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October 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

October 2023 Channeled Zodiac Messages

Each month I drop into meditation & ask one simple question "What does each sign of the zodiac need to know for (insert month & year)?" After receiving phrases or words for each sign, I sit and allow the guides to automatically type a message through me, which I deliver to you.

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These are general messages, so please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.    

Remember, you are on your own, unique Soul mission, so the messages will not always be for you at this time.  You do not have to absorb these words as your truth.  Make sure to read your Rising & Moon sign messages if your Sun sign doesn’t align with you for October 2023.  

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Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Meditation Words: Peace & Balance

Aries, the energy is that of you needing to find more harmony and balance as it relates to your overall well-being for the remainder of the year.  As the season changes, many of you will (or already have) found yourselves busier than ever before. When was the last moment you shut out all outside stimuli, Aries, and took a peaceful, quiet (no truly quiet…no noise moment) for yourself?  Aries, as you find the balance, the peace will inherently flow to you.  You are one of the busiest signs of the zodiac, dear Aries, so how do you think you will be able to get all of these ideas started and out into the open when running on fumes.  Work can be peaceful and balanced just like spending a day at the spa can be peaceful and balanced.  Are you focused on the must-dos, Aries, or are you doing everything else and avoiding what really needs to be done?  This one small shift in your attention has the ability to create huge ripples of creation on the physical plane.  One small shift, Aries, to a more balanced life, and you will be right where you desire to be! 

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

Meditation Words: Another Year Has Gone By

Taurus, the energy is that of feeling slightly disheartened…or maybe a bit overwhelmed…maybe a bit bummed out  as well.  It’s really a mixture of those three energies as you realize that we are nearing the end of 2023.  If this resonates with you, we would like to remind you, Taurus, that everything that happens to you and for you is done in divine timing.  You are always right where you are meant to be and need to be to serve the evolution of your higher self.  Ther is no such thing as running out of time when it comes to your growth and expansion.  Taurus, where can you make slight shifts to make the last few months count?  There doesn’t always need to be some grand gesture.  BREATHE.  Inhale.  Exhale with a loud sigh.  Make room in your energetic vortex, Taurus.  You are in charge of it, and YOU are the only one that controls it.  As you refocus your attention, you may find that the next few months are more productive than the rest of the entire year!  You see, Taurus, sometimes we ebb, and sometimes we flow.  Sometimes we go outward to share and sometimes we retreat to reflect and learn.  Don’t worry, Taurus.  You are right where you need to be. 

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)

Meditation Words: Beautiful Disaster

Gemini, the energy is that of a bit of conflicting messages, so let’s start with this.  On one hand, many of you could be revving back up after a perceived loss whether in relationship, work or self.  This is great news, Gemini!  You have made it through the worst of this energy, and you are coming out the other side as a changed, higher vibrational and more empowered soul. For those of you this resonates with, the disaster was a catalyst for your growth and evolution as a spiritual being.  The inner work has really just begun, so do not stop now!  On the other, many of you could be involved in something new that seems too good to be true (although we dislike that phrase as it is rather energetically self-sabotaging).  If you are involved in something new – work, friendship, love, business – and it feels really great, enjoy that energy, Gemini.  Nothing truly ends in disaster for at the very bottom of the low, one must rebuild and come back stronger.  The key to this energy is enjoying the greatness, richness, coziness of it all while continuing to be discerning following your heart and your intuition.  Remain grounded as you enjoy this beautiful, fresh start into something that has the potential to be beyond what you can imagine.  Just stay grounded.

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Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd)

Meditation Words: Serendipitous

Cancer, the energy is that of “have I done this before? been here before?”  Perhaps an even better description of this energy could be deja vu like.  Cancer, are you experiencing past patterns on repeat?  Do you know something is about to happen before it actually does?  Are you dreams repetitive when it comes to the main story line, but not necessarily the characters?  If you answer yes to any of these, we would like you to start taking notes.  There is something in your life, Cancer, that keeps reappearing to send you a message.  Are you aware and awake enough to notice?  If this is happening for you, the message is strong, and it won’t take much thinking or reflecting to understand what it is saying.  What do you need to release, Cancer?  Past hurt?  Past what-ifs?  Past regret?  It feels very much like a healing message…like you THOUGHT you were healed from something, but the energy is still lingering in your vortex.  Yoga movements, breathwork, somatic exercises, journaling, praying…all of these will help you to release once and for all, Cancer, but it’s up to you to initiate the healing.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Meditation Words: Still Working Through It

Leo, the energy is that of you in a bit of a limbo energy.  You know that feeling, Leo, when you are quite done with something, but you haven’t just started it either…it’s like you are in the middle chapters of the book, Leo.  You have realized some new characteristics about yourself…ones that you have worked hard to build, create, or energetically morph into; however, your sticking power isn’t quite there yet.  It’s almost like you haven’t yet seen or felt or experienced the fruits of your labor.  The holding pattern before the big manifestation. THAT’S this energy, Leo!  We advise you to continue to expect your desire outcome to come to life.  Your consistent expectation of this (without wavering) will bring it to you, Leo, and we hope that you can trust that.  Sometimes there is just a little more we can do…and other times, we simply have to be patient and expect the flowers to bloom.  Take a moment, Leo, and genuinely ask your heart if there is anything left for you to do.  If there is, go do it.  If there isn’t, then relax into yourself, into your energetic vortex, and trust that all the action you have taken up to this point will deliver you your desires. 

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

Meditation Words: Slam Dunk

Virgo, the energy is that of you finally feeling like you did the dang thing!  It’s like a slam dunk, a home run, the fastest time…like YOU are finally in your power, Virgo.  We are excited for this moment for you because we can feel that you have been experiencing the energy of finding yourself for quite some time.  Many of you have likely been working on dismantling limiting beliefs (likely from childhood) that you are now realizing simply are not true. What a freeing place to be, Virgo!  A clean slate…a fresh start.  It’s the feeling like you are just discovering your hands and feet for the first time.  It’s like your Soul is finally leading and saying hello to its home, your body.  The words we type can’t exactly give this energy the description it deserves.  Perhaps some of you will relate to the idea that you are finally home.  You feel comfortable and completely yourself for the first time, and that is very much sometime to be celebrated in this lifetime, Virgo, for many of you come back and back and back again in hopes of one day finally feeling this feeling.  Love yourself fully.  Embrace all the facets of you.  Enjoy your life to the fullest, Virgo.  You have arrived!

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Meditation Words: Hardened

Libra, the energy is that of a closed off energy.  The feeling is similar to like someone having their heart-broken and then not allowing themselves to be vulnerable ever again because the hurt was so bad.  This is not to say this is the exact energy or scenario each of you is currently experiencing.  It is simply a way for us to describe the energy in greater detail.  The caution we give, Libra, is that one misses out on the opportunity of the greatest experience and feeling of all – love – when one stays closed off out of fear.  On one side of the pole is love, and many think on the other side is hate, but that’s simply not the case.  The opposite energy of love is simply fear.  Fear of being free. Fear of being open.  Fear of letting all of you be seen.  Fear of being hurt.  Libra, we all need to close ourselves off sometimes to others for the opportunity to reflect and reset the love for ourselves.  Take the time you need, but we recommend not staying in this energy too long as it causes energetic resistance in every single area of your life whether you can directly see that or not. If you need help outside of yourself, find someone you trust with your emotions so you can let it all out.  You are deserving of this, Libra.

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Meditation Words: Patchouli & Annointed - bowed head during meditation

Scorpio, the energy is that of something very spiritual happening in your life.  It felt almost religious-like…like a ritual being performed.  We do not want you to get too caught up on the word religion here, Scorpio.  We only used it to explain the feeling as the energy was being shown.  Sometimes we go through small shifts energetically, especially day to day as the moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of the month, but THIS…this energy is different, Scorpio.  It’s similar to Virgo’s energy, except a little more professional…public…serious?  It’s like you have ushered into a new spiritual frequency and been accepted into that frequency with a loving embrace.  If this resonates with you, trust that it is done. There is no reason to second guess or question this energy, feeling, message, etc…  If you are a clairaudient, trust the message was truth and not from the ego.  You are walking a new path now…although, it has always been yours.  It simply feels (and possibly even looks) much different than you have experienced ever before.  We are proud of you, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

Meditation Words: Don't Be Sad (solar plexus movement)

Sagittarius, the energy is that a sadness, possibly grief, or even sadness derived from insecurities or a lack of self-confidence in your life.  As one of the most outgoing and optimistic signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius, this energy feels a bit confusing for you as you don’t experience it often.  The message was “don’t be sad”, but we know that this message is much easier said than done.  For those of you grieving, there is no easy way through it.  We want to remind that you that “time” will help you heal as much as the release of tears when you need to let them go.  They may come at the strangest of times…something someone said reminds you of the one you lost, and the tears start to swell.  Let them go.  Do not be embarrassed.  At the core of all humans is love and compassion…and one thing we all have in common is loss.  For those of you sad due to an insecurity, the guidance is to shift your insecurity into your superpower.  We all have things we aren’t 100% secure about, but with love and a perspective shift your strength with grow and your sadness will disappear.  For those of you struggling with self-confidence, we all start at zero with anything new – a new business, a weight loss journey, and skin care routine.  It’s natural to be nervous and afraid when we are doing something new.  Healing your root chakra (insecurities) and solar plexus chakra (confidence) will help you push past the fear and do it anyway.  The way out of low self-confidence is to take a chance on yourself and prove you can do it!

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Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Meditation Words: Expedited

Capricorn, the energy is that of something being rushed but in a positive way.  It’s an energy of movement, Capricorn.  Pictures of passports, paperwork and homes are flashing trough the mind.  Are you physically moving somewhere?  If not, this energy also has the potential for work-related issues…like something is about to be resolved much faster than you anticipated, Capricorn.  The recommendation for you at this time it to stay organized as it feels like there are many moving parts and even some legalities that you are working through. Rest assured that everything will work itself out, though, Capricorn.  The interesting part will be how quickly your own energy can keep up with this…not inn a competitive way, but more in a way of…are you able to adjust and adapt quickly to this new situation?  Sometimes we think we want something so badly and to happen so quickly that we forget to give the physical part of ourselves to ground into the energy.  Speaking of, staying grounded through walking, meditation, exercise, journaling or even a warm bath will help you in this moment.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Meditation Words: Tranquil

Aquarius, the energy is that of a very calm, serene energy.  It’s a similar energy to that of Virgo where you have grown into who you are at the core level.  There’s the potential of your heart feeling at peace even in moments where one should feel anything but calm or peaceful.  The undercurrent of the energy has tones of surrender and trust to it…it’s a “what will be, will be”.  This is an empowering and strong place to be energetically, Aquarius, because it allows you to make concrete decisions that have the potential to change your life for the better.  Your head is clear. There is less chatter and thinking which is common among you and the other air signs of the zodiac.  If this message does not resonate with you at this time and you are feeling more chaotic than tranquil, it’s time to clean up your physical space.  Aquarius, oftentimes we forget that we let energies linger past their expiration date by holding onto things from the past that don’t have the best memories attached to them.  Or maybe they do have a nice memory, but the persons involved need to be released.  Either way, cleaning up your physical space energetically will help you find the calmness in your heart that we are all deserving and capable of, Aquarius.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Meditation Words: Disorganized

Pisces, the energy is that of feeling a little unsettling, uneasy, disorganized…a kind of unstable energy.  The energy feels like you are trying to make a big decision, or at least a decision that feels hard to make, so you are procrastinating.  However, Pisces, by avoiding making the decision, you have put yourself into a disorganized, limbo type energy.  We like to remind you Pisces, that you are in control of your energy, and limbo energy is rather tricky.  If you truly cannot make a decision one way or another, then simply decide you are putting the decision off until a later date.  By doing so, THIS is a decision, and you have cut the cord on this indecisive limbo energy that you have been stuck on.  Remember, Pisces, that the more concrete you are in a decision and expectation, the higher likelihood that it will manifest itself.  We think sometimes this might scare people into over thinking…well what if I manifest the wrong thing into my life?  Guess what, Pisces?!?  You are so powerful that you have the ability to change your mind and manifest something new!  It’s time to get organized so you can actually bring things to life!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Biz Coach Lindsay

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  1. My DIL is Capricorn. She and my son just bought property in Ohio. They are both retiring from trucking and moving to NC temporarily so my son can attend flight school. On top of all this, they’ve been busy planning our family trip in December. You hit hers right on the head!!

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