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Clues You Are Experiencing an Awakening Part 2

Clues You Are Experiencing an Awakening - Part 2

Over the course of the last four years, I have spoken with hundreds of people regarding their spiritual awakening. Most of the time, they did not know that what they were experiencing an awakening. Keep reading to learn some other clues that may indicate you are starting your awakening.

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Clue #2: Nothing Is Happening

The first clue was that it will seem like your world is crashing down.  This is likely to happen before your spiritual awakening actually begins.  I always thought my awakening began when I started to see the bigger picture of life, but reflecting back and working with others, I realized that the awakening (and every spiritual advancement thereafter) typically starts with a catalyst.  And unfortunately, the catalyst typically feels traumatic (at the time anyway).  Click here to read more about the first clue.

So, now onto the second clue, which is that nothing is happening.  Based on my personal experience and what I have started noticing in others, there is going to be many moments during your spiritual awakening where you feel very stuck or stagnant.  There is nothing wrong when this starts to happen; however, if you don’t recognize it, you can fall into long periods of stagnation, potentially without even realizing it.  I call this the ‘spiritual void’.  And, I know this because it happened to me.

My Thoughts on the Void

I have had many different moments of the void, so I’ll try to briefly explain them and when they occurred.  Also, based on where I am at in my own personal journey, I have now come to realize that there will always be “void” moments because all manifestations have a gestation period.  Meaning all things do take some “time” in our current reality.  A baby takes about 9 months to be born whereas a baby chick takes 21 days.  I personally believe we are all on our own unique awakening journeys with no end.  There is always something to learn.  There is always greater compassion, empathy and love to feel.  Your timing is Divine, perfect and beautiful for you as mine is for me.  To integrate this is to realize faith, which is a key component to the journey and creating your own reality. 

Void #1: Pre-Awakening

The first void moment was after my fashion career ended, and I reverted right back to the corporate office world.  (Reading Clue #1 will help you understand this story better.) I took a job, once again, only for the money.  It didn’t excite me at all, but I had been so burned (or what it felt like) in the fashion world, and I craved stability.  Remember, this is my perspective back then.  Now I know that money will not provide security.  You provide your own security by being energetically balanced in your root chakra.  When this happens, you realize that your own empowerment coupled with faith is stronger and more secure than anything else in this Universe.

I was going through the motions.

It was only in hindsight after my awakening that I realized that by going to another corporate job that did the opposite of set my soul on fire, I had just put myself back onto the old hamster wheel.  You know, the one where I got paid a lot of money to do something I didn’t love.  The same hamster wheel I had worked so freaking hard to get off of when I worked in insurance.   While reflecting, I asked myself how I got back to that place. 

Then, it dawned on me.  My ego was still running the show back then.  Remember, your ego loves the comfort of knowing what is going to happen next.  It doesn’t matter if you feel fulfilled or you feel miserable.  Your ego is happy by simply knowing that today, tomorrow and the next day will all be the same.  This is why it is often difficult for people to heal or change bad habits on their own.  If this sounds familiar, join my upcoming group healing program for as low as $11/month.  Join Heal into Your Manifesting Power starting June 22nd!

Void #2: Right After Awakening

My awakening happened about five months into this new corporate job.  You can read more about how I sparked my awakening here

After I awakened, I kept running on the hamster wheel for a while longer.  During that same time, I was working to build a business that was completely misaligned with my Soul.  I only realized this in hindsight as well.  That’s the fun and annoying thing about being awake.  You always know the hard times are leading you to better times, but you can’t always see the better times when you are in the thick of it.  So, I kept living the corporate life and pushing with tons of human effort to make my misaligned business work.  

Hint: No amount of human effort will make something work that is misaligned for you and your Soul's purpose.

Void #3: Before Learning My Energy

After running on that wheel for about a year, I finally quit my corporate job to focus all-in on my previous business.  Once again, in hindsight, I know everything that happened during that time prepared me to write this article for you; however, it was not easy.  It was the same month I finally quit the corporate world for good that I found out my dad had an aggressive and rare form of cancer.  Right when I had the space to pour every ounce of energy into my misaligned business, my world came crashing down again.  I couldn’t concentrate.  My dad needed me. 

The business no longer mattered. I ordered my first energy healing book.

Remember when I said trauma is usually the catalyst for spiritual advancement?  Here was another moment for me.  Why did I instantly buy a healing book when I found out my dad had cancer? The only answer I have is that my Soul was finally driving more than my ego.  I found the trust to lean into my intuition and that healing book is where it led me.  I won’t go into all of the minute details, but my dad passed and then three months later, I thought I was going to die.  I didn’t need any more trauma or catalysts.  My heart chakra was traumatically activated that day.  My Soul was in charge, and it knew what needed to be done.

I had to understand my own energy.

One of the biggest ah-ha moments for me was when I experienced my own energy healing for the first time.  It taught me that I must learn my own energy, and you must learn yours, too.  Without this knowledge, you have the potential of living in the void forever.  Awake just enough to know, but not powerful enough to make any real change or create your reality.  What an uninspiring place to be.  So, alas, I balanced each of my chakras.  I practice my manifestations daily.  I experiment with my energy to create my life.  And, I encourage you to do the same. 

Learn Your Own Energy

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with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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