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Guidance on Your Spiritual Journey

Guidance on Your Spiritual Journey

Expert guidance is useful and valuable when you are just starting out on your spiritual journey. However, there will be a turning point where complete trust and faith in yourself and Source Energy is all you need. Keep reading to learn more.

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When Guidance is Helpful

At the beginning of your spiritual journey, guidance from a Healer is extremely valuable.  You are likely going to feel confused, frustrated and facing some life challenges.  Remember, this is when your spiritual journey actually begins.  Click here to learn more about the first clue that you have embarked upon your spiritual journey. 

Your Healer will not only help you understand what is happening with you, but he or she will be able to help you perspective shift into a new energy.  A huge part your journey is going to be around releasing limiting beliefs that have been disempowering you for most of your life.  You should be able to release some limiting beliefs on your own. However, there may be beliefs that are harder to release.  These are the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and this is where your Healer comes in.  

Energy healing sessions help you release the stuck energy that is blocking your energy from flowing in a coherent pattern throughout your body.  This coherent energy flow is the key to manifesting.  To keep it very simple, your manifesting power is weakened when the energy flow is disrupted.  This is the reason you are stuck in life.  Vital manifesting power is seeping out of different parts of your energetic field.  

The Turning Point

As you continue advancing on your spiritual journey, there will come a time where you have a new, heightened sense of awareness.  This awareness allows you to see the bigger picture of your life.  It also allows you to communicate with Source Energy through numbers, words, signs and synchronicities.  This the moment where too much guidance becomes a hinderance rather than helpful. 

When Guidance is Not Helpful

When you reach the turning point mentioned above, you are now in direct communication with your Higher Self and Source Energy.  Having complete trust in your Higher Self and Source Energy is how to you move through life in a calm, beautiful, passionate state.  It is how you move along your life path on your Soul Mission. It’s at this point that  you must trust Source Energy.  When you fully surrender with complete faith and trust, you have officially connected to your manifesting power.

However, it is also at this turning point where many people simply “cannot believe” they are receiving such consistent guidance.  They start to question if this “is real”, and they have a hard time following their signs.  Often, they will continue to search for meaning or seek guidance outside of themselves.  Asking for guidance outside of your own heart and intuition is energetic distrust.  It’s equivalent to you telling Source and your Higher Self that you don’t believe them.  It breaks the bond, and you will need to rebuild the communication.  

Reaching the point of consistent communication with your Higher Self and Source Energy is the most exciting, vibrant, alive energy to be in!  Imagine receiving everything you ever desired in life.  THIS is when it happens. 

If you are struggling to believe all of your signs initially, this Manifestation Tracker will help you stay in your high vibrational energy of trust and faith.  

Group Healing + Manifesting

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