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Clues You Are Experiencing an Awakening Part 3

Clues You Are Experiencing an Awakening - Part 3

Over the course of the last four years, I have spoken with hundreds of people regarding their spiritual awakening. Most of the time, they did not know that what they were experiencing an awakening. Keep reading to learn some other clues that may indicate you are starting your awakening.

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Clue #3: You're Starting to See More

The third clue that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening is that you are starting to see more, and not in the physical sense.  

Make sure to read Clue #1 and Clue #2 before continuing on.

Now, let’s dive deeper into what I mean when I say that you see more. 

Everything Is Connected

Once you learn how to use your energy to create (aka manifest) your own reality, you will start communicating with Source/Universe/Creator/God etc… more frequently.   It will become very obvious to you when you are working with Source or when you are in the middle of a manifestation.  The common experience at this stage of your spiritual journey is that you will begin to see how everything is connected.  This teaches you to stay in your high vibrational energy, focused on your desired outcome, and aware of all of your signs and synchronicities.  When you reach this point, your intuition and connection to Source will be so strong that you follow your signs with trust. 

Messages You "See"

What you actually see are messages that are specific to you and sent from Source Energy to guide you on your own unique mission.  A common sign is angel numbers, but your own signs will be special to you.  Is 11:11 still a sign?  Yes.  However, as you progress, you will become more acquainted with how Source talks to you specifically.   This happens for me through very specific downloaded messages while in meditation, walking, during dreams or through automatic writing.  I also like to work with Source by writing statements and then asking to receive random, off-the-wall signs for confirmation.  For example, instead of asking for a hummingbird, ask for a purple giraffe!  There will be no doubt in your mind that the confirmation is specific to you when you ask for unique signs.  

Document Your Messages

I recommend documenting your manifestation journey.  By documenting your signs, you are strengthening your awareness and your connection with Source Energy.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun to track your manifestations as they transition from energy to the physical plane.  My Manifestation Tracker is the perfect way to track your next 111 manifestations.  My personal manifesting techniques are also included in this journal.  

Manifestations You "See"

As you continue to practice a constant state of awareness of your energy and connection to Source, it is highly likely that you will start to see your manifestations unfold.  This is particularly true when you are following your signs with total trust and faith that you are on your on Divine path in the perfect timing doing the perfect thing for you. When you do this, you will be led on your path, truly watching your own manifestations unfold before your eyes!  It is a lot of fun when you reach this phase because you are now an active participant in the creation of your own life. 

The World You "See"

You will certainly see the world through a new perspective as you continue advancing on your spiritual journey.  Remember, we are all on our own awakening paths that are unique to each of us.  My perspective is that our goal is to release any separation.  We all came from the same Source Energy, so we must live lives of understanding, kindness and compassion toward one another.  There truly is no you vs them or me vs you.  It simply does not exist.  The world is abundant for all.  

Want to Manifest Easier?

Easy manifesting happens once you have balanced and activated your chakra system.  Once this happens for you, the energy in your heart chakra grows stronger, and your heart chakra is where your manifesting magnet lives. 

Join me on a journey of healing each of your chakras and strengthening your manifesting magnet!  My virtual program starts June 22nd.  Click here for more details and to sign-up!

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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