant transfer method.  (47 days from energy transfer (1 session only) to SOLD with a $50,000 PROFIT!)

Goal on 9/23/21: “Wants to focus on selling her house.”

Win on 11/8/21: “Just had someone accept our offer.  Closing by Dec 5th!”

Abundance & Mindset Shift Win

She had just started her business (loan processing) networking and wasn’t looking forward to it because she had a 1.5 hour drive to the office each way when she was expecting to work from home.  We initially worked on shifting her mindset.  The more productive she could be each time she went, the less should would have to make the long drive. During the first energy transfer, we focused on her meeting 2 realtors to potentially work with each time she went to the office (1 realtor for every hour she drove).  She began to meet them and FAST, so we started to focus on qualified leads for home buyers coming in.  We envisioned her calendar full of appointments and her bank account growing. (43 days from beginning of energy transfers (3) to SOLID LEADS, INCREASED APPOINTMENTS, $ IN THE BANK!)  

Goal on 9/20/21:  “Increase potential leads & be excited about it.”  (she is building out her home loan processing business)

Win on 11/1/21: “Has 2 in escrow, 1 closed, 1 coming in this week, 2 in the pipeline.”  Updated win on 11/10: I just got another close and 4 potential new clients from 1 open house!

Energetic Shift Win

She booked a Free Energy Audit call with me to understand what she could do to reduce or completely relieve herself of chronic fatigue.  After different personal and health battles over the last 16 years, she felt stuck in a vicious cycle of exhaustion.   We chatted, I gave her some of my raise your vibe advice, and we meditated together for about 3 minutes.  We envisioned her more energetic, happy and alive. (7 days from her Free Energy Audit Call to INCREASED ENERGY AND CLASSES CREATED FOR HER NEW BUSINESS!)  

Goal on 11/3/21:  “Increase my energy; reduce or completely release my chronic fatigue.”

Win on 11/10/21: “I don’t know what you did, but I felt so energized this week, I created 4 classes for my new business, connected with 30 people, and handed out my fliers!”