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This Smoothie Sparked My Awakening

This Smoothie Sparked My Spiritual Awakening

You might be wondering what a green smoothie for some weight loss and a spiritual awakening have in common. Well, for me, this is the exact trigger that started my ascension, or spiritual awakening.

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Why I Started Drinking Smoothies

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  I had been struggling with my self-confidence for quite some time before I started drinking the smoothie.  My pants weren’t fitting right.  I was 30 pounds heavier than I had ever been in my life, and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  Add onto that, I had just started another new career in another new industry.  I didn’t take the job out of passion.  Instead, I took it because it paid well and felt more stable than working in fashion.  My life felt crazy as I had recently been laid off twice in what I felt was my dream job.  Ultimately, I did it because I felt defeated. 

My idea with starting the raw vegan cleanse and green smoothie “diet” was that I would lose weight.  Over the past couple of years, my new man had spoiled me with dinners out almost every night!  I loved every minute of it until I needed new clothes.  I figured I would feel more confident if I lost the weight.  Also, this is not to say that any particular number on the scale is going to make you feel better.  I’m simply sharing what my thought process was at that time.

Then, I thought, once I felt more comfortable and confident in my own skin, my confidence would trickle into all other areas of my life.  I was focused mostly on this new job where I had no idea what I was doing and my relationships.

What happened was way more profound than I ever expected.   This smoothie sparked my awakening and changed my entire life trajectory!

The Cleanse

The “cleanse” as we (my partner and I) called it was going to last 30 days.  In reality, we only made it 18 days or so.  I can’t quite remember the exact day, but I know it was more than two weeks.  For context, before this, I had never done a cleanse in my life.  I grew up eating meat, potatoes and a vegetable in a rural town in Michigan.  The word ‘cleanse’ wasn’t even part of my vocabulary until I moved to California.  If I can do it, you can, too.  Of course, I am not a dietician, and this is not medical advice.  Listen to your own intuition and body.

The cleanse consisted of us eating raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts and the green smoothie.  We could eat as much of these foods as we wanted.  However, we could not eat dressing, salt, pepper, etc.  It was raw everything, even the nuts – unsalted and unroasted.   We drank a ton of water and agreed black coffee was allowed to maintain our sanity.  

If you decide to do this, make sure to ALWAYS wash your fruits and vegetables!  I use Young Living’s Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak for all the produce I eat because it gets the pesticide residue off (even for organic purchases).  Let’s avoid ingesting harmful ingredients into our bodies.  This soak is less than $25.

To get the wash, click HERE.  Create an account for shipping purposes only.  If you need help, email me at

The Awakening

Before the cleanse I had been practicing Bikram yoga a couple times a month and hot yoga a few times a week.  I had also started meditating fairly regularly; however, I was still not consistent with my practice. 

Around day 13 or so of the cleanse, I started experiencing ascension, or awakening symptoms.  The cleanse had unintentionally detoxed my energetic blueprint enough to spark my awakening!   What I mean by this, is that I raised my own vibration by eating fresh foods.  In fact, eating non-processed foods is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration.  When you raise your vibration, you are able to connect with your Higher Self & Source energy.  This allows you manifest easier because you are co-creating with Source!

Some of the main symptoms I remember experiencing included seeing twinkles out of the corners of my eyes and random moments of vertigo and nausea.  Other symptoms I experienced were everything appeared more vivid and bright.  It was like I had strengthened my eyesight.  Lastly, it felt like my intuition was getting stronger, and I felt more connected to my inner sense of knowing.

So, there I was, 10 pounds lighter and on a whole spiritual journey!  

I Still Drink the Smoothie

Today, I still drink the smoothie that sparked my awakening.  I will never forget that moment in my life just like I will never forget the smoothie that started it all!  In fact, I had some smoothie before I sat down to write this article.  I make a fresh batch every week for my partner and I to stay healthy and high-vibrational.  To this day, the way I raise my vibration the fastest (outside of listening to certain music) is by eating fresh foods and drinking a lot of charged water.

Although I cannot guarantee the smoothie will spark your own awakening, I can confirm that if you drink it daily, you will raise your own vibration.  With a higher vibration, you are able to manifest the life you want easier.  The best part, you will be a happier, healthier version of you! 

I recommend using a Vitamix (listed below) to blend the ingredients.  It’s the best blender I have ever used.  It’s so good that I gifted everyone in my family a Vitamix one Christmas.   Also, storing your smoothies in a glass jar is best (the ones I use are linked below).  Lastly, to keep my fruits and veggies fresh, I use the green bags linked below.

Connecting to Your Higher Self & Soul Mission

As I mentioned, green smoothies & music are just two of the ways to raise your vibration and connect to your Higher Self.  Once you are connected, your Soul mission and path become very clear.  You understand what you are here to do and how to achieve it.  There is a sense of knowingness that comes with a high vibration.  Also, clearly see your signs and synchronicities, and you feel confident to follow your mission.  You trust in yourself and have faith that everything is working out for you and your highest good. 

To do this, you must align and activate each of your chakras in your chakra system.  Click here to buy the Align+Activate course which guides you through exactly how to do this.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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