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Testing Your New Frequency

Testing Your New Frequency Recently, I experienced a frequency shift test that I ultimately passed, but initially failed. To fully shift into a new frequency, you must consistently “pass” until the new frequency is completely embodied. Remember, you are constantly awakening and shifting your consciousness. Here’s my story. Enjoying the blog? BUY ME A COFFEE …

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Can Anyone Have a Spiritual Awakening?

Can Anyone Have a Spiritual Awakening? The quick answer is yes, anyone can have a spiritual awakening. In fact, I accidentally sparked my own spiritual awakening with the intention of losing weight & gaining some confidence. Keep reading to learn more about the spiritual journey. What is an Awakening? In my opinion, an awakening is …

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This Smoothie Sparked My Awakening

This Smoothie Sparked My Spiritual Awakening You might be wondering what a green smoothie for some weight loss and a spiritual awakening have in common. Well, for me, this is the exact trigger that started my ascension, or spiritual awakening. Why I Started Drinking Smoothies Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  I had been …

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