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Student Success Stories

The student simply needs tp hold intention & be open to receiving the high-vibrational energy during the energy healing sessions.   Below are some of the success stories of current & past students.

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What are you waiting for? This is your sign.

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Book Your Chakra Cleanse Today

  1. DISCOVER which of your chakras need to be unblocked so you can heal the deepest parts of you that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams.
  2. LEARN my top tips on stepping into your power to confidently attract your perfect partner, career and lifestyle.
  3. RECEIVE messages, insights and confirmations from your Guides along with my high-vibrational energy through a distant energy transfer
  4. SHIFT your energy to the next level & magnetize a life of health, wealth & happiness straight to your lap without even trying!

The longer the energy stays stuck, the larger the problem becomes.

Need more than a 1 hour cleanse?
Learn lifetime techniques.

Join the Raise Your Vibe program to release the low vibrations from your energy system that are keeping you unhealthy, struggling or stuck in life.  This program comes jampacked with lifetime skills to harness your energy and increase your vibration in any situation.  Start using the Law of Attraction to its full advantage!  It tells us like attracts like.  Low vibe energy attracts low vibe things.  High vibe energy attracts high vibe things.  It’s the Law of the Universe and applies to everyone.

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Stuck energy shows up in the form of physical illness, relationship problems, financial struggles and more.

Release it through a Chakra Cleanse session today.

Raise Your Vibe Program Testimonials


Wants to focus on selling her house

OUTCOME 11/8/21

“Just had someone accept our counter-offer!  Closing by December 5th!  $50k profit!!!”


47 days


Increase potential leads & be excited about networking and building my business

OUTCOME 11/8/21

“Already have 2 homes in escrow, closed 1, another qualified lead in and 2 more loans in process!”


43 days


Increase my energy.  Reduce or completely release my chronic fatigue.

OUTCOME 11/10/21

“I don’t know what you did, but I felt so energized this week that I created 4 classes for my new business, connected with 30 people and handed out my fliers!”


7 days