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Becoming a Distant Energy Healer

A Look into Becoming a Distant Energy Healer & Coach

This article is for you if you are interested in becoming a distant energy healer. I fell into energy healing by accident, but I suppose that's what all experts say when they find their "thing". I hope you enjoy!

Becoming a Distant Healer

I won’t dive into all of the details of my story of how I realized I am an energy healer.  Instead, I’ll share the headlines.  I have always been interested in the occult, astrology, tarot, etc., while simultaneously being an entrepreneur at heart.  Entrepreneurship is in my blood as my dad was a successful entrepreneur and my brother is, too.  It helps that I’m a manifesting generator for all my human design friends out there!

My first business was completely misaligned with my Soul mission, and while I was struggling to make it work with tons of human effort, my dad passed away.  

During my dad’s illness, I dropped everything I was doing to learn about energy healing in hopes that I could help him heal.  He passed away very quickly after we learned of his diagnosis, and 3 months after that, I was in a car accident.  I thought I was going to die, but instead I met an angel, my heart chakra activated, and my clairaudient abilities were strengthened.  I immediately ditched my old business to be a healer.

The Strategy to Becoming a Healer: Strengthen, Practice and Maintain


I decided that I needed to strengthen my natural gifts, align & activate my energy, increase my vibration and connect with my manifesting power.  Some of my gifts include a strong intuition, extremely empathetic, heightened awareness and clairsentience.  Some of the gifts I have worked to strengthen are my clairaudience (it “turned on” after my car accident), claircognizance and clairolfactance.  I have also been able to feel energy moving throughout my body since my Kundalini rising in 2019.

To strengthen my natural gifts, I worked for months to manage my energy and ensure my chakras were in alignment and activated.  

I created a program for myself that targeted each of the seven chakras over a series of seven months – one month per chakra.  This program worked so well to heal, align and activate my chakra system that I created it as a self-paced course for others, too. 

Click HERE to heal, align and activate your own energy so you can live a worry-free, healthy and successful life.  Choose from single chakra healing courses or save money & go for the gold in the ALIGN+ACTIVATE ALL CHAKRAS Healing Course.  Remember, your chakra system is a system.  This means all chakras must be aligned and activated for proper energy flow throughout your body.  If a chakra is imbalanced, it’s like your car having a flat tire.  The system is compromised.


Practice for me involved attunement to Reiki Master along with a certification in Distant Energy Healing.  After I was attuned, I offered free mini healing sessions to practice my healing skills, strengthen the relationship with my intuition and understand how Source energy works through me as the channel. 

I offered the free sessions to ensure my intuition was guiding me correctly.  After each free session, I asked for a review as an even energetic exchange and to begin to build social proof for my future clients.  I continued with the free sessions until I felt confident and ready to offer my services to the world!


For me as a healer working with clients around the world, this is the most important part of the role.  If you are interested in becoming a healer, realize that you MUST maintain your energetic strength and high frequency. There is no exception.  It is a must. 

You are serving clients and helping them heal.  It is ethically immoral to be healing others when you are not in your highest vibrational state, in my opinion.

I serve my clients at my highest frequency with my fullest expression by moving through my daily routine.  I feed my body high-vibrational foods and drinks and exercise regularly.  My mental and emotional wellbeing stays balanced by consuming high-vibrational media, music and conversation.  Lastly, I maintain my spiritual wellbeing through daily meditation and gratitude practices. 

It is NOT enough to say you do these things as a healer.  You MUST do these things to serve your clients as you say you will. 

Off Days

We are human, so even healers have off days where they just aren’t feeling themselves.  It usually happens less frequently than the average person not interested in their energy, however, it happens, nonetheless.  When you are feeling off, it’s best for you to cancel any sessions you have for the day.  Prior to working with a new client, I always let them know there may be a chance I have to cancel due to illness or my own energy imbalances.  Clients are understanding as they are coming to you to receive the best energy to help them heal.

The World Needs YOU

If energy healing, crystal healing, tarot reading, Reiki healing, astrology, human design or any other metaphysical practices intrigue you, I recommend you pursue your curiosities.  Most children don’t say they want to be an Energy Healer when they grow up.  I know I didn’t!  I had zero plans of becoming a healer, but this is where my Soul has led me and nothing has ever felt more right. 

Your gifts and talents are needed by so many people on this beautiful planet right now.   If you need help launching your spiritual business, join my Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership to not only launch your business but work on healing at the same time!

And if you want to tap into your intuitive superpowers, connect with your Higher Self & enjoy a life living in flow state, join my Chakra Healing Courses here.

Do you want to receive your distant energy healer certification?  Join the waitlist for my Healer Certification course HERE!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Biz Coach Lindsay

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