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The MOST game-changing membership to Help You Start Making Money using YOUR unique, spiritual gifts!

It’s okay so many light workers experience the same hurdles!

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FREE Gift #1 ($99 Value)

Balance your Solar Plexus chakra to confidently share your gifts & build your business!

Gain access to my Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Course where I guide you through the exact steps I took to gain the confidence to share my spirituality and healing talents with my family, friends and the world – complete with daily activities to help you heal, align and activate your energetic vortex in charge of your confidence, personal power and all matters of growth!

FREE Gift #2 ($399 Value)

EXCLUSIVE, LIVE monthly group Q&As for members only to enhance your gifts and build your business!

Ask your questions and receive LIVE feedback as it relates to your business and/or spiritual gifts and talents.  Can’t make the live?  No problem!  Replays are available for all members. 

FREE Gift #2 ($399 Value)

EXCLUSIVE, LIVE monthly group energy healings for members only!

Experience my energetic healing and manifesting power for your OWN healing and manifesting! Each month we will focus together on a new topic to strengthen your spiritual gifts and heal your energetic imbalances.

FREE Gift #3 ($99 Value)

Learn how each of your chakras affects the money that you attract into your life.

A one-hour masterclass on each of the chakras, or energy wheels, and how they affect the money you attract and receive into your life!  Focus on healing the chakra that you resonate with the most to increase your earning potential. 

FREE Gift #4 ($149 Value)

Detox your energy so you can manifest consistently to your fullest potential. 

A one-hour masterclass on how to detox ALL of your energy, not just your physical body.  As you continue to detox your energy, you raise your vibration.  The higher your vibration, the more luxurious life you live full of health, wealth and love.

FREE Gift #5 ($399 Value)

EXCLUSIVE, LIVE monthly working sessions for members only!

Make progress in your business and tap into the creativity and problem-solving of other members in our monthly, virtual working sessions!  It’s like going to a cafe, but better…we get to stay in our sweats and get work done!

FREE Gift #6 Members Only Discounts!

Enjoy members only discounts on current and future courses outside of the membership!

When You Sign Up Today, You Get All Of This:

An extraordinary amount of value!!!



There’s no minimum commitment.  You can stay as long as you would like inside the membership.  

Nope!  Here we are more focused on getting your energy right first and then launching your business.  Alignment is the name of the game…and no matter how much you push with human effort, if you aren’t aligned, the money won’t flow!  

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will make money.  Aligned action is the name of the game in a spiritual business.  Healing your energetic blockages – money wounds, confidence issues as they relate to your spiritual gifts, and standing in your authenticity (to name a few) – will propel your business!

No, this membership is for those lightworkers who already know they have a gift or talent that they want to share but need help starting their business and getting out of their own energetic way.

I am planning on launching an Energy Healing Certification course in late 2023, so stay tuned.

Yes.  Adding spirituality to your life and business only enhances and upgrades yours and your clients’ lives!  The membership will empower you to use your own energy to become an even better leader.

This membership is for the beginner spiritual business owners who have natural gifts and talents that they are ready to share with the world and make money doing it!  Start with the basics to build a lasting and successful business.