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Life as an Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach

A Look into My Life as a Distant Energy Healer & Spiritual Business Coach

I hope you enjoy learning more about my life as an energy healer and spiritual business coach.  Click here if you’re interested in learning more about becoming a distant energy healer.

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I wake up in the morning around 6:30 or 7 depending on when my body says it’s time to get up.  Before I open my eyes, I like to visualize how I would like my day to go.  I start at the beginning of the day and focus on everything I would like to happen down to all the little details.  Then, I send positive energy to my visualization.  

After I open my eyes, my life partner brings me a coffee or tea.   I drink it in bed while allowing my body to get used to being awake.  During this time, I love to read.  I typically choose a book or article that is either business or energy healing related.   I savor the mornings and try my best not to rush any part of my morning routine.

From an energy coach, I recommend you set up a calm, non-rushed, beautiful morning routine as well.

You will find that your day will go much easier and smoother.  It’s likely you will become extremely efficient as well.

Once I finish my coffee or tea, I meditate.  I just recently purchased an at-home sauna and an infrared therapy face mask, so I enjoy my meditation while lying in the sauna with my face mask on.  This usually takes about 50 minutes or so.

See below for the sauna and face mask.  I just recently purchased them so stay-tuned for blog article outlining my results in a few weeks.

After I climb out of the sauna, I put on my tennis shoes and ankle weights and start walking.  Lately, I have been walking 10,000 steps per day, and I feel absolutely amazing.  While I’m walking, I like to listen to YouTube videos about law of attraction, healing, energy therapies, etc…

Once I hit around 8,000 steps, I stop because my partner, little dog and I go for evening walks.  We usually hit about 4,000 steps on our walks, so I always end the day a bit over 10,000 steps.  Then, I like to do a 20-30 minute pilates routine.  My go-to is Karen Lord Pilates online classes.  They are quick, but not always easy!  I feel accomplished every time I workout to one of her routines, and she has an energy about her that makes me come back for more.

By the time I finish my workouts in the morning, I have drank 64 ounces of water.  My goal every day is 1 gallon of water or 128 ounces.  I track my intake by drinking out of the glass ‘milk’ jugs below.  Four jugs is one gallon, so it’s easy to keep track of. 


After I’m done waking up, reading, meditating, using my sauna and face mask, walking and working out, it’s time to shower and get on with my day!  The two parts of my shower routine that I never skip is dry brushing before my shower and lymphatic facial massage while showering.  It’s really important to drain your lymphatic system regularly for optimal health, so don’t skip this step if you get inspired by my routine!

Once I’m finished showering and getting ready, I sit down at my desk.  I fill my diffuser with water and an essential oil for the day, put on some lofi music and grab my gratitude journal.  My gratitude practice is the final part of my morning routine before I “work”.

I won’t go into essential oils in this article, but oils, gratitude and this green smoothie were the ‘ingredients’ to spark my spiritual awakening.  If you are seeking more from life and are hoping to spark your awakening and connect with your Soul Mission, start by detoxing your energy.  

If you are reading this an aspiring coach, healer or entrepreneur, I want to point out that I very intentionally created my life this way.

Owning a business is supposed to freeing, fun, and flexible.  Your business should help others solve a problem they have.  This is why I absolutely love being an Energy Healer & Spiritual Business Coach.  Helping people find their worth, value and self-love is part of my Soul mission on Earth in this lifetime.  If you are trying to bring your spiritual gifts to the world, but you are struggling to launch your business, join the Spark Your Spiritual Business Membership.  It’s the only membership that helps you heal AND launch your business.

With regards to my schedule, I accept private clients starting at 11 am.  This gives me time to complete my morning routine in a calm, peaceful manner without rushing.  Setting up my energy to be high-vibrational in the morning is a must as an Energy Healer & Business Coach!


I spend the afternoon working in the business.  This involves writing my blog articles, creating content for social media platforms for marketing purposes and creating new courses or offers. 

I take time to learn new skills when I am caught up on content and course creation.  Currently, I am studying astrology and human design, so I can offer it to you.

Since I also work from home, I make sure that the house stays tidy, and I do any housework that is needed.  I make the best of my time by not running errands.  Our groceries get delivered and our dry cleaning gets picked up and dropped off at our doorstep.  As an entrepreneur, think of ways you can save time in your day by contracting out your errands to delivery services.

Lunch always consists of fruits and vegetables or a salad.  I also drink my Young Living supplements during lunch – Ningxia Red, Collagen & Sulfurzyme.  I LOVE Ningxia Red for all the health benefits plus the boost of non-caffeinated energy!


I wrap my workday up anywhere between 5:30 and 6 pm each evening.  There are exceptions, and some days are shorter while others are longer.  It just depends on what I have going on and what I had visualized accomplishing that day.

My partner gets home, and we take the dog for a nice walk.  Then, either we make dinner at home (usually a salad with homemade dressing) or go grab food in the neighborhood.  I’m lucky to live near hundreds of restaurants!

After our walk and dinner, my partner likes to watch TV while I read.  I always replay my day over in my head before bed with how I wanted it to go (another visualization technique).  Then, I sleep!

Setting Yourself Up For Success

I managed to create this schedule and life for myself by recognizing and honoring my energy.  Life was not always this easy for me, and I didn’t experience flow state until about 3 years ago.  This is why understanding your own energy is so important.  Take it a step further to align and activate your energy to use your manifesting power like I have.  Join the ALIGN+ACTIVATE 7 Chakra Healing Course today!

with love & light,

Your Energy Healer & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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